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On the hunt for Doner Kebab (turkish/ spanish style)!

I may give this place a shot but I'm not sure that it is the right type that I had. It was super unique, thus the difficulty in finding the same thing.

On the hunt for Doner Kebab (turkish/ spanish style)!

Just looked at the Balkan Menu and they don't have the sandwich that I'm looking for. The Doner kabob that I had was similar to a gyros but instead of wrapping everything in a pita they cut it open and stuffed it inside and the added two sauces. A white- similar to tzatziki sauce and a red sauce that was sweet tomato based with a little spice.

24 hour or late night places in Northern Virginia

They have multiple locations, there is one in Herndon too.


On the hunt for Doner Kebab (turkish/ spanish style)!

Thanks for the info. I will definitely check this out. It's not too far away from me anyways.

On the hunt for Doner Kebab (turkish/ spanish style)!

In 2008, I lived in Spain for a summer. Surprisingly one of my favorite past times over there was not for the TAPAS (although fantastic). In Spain, Doner Kebab is almost as common as McDonalds and Starbucks everywhere you look there is a street cart or small shop of the beaten path that serves fresh succulent lamb and beef roasted slowly next to an open flame. Over there its called a chawarma, warm freshly sliced meat is stuffed into a warm soft pita topped with lettuce, tomato, onion and the most delicious blend of sauces your can imagine. First the yogurt sauce is not completely like a tzatziki but just as good; then they add the red sauce, a tomato base (I assume) with a little bit of sweetness and spice, nothing too overpowering or subtle but spot on. When all the flavors of the sauce, meat, and veggies combine it's like an explosion in your mouth. You want to keep eating more and more but eventually your brain and stomach have had enough. It was my comfort food so far from home. Its the cure to any hangover, whether you were out all night from 10pm to 6am dancing or our all night at the hookah lounge with friends and classmates, its the best cure for anything from hunger to the walk of shame. I'm determined to find this in the DC metro area. I'm going to visit as many turkish, german (doner kebab), or greek gyro place to find it. So far, I've been unsuccessful but keep your fingers crossed and I will achieve the goal. If you have any lead on spanish style doner kebab anywhere on the east coast, please leave a comment so I can check it out and update to let everyone know. I will try anything once! (were her famous last words).