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Private Event Venue Recommendation

Does Felt do that? That place is young, a bit upscale...hip..maybe too young? Events always look cool there (although I only see pictures friends post)

need advice on affordable New England wedding venues

Off season anywhere is the best idea. Try golf resorts in the Winter, or if you are south, hotels on the cape in Winter or Late fall (after foliage) We got Married at Killington in June, it was dead but we had the hotel to ourselves and we were catered to hand and foot. The most expensive thing was our giant tent!! We had open bar, beer, wine, tent, live band, and a barbeque dinner..all for a whopping 8 grand!!! so yes, you can do it cheaper if you are willing to do an off-season thing.

Summer Shack (Alewife) Again

definately not a fan of Summer Shack. I've tried but no can do. Big Neptune Fan...

Summer Shack
310 Northern Ave, Boston, MA 02210

3 day trip to Boston - suggestions for must-eats?

If I could pick one spot and one spot only. Neptune Oyster...mmmmmmm....most of the foo foo places are overated. Miss Olives though, that was my favorite but now closed : (

West of Boston Fried Seafood Platter?

I've heard of the Clambox. Too far away for me though : (

West of Boston Fried Seafood Platter?

I completely never thought of Kimballs. Have never had the seafood..if it's your first choice Hargau, I will take my butt there (mind you it will be much larger when I leave!!) thank goodness for their sugar free ice cream. LOL this is my next endeavor, thanks!!! This is near me, as I live in Bolton MA!!

West of Boston Fried Seafood Platter?

Oh my, I have driven by a thousand times!! I am THERE!!! soon!! will post my experience, will avoid Dairy Joy though!!

Dairy Joy
331 North Ave, Weston, MA 02493

West of Boston Fried Seafood Platter?

Okay, there used to be a little dive in Clinton to buy Fried seafood? I want some fried seafood in this area, but don't know of any "fish shacks" or little diners offering such items? I know this is not healthy but I have to do it a couple times this summer.

Lobster Risotto

this looks delish..not sure I can do it!!

Aug 08, 2011
bostonwest in Recipes