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Best All You Can Eat Korean BBQ in Koreatown?

So I stumbled upon this place with my wife after going to the Laugh Factory. We wanted Korean and every place we tried to go was closing. We ended up at this place on 8th street in Korea Town. It's called LA Family House 3077 W 8th St Los Angeles, CA 90005 and the same three women are in there all the time. They don't speak any English. Anyways they have three different price ranges. We always go for the $10.00 one. You get Steamed Egg not sure the name of it. Then you get the meats and kimchi sides. The meats include Brisket, Beaf Bagogi and Chicken Bagogi.(sorry for the spelling) and Pork Belly. You also get Steamed rice and rice paper. We always go late and it is always crowded. I think we are the only white people in there. We like it so much, that in the past year we have probably gone twenty times. The service is great (for us) but I know Korean BBQ a lot of the times the service isn't that good. I can't complain. The only time I had a problem was when I brought Fifteen people and the time we were ready for more food it took awhile for them to come over, but when its 2, 4, or 6 of us its great. They Have lots of other things to order but I stick to the basics. Hope this helps with your choices.

Aug 07, 2011
Philf14 in Los Angeles Area