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Chow-worthy takeout before hopping on Acela home


I am in NY for meetings and would prefer to grab something better than train food on the way home. My last meeting is on West 30th, between 7th and 8th, and obviously need to cut over to Penn Station.

Any suggestions for decent take out either near my last meeting or on the way? Open to virtually every type of food, just taking into context things that don't travel well, etc.


Jul 15, 2014
Mr Bigglesworth in Manhattan

July 2014 Openings and Closings

Not sure of timing for either, but saw a coming soon sign for Milky Way in Yo Bro's old space in Brookline and Otake Sushi on Lincoln Street in Newton.

Casual Dinner in Newton Lower Falls

Biltmore quality has steadily declined. Recently tried and quite enjoyed Cook, which is about 15 minutes away.

January 2014 Openings and Closings

Just got a menu in the mail. Some interesting Taiwanese mixed in with classic Chinese dishes. Believe the menu is on their FB page. Will try soon and report back.

March 2014 Cookbook of the Month- Stir: Mixing it Up in the Italian Tradition by Barbara Lynch

Sportello's the only one I really enjoy.

Feb 21, 2014
Mr Bigglesworth in Home Cooking

March 2014 Cookbook of the Month- Stir: Mixing it Up in the Italian Tradition by Barbara Lynch

I purchased Stir right as it was released a few years back and honestly enjoy it more than her restaurants. I happen to work a block from Sportello, Menton and Drink, and have dined numerous times at B&G, The Butcher Shop and Number Nine Park (Sportello's my favorite of the bunch.)

That said, I adore the book and have given it as a gift to numerous people. The shrimp polpettini and the pork chops are so wonderful, but there were a number of other dishes that really stood out as well.

Of the dishes I've made so far, the only ones that weren't repeats were the ham and cheese puff pastry bites and the Orecchiette with Cauliflower.

What I've cooked to date:

Ham and cheese puff pastry bites with honey mustard -

Slow roasted clams with spicy tomato sauce

Butcher Shop Bolognese

Orecchiette with Cauliflower, Anchovies and Pistachios

Linguini with spicy clam sauce

Torn pasta fagioli with shrimp polpettini

Rigatoni with spicy shrimp and cannellini beans

Spicy clam stew

Pan fried cod with chorizo and clam ragout

Saffron steamed mussels with crème freche

Pork chops with caramelized apples, celery and spiced walnuts

Hope other people enjoy as much as I have!

January 2014 Openings and Closings

I would assume it's the spot in question (right next to Clark's) and a block from the Biltmore. I'm tempted to drive back, stop in and get a menu. I searched online and couldn't find anything.

January 2014 Openings and Closings

Saw a grand opening sign driving by today.

Latest in Captiva?


I have two rare days without kids on Captiva Island, staying at South Seas. Ideally, we'd prefer to dine specifically in Captiva, close-ish to our hotel and not in Sanibel if possible.

We were thinking Doc Ford's for one of our dinners but are open to suggestions.

I'm open minded to the style of place (we eat everything) although bonus points for quality local seafood. I'm fine with completely casual or fancy. Any good breakfast / lunch places would be welcome and given that we are from New England, a spot to grab a drink / watch the game also would be helpful.


Jan 13, 2014
Mr Bigglesworth in Florida

Your Family's Top 10 Favorite Meals

Here's a bunch of go to dishes that are always hits in my house. I'm lucky to have an extremely adventurous three year old!

We tend to eat soup twice a week during the winter, with one night dedicated to a stir fry (usually from Grace Yung).

Super easy chicken mushroom quesadillas

Baked tomatoes with shrimp and feta

Chicken with cashew stir fry

Hunter minestrone

Mustard crusted salmon with lentils

Crispy braised chicken thighs with olive, lemon and fennel

Bayless' tomatillo enchiladas

Meatball Shop's meatballs (almost all of their balls are great

Haven't seen the recipe online, but Jean George's spicy ginger tofu is divine (especially if you add green beans and mushrooms)

Hopsters in Newton?

Has anyone been to Hopsters in Newton yet? The local craft beer list looks pretty solid, as does the food pairings...

What favorite food is such a labor of love, time, technique or even money that rarely make it but when you do…

Morimoto's Bouillabaisse. With the from scratch lobster stock and fish fumet needed as foundations for the broth, it's definitely a labor of love but one truly sensational dish.

May 28, 2013
Mr Bigglesworth in Home Cooking

Great meal at Max & Leo's

We've been meaning to check out Max & Leo's in Newton for ages but never found the time. With the benefit of a last minute babysitting offer, we headed there on Friday. The place is tiny (maybe 20 seats in total), but thankfully snagged a table with no wait.

The place has many things going for it, including free parking out back. They have a really nice selection of pies. We tried a half margarita, half L'Enza (tomato, sausage, mushroom, mozzarella.) I'm picky about pizza, but have to say they nailed it. Perfect crust, slightly burnt and charred bottom of slice, great proportion of sauce and cheese and extremely tasty toppings - yum.

We also split a really nice mixed mesclun salad with roasted red peppers and pears. I also really enjoyed the small but solid beer selection, having a rather tasty Jack Abbey IPA and Goose Island's Matilda.

The staff was incredible sweet and friendly, and the musical selection (classic Portishead, Modest Mouse, etc.) made for a perfect Friday night out!

What cookbooks have you bought recently, or are you lusting after? November 2012 , part deux [OLD]

Love LOVE LOVE the meatball shop cookball. I've made about 6 of the balls so far, and all but one have been outstanding. The veggies, sides and even desserts are quite good as well. You can find a lot of the recipes on line, so perhaps start with google, make a few and see if you are smitten.

Nov 30, 2012
Mr Bigglesworth in Home Cooking

Final meal tomorrow?


I'll post a full trip report upon our return home. I am already salivating at the thought of coming back again soon. The city is beautiful and food has been amazing.

We are likely staying in the general mag mile / river north area tomorrow and will have time for a great lunch (followed by second bayless lunch @ airport.)

So far, we've done:
breakfast @ The Original Pancake House (apple pancake...), goddess @ grocer
Snack: hot dog @ custard @ Portillo's, bar snack + cocktails @ sable, pastries @ Fox & Obel
Lunch: Terzo Piano, Slurping Turtle
Dinner: Girl & The Goat, Frontera Grill, Cafe Spiaggia tonight.

Open to ideas in area!

Nov 11, 2012
Mr Bigglesworth in Chicago Area

Itinerary Help

Thanks for all your help!

We have a bunch of confirmed spots, with a few openings to be filled on the fly. So many choices but really excited for our first visit!

tomorrow - lunch @ Sable, snacks & Fox & Obel post Architecture Tour. Nap. Dinner @ Girl & The Goat

Saturday: Breakfast at either Original Pancake House or Cafe des Architectures. Visit to Frank Lloyd Wright House & Area. Late lunch at Slupring Turtle. Late afternoon walk around somewhere in River North / Gold Coast and West Loop or perhaps Willis Tower. Dinner @ Frontera Grill, butter cake @ Mastro's.

Sunday: light breakfast somewhere, followed by Art Institute + walk in around Millennium Park. Lunch at Lou Malnati's. Snack Goal: hot dog somewhere. Nap. Dinner @ Cafe Spiaggia.

Monday: Breakfast somewhere, hit up more River North / Gold Coast ,etc. Lunch at Bayless' spot @ O'Hare.

Nov 08, 2012
Mr Bigglesworth in Chicago Area

Itinerary Help

I clearly didn't read my post in full....

Yes, the boat tour leaving on the river. I'd love to go to the Purple Pig, but my wife is pregnant so would prefer not to dine on swine while she watches...

Any suggestions for Hyde Park?

We are flying out of O'Hare.


Nov 04, 2012
Mr Bigglesworth in Chicago Area

Itinerary Help


My wife and I are coming for an extended weekend for a first time visit. We're set with dinner reservations with Frontera, Girl And the Goat and Cafe Spiaggia.

We're staying at the Talbott Hotel and would love suggestion for a really great breakfast spot.

I'd also love any suggestions for lunch given our day plans.

I think we're planning on:

Friday afternoon: The Architecture Tour - suggestions for lunch in Magnificent Mile area.
Sat: Frank Lloyd Wright's Robie House and surrounding hood + Magnificent Mile - Thinking Slurping Turtle for Lunch.
Sun: Art Institute & Millennium Park - Suggestions in that area?
Mon: 3pm flight so figure time for breakfast - ideas, and maybe quick area to explore?


Nov 04, 2012
Mr Bigglesworth in Chicago Area

My cookbook challenge! (long...)

I'm contemplating 5 from each cookbook or picking 1 book and working my through it. Thinking Stir could be a fun one, although I'm flat out obsessed with The Meatball Shop book. Would love to hear if you have any favorites as well!

Oct 04, 2012
Mr Bigglesworth in Home Cooking

The “A Cookbook a Week” Challenge….Will you join me? [old]

Great! I've already cooked through a bunch more since then and would love hear any thoughts you have as well

Sep 19, 2012
Mr Bigglesworth in Home Cooking

The “A Cookbook a Week” Challenge….Will you join me? [old]

Stir is such a wonderful book. If it hasn't been cookbook of the month, certainly worth exploring!

Sep 14, 2012
Mr Bigglesworth in Home Cooking

The “A Cookbook a Week” Challenge….Will you join me? [old]

Link to the original post from my own cookbook challenge completed not too long ago:

Reposting contents:


Like many people on this board, I've developed a bit of a cookbook buying addition. Despite my habit, I was always an improvisational cook, preferring to grab a bit of this and that.

One day I found myself reaching for the same set of spices, trying to coax a new creative way to experiment with mace. I felt uninspired, grabbed a cookbook, and decided that I wanted to refine my technique by cooking at least one dish from every book I owned.

I imposed a soft deadline and set out on a many month challenge that concluded with a spectacular lobster bouillabaisse from the Morimoto Cookbook. Along the way, I tortured my wife, as it was all I talked about - strategy, what I was making that weekend, and how she was going to have to suck it up when I finally cooked from the two Rachel Ray cookbooks that were given to me as a gift.

The vast majority of the dishes were solid, a bunch exceptional and a few almost warranted a call to the local pizza place. The real fun was in discovering unexpected gems, such as the Morton's Cookbook black bean soup (an incredible version of my favorite soup,) which I picked up at a restaurant opening function, as well as scratching a bunch of dishes of my bucket list, like the above-mentioned bouillabaisse.

I am not expecting anyone to read the entire list, but I listed all the recipe titles and thoughts on the individual books (but not actual recipes given Chow rules.) I'm happy to share privately if anyone wants info a specific dish!

Morimoto: The New Art of Japanese Cooking - Lobster Bouillabaisse (my favorite dish of the bunch, which led me to a new obsession for Gochujang, a fiery Korean chili paste.


Barbara Lynch: Stir - Ham and cheese puff pastry bites with honey mustard; Slow roasted clams with spicy tomato sauce; Butcher Shop Bolognese; Linguini with spicy clam sauce; Torn pasta fagioli with shrimp polpettini; Rigatoni with spicy shrimp and cannellini beans; Spicy clam stew; Pan fried cod with chorizo and clam ragout; Saffron steamed mussels with crème freche; Pork chops with caramelized apples, celery and spiced walnuts (My favorite cookbook, with the shrimp polpettini, rigatoni and pork chops standing out.)

Jody Adams: In The Hands Of A Chef – Monkish and Clam Bourride (soulful dish and my first homemade tapenade, inspired by my pain-in-the-*** brother-in-law, who upon a suggestion of a meal of rack of lamb, stated by lamb, if I meant local fish and clams, brilliant!)

Patricia Green: Quinoa 365: The Everyday Superfood – Quinoa Bean salad (I’m all about healthy grains for lunch and love this filling and flavorful protein-packed salad.)

Jacques Pepin: Essential Pepin - Zucchini and tomato gratin (glorious side dish from Jacques.)

Grace Young: Stir Frying To The Sky's Edge – Hong Kong style mango ginger chicken, Cashew chicken (both flavorful dishes.)

Tyler Florence: Tyler’s Ultimate – Hunter Minestrone, Peach barbecue chicken (the soup is a classic in my house, and the peach BBQ sauce is a go to as well.)

Mario Batali: Molto Mario – Mussels in a spicy saffron broth

Donald Link: Real Cajun: Rustic Home Cooking from Donald Link’s Louisiana – Old school chicken and sausage jambalaya; spicy sausage stuffed chicken thighs, Post-K Meatloaf, Lake Charles Dirty Rice (amazing book, with the jambalaya and meatloaf among my new favorite dishes. I need to visit Link's restaurants.)

Thomas Keller: Ad Hoc At Home - Crispy braised chicken thighs with olive, lemon and fennel; Pomegranate glazed quail; Meatballs with pappardelle; Herb crusted rack of lamb with honey mustard glaze; Lentil and sweet potato soup (Love everything save the quail. Chicken thighs are so moist and tender, and the rack of lamb is decadent.)

Marissa Guggiana: Primal Cuts: Cooking with America's Best Butchers -Armenian lamb shish kabob; Braised chicken thighs in rosemary jus (nifty book with a number of interesting dishes from top butchers and chefs. Loved both dishes.)

Clara Silverstein: The Boston Chefs Table (compendium of recipes from Boston chefs) - Coffee marinated rack of lamb with corn salad and espresso vinaigrette (the lamb was ok but the corn salad was a real knockout.)

Ming Tsai: Simply Ming - Scallion crusted cod with mango salsa (now in regular rotation and finally got my wife to embrace cod. The salsa packs a nice punch!)

Jay Harlow: Williams Sonoma Seafood - Salmon in parchment - (Not sure if I'd make this again, but cooking fish en papillote was a new technique for me.)

Stéphane Reynaud: Pork and sons -Grandma Babke's roast pork (didn't love the pork, but looking forward to diving into this book come winter.)

Klaus Fritsch: Morton's The Cookbook - Black bean soup (I'm obsessed with soup, and black bean is one of my favorites. I love the depth and smoky flavors in this version.)

David Chang: Momofuku - Ginger scallion noodles (These noodles are mildly addictive. The first few bites, you wonder what the hype is all about and then you look down and realize that nearly all the noodles are gone.)

Bobby Cooks American - New Mexico style soft tacos with hacked chicken and salsa verde (great easy weeknight dish. Love the heat from the fresh chilis.)

Nigella Lawson: Feast - Pasta primavera (why did I buy this book?)

Anna Sortun: Spice - Beet tzatziki (OK, I cheated by not cooking a main dish, but the tzatziki was remarkable, just like her two restaurants.)

Claudia Roden: Arabesque - Bulgar and chickpea salad (I need to explore this book in greater detail. I eat this for lunch several times a month.)

Jacques Pepin: Complete Techniques - poached egg (Yes, I made a poached egg, but I never had done so before, and it's my challenge.) Are you really still reading?!?

Fergus Henderson: The Whole Beast - Mussels grilled on barbecue. (Nice dish, not loving the cookbook.)

Ferran Adria: The Family Meal: Home cooking with Ferran Adria - Caramelized pears – (thought the book was a bit too simple for my tastes - my one dessert of the bunch.)

Tess Mallos: North African Cooking - Grille Moroccan spiced chicken (remarkable whole chicken with so much flavor! My 2 year old gobbles this up and calls it Daddy Chicken.)

The Essential Cookbook - Cuban black beans and rice (my wife had this book. We are now giving it away.) Next.

Rachel Ray: 2,4,6,8 - Veggie chickpea and couscous salad with yogurt dressing (next.)

Rachel Ray: 30 Minute Meals - ginger soy chicken (yummo, uh, no. Next.)

Cook's Illustrated: The Best New Recipes - Hoisin Ginger shrimp with sticky rice (surprisingly good and simple weeknight meal - includes several possible iterations of each dish.)

Ming Tsai: Blue Ginger - Teriyaki salmon with mirin cucumber salad (Liked the salad, but a bit of a dated dish.)

Teresa Barrenechea: The Basque table - Pureed mixed vegetable soup (simple and light, but surprisingly addictive, just doesn't freeze well.)

Cook's Illustrated: The Best Light Recipes - Soy glazed salmon and rice bake with mushrooms and bok choy (nice, clean weeknight dish.)

Charleston Cooks: Taste Of the Low Country - Shrimp and cheddar grits with homemade shrimp stock (intensely flavorful version from this beautiful kitchen shop owned by the Maverick Restaurant Group in Charleston.)

Biba Caggiano: Biba's Italy - Pan fried sausage and broccoli rabe with orecchiette (free book, largely uninspiring. Solid dish but not likely to repeat.)

Sondra Bernstein: The Girl and The Fig Cookbook - Asparagus and English pea soup with pistachio butter, Carrot Ginger Soup (the asparagus is light and perfect for spring....)

Donald Barickman: Magnolias: Authentic Southern Cuisine - Mac and cheese. (My arteries hated me and I might have grabbed fat kid sweatpants after eating this, but wow this was good.)

Rick Bayless: Mexican Everyday: Chipotle shrimp and meatballs; Mushroom Crema soup, tomatillo enchiladas, classic enchiladas, red chili chicken, luxurious guacamole and multiple salsas. (I have a man crush on Bayless. Everything was great save the soup. The tomatillo enchiladas made me buy another Bayless cookbook and the guacamole is insanely good.)

Rick Bayless: One Plate At A Time – Grilled Salmon Vera Cruz with Lemon and Thyme scented salsa (exceptional dish with a flavor profile that was unlike any other Mexican dish I’ve had to date. The flavors were distinctly Mediterranean but fiery from the pickled jalapenos. Man crush confirmed.)

Keith McNally: The Balthazar Cookbook -Potage St. Germaine; mushroom soup; striped bass with tomato and saffron; glazed pork belly; mustard crusted salmon with lentils and sweet garlic jus. (Wonderful cookbook from the once beloved and now touristy restaurant. Everything is worth cooking again, especially the lentils.)

Adam Perry Lang: Serious BBQ - Asian Pork Meatball Skewers (labor intensive dish with sauce and glaze, but seriously flavorful. I can’t wait to make his paella on the grill!)

Stephanie Izard - Girl & The Goat Cookbook: Truffled white asparagus soup; manila clam and sausage linguini with horseradish crème freche; apple pork ragu with pappardelle (all wonderful, with the ragu exemplifying Izard’s ability to meld numerous delicate flavors.)

Giada: Giada's Family Dinners - Italian wedding soup; broccoli florets with Meyer lemon olive; penne with sausage, artichokes and sun dried tomatoes. (Simple but solid weeknight food.)

Giada: Everyday Italian - Farfalle with turkey sausage, peas and mushrooms (see above.)

Tom Colicchio: Think Like a Chef - Clam ragout with pancetta; roasted tomatoes and mustard greens; polenta gratin with mushroom bolognese (the clam dish was way too salty but loved the polenta gratin.)

Daniel Holzman: The Meatball Shop Cookbook – Lamb Meatballs, Mediterranean Style (One of my friends ate 10+ of these in one sitting. OK, that was me. Can’t wait to dig deeper into this book.)

Marcella Kazan: Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking - The Bolognese (best version I’ve made, courtesy the Julia Child of Italian cooking.)

Jean-Georges: Asian Flavors of Jean-Georges: Roast chicken with chunky miso and grapefruit (remarkable dish with incredible complexity from such diverse ingredients.)

Bobby Flay - Mesa Grill Cookbook : red chili honey glazed salmon with black bean sauce and jalapeño crema (exceptional dish, with the black beans being the real star.)

Bobby Flay: Boy Meets Grill - Red chili citrus marinated chicken breasts with grilled tortillas and avocado tomatillo sauce; Jerked chicken with mango cilantro relish (both a bit flat)

Various: The 150 Best American recipes - Roasted mushroom-leek soup with crispy pancetta (hated it.)

Jonathan Waxman: A Great American Cook: warm sweet onion tart, asparagus with oranges and hazelnuts, corn soup with saffron (tart was very rich and wonderful.)

Penelope Casas - Tapas : Gambas al ajillo, Tortilla de Espanola (great versions of Spanish classics.)

Dean & Deluca - Classic minestrone (phenomenal, chunky version of my favorite soup.)

New Basics Cookbook - Nutty quinoa salad (meh)

Ellie Krieger : The Food You Crave - Lemon chicken soup with orzo; Penne with roasted tomatoes, garlic and white beans; Balsamic chicken with baby spinach and couscous; Sesame teriyaki chicken thighs; Maple mustard chicken thighs; Jerk chicken with cool pineapple salsa; Roasted salmon with shallot grapefruit sauce; Baked shrimp with tomatoes and feta; Scallops with succotash (Wonderful healthy weeknight cookbook. Simple but flavorful dishes, most repeated multiple times.)

Ellie Krieger: So Easy - Chicken mushroom quesadillas; garlic basil shrimp; salmon with chickpea Ragu; roasted tomato and black bean soup with avocado mango salad (simple but clean dishes, all repeated save the salmon.)

Ina Garten: Barefoot Contessa Cookbook - Gazpacho; lentil vegetable soup, Rosemary white bean soup (My go to gazpacho and lentil recipes.)

Ina Garten: Barefoot Contessa Parties - butternut squash and apple soup (love her version.)

This has been a wonderful experience in that I tried and learned how to cook so many new dishes. I'm already pondering new ways to push myself in the kitchen! Thanks for reading.

Sep 12, 2012
Mr Bigglesworth in Home Cooking

Meatballs: The September 2012 Home Cooking Dish of the Month

I've made a few recipes from the meatball shop cookbook. The viva la mexico balls dissapointed - not enough heat for my tastes... but the lamb meatballs were a real winner (just packed with flavor,) the LES bbq balls (made with a bourbon bbq sauce) are among my fav balls, and the veggie balls are great and taste like lentil soup in ball format. I'm a fan of the original balls as well.

Sep 11, 2012
Mr Bigglesworth in Home Cooking

Anniversary dinner help: Maialino vs Marea


I will be in town for the US Open, and will be celebrating my anniversary as well. I have reservations at Maialino, which my brother-in-law swears by, and Marea, which was equally recommended by foodie friends in NYC.

I really wanted to go to Eleven Madison, but alas, they are closed.

Thoughts on which is a better bet, and always open if there's some spot that I might have overlooked.


Aug 16, 2012
Mr Bigglesworth in Manhattan

August 2012 Openings and Closings

Farmstead in Newton Center opening tonight.

Best places to buy cases of good wine cheap?

You might call the Wine Gallery (ask for John) in Brookline. They've turned me onto dozens of delicious bottles, many in the $10 to $12 range. I remember getting an insanely drinkable malbec there for months for around $8 a bottle.

They also have a knack for finding interesting wines from underrepresented regions, ie. Eastern Europe (owner is from that neck of the world.) I was initially skeptical, but after them picking out nearly 8 out 10 bottles I rather enjoyed, can't say enough about this little gem near Brookline Village.

dinner help for upper west side near columbus circle


I'm in town for business and have time for one meal with an old friend next Tuesday. As she has kids, I'd like to eat somewhat close to her (columbus circle area.) I had hoped to dine at Meatball Shop or Frankie's, but that's not likely now.

I was thinking Ma Peche, but friends have suggested Fatty Crab, A Voce, Dove Tail and Bar Boulud.
I'm trying to be somewhat reasonable with $, and wonder if I'm on the right path with Ma Peche, or is there anything else that's of particular interest there as of late.

Any help is appreciated!

Jun 05, 2012
Mr Bigglesworth in Manhattan

May 2012 Openings and Closings

Looks like Mixx is opening on the same block as Basho. I've heard good things, but not sure that hood needs another froyo place given Berryline.

Fresh montreal bagels

I've seen smoked meat there before.

Fresh montreal bagels


The market across the street from the old Baker's Best in Newton just emailed that they received a shipment of fresh Montreal bagels. I'm not a fan, but thought others might like.

This is just a friendly reminder...
FRESH St. Viateur (Montreal) Bagels have arrived!!!
Today MAY 24, 2012
If you would like us to reserve some bags for you,