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Food Dehydrator - Should I fork out the cash?

A huge thank you for these fab postings...Ive been drooling over the Excalibur 9 tray off and on for months...and am now at decision time...should I splash out or not??? not only have you all convinced me ;) and supplied me with stacks of ideas...I've also thoroughly enjoyed reading through each reply...I even had my dh laughing re the hugging the machine secretly (after all, if they were honest, they would do the same with their toys ;) )
Anyway after stumbling across this page I have now signed up and look forward to being part of such a knowlegable load of goodfoodaholics... I love it!
PS I picked up a second hand model last year, paid nothing for it...but after it all but cremated my carefully picked and prepared string beans...I gave up on it!!! the way forward!

Aug 07, 2011
carrerclan in Cookware