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Saturday Night, $30/entree, restaurant suggestions

I think I'm going to make reservations for Poppy, the thali meals look right up our alley! Thanks everyone, I'll let you know how it goes :)

Oct 08, 2013
zestylemon in Greater Seattle

Saturday Night, $30/entree, restaurant suggestions

Hey folks,

I'm heading to Seattle on business and staying with a friend, meaning it's out to dinner on the company dime. What do you recommend that's great Seattle food where she otherwise might not go? We're both mid-20s, pretty big foodies. I know Restaurant week is going on, but it doesn't function on a Saturday so that won't work. No allergies, no dining restrictions, etc.

If there's any place with a cool, cheap, tasting menu, that'd be great. Otherwise, something fun, something gastronomically "cool", and a place with just a nice vibe is what I'm going for. Any help would be incredibly appreciated, thanks!! :)

Oct 04, 2013
zestylemon in Greater Seattle

Graduation Dinner for 27?

Alcohol not included in the pp cost, though having alcohol would be a plus.

No kids (some under 21 though), Sunday night when a bunch of other schools will be graduating as well so it'll be a packed weekend.

Somerville/Medford area preferred (Tufts kids) but Cambridge and Boston area also gladly accepted.

Graduation Dinner for 27?

Hey there!

More dining recommendation requests! Does anyone have suggestions for a relatively nice dinner ($15-$30 pp) place for graduation dinner? There's a lot of us so we need to set reservations in now. The other kicker is that to accommodate everybody's dietary restrictions we need to stick with either American or Italian.

The ideal would be a place that's good for all eaters, adventurous and less so, and has a good atmosphere for people to talk and feel comfortable.

I know it's a lot to ask, but the only hard needs are the 27 people and the cuisine. Any help would be hugely appreciated!

Brunch in Somerville area

After trying highland kitchen and neighborhood only to find massive lines, we went to Magoun's this time.

The ambiance was definitely different (pub vs diner), but the food was great! We were both really surprised to have liked it as much as we did. I got the breakfast burrito (warning: huge.) and my friend got corned beef (really well done, it was falling apart as he ate it). All in all, good times.

We've already got plans to hit up the first two, I'll report back when we get to it. Thanks for all the recommendations!

Brunch in Somerville area

Hey guys,

A friend and I have been going to brunch places around Davis, expanding to Porter, and now Harvard, but we're running out. Obviously we've been to Soundbites and Ball Square Cafe, but we're looking for some more places to go for a nice, solid, brunch (nothing too fancy though).

Any recommendations?


EDIT: I looked at previous brunch threads for the area and they're all focused on the more impressive brunch; we're looking for more of a diner-style brunch.

Breakfast/Brunch in Boston

I just gotta second Soundbites, they really are quite yummy and pretty cheap! Go for the stuffed french toast, I had one with goat cheese and pears (I think it was a special) and it was simply amazing.

708 Broadway, Somerville, MA 02144

Restaurant Week!

Iiiiiits restaurant week (http://www.restaurantweekboston.com/


I'm super pumped as this is my first restaurant week in Boston, but I have absolutely no idea where to go. I can probably manage 2 dinners and since the price is fixed, I was hoping for something nice and yummy that I otherwise wouldn't splurge for. I'm a college foodie so great food at a reasonable price is simply impossible to turn down.

Any recommendations? (I'm willing to go anywhere so long as it's within 15minutes of a Tstop, I don't have a car...)