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Camargue Red Rice

Does anyone know how to cook Camargue red rice from Provence? Any tips, recipes or suggestions what to serve with it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

places to eat in Prince georges cty sports complex

thanks will check it out.

places to eat in Prince georges cty sports complex

Can anyone recommend casual places to eat around - I believe its Prince Georges County sports Complex . My son has a track meet there next week, and a number of parents were wondering where they could eat after the event. It is our first track meet there - am looking for recommendations from people familiar with the area. thanks

bouillabaiise / soupe aux poissons

Does anyone know where you can get an authentic bouillabaiise or Soupe aux Poisson with rouille around baltimore or washington. Just got back from provence and got really hooked on the way they prepare them. thanks

Indian Dinner buffet

In Columbia, there is a vegetarian indian restaurant called mango grove that has a buffet - not sure about dinner but next to it owned by the same owners is a non vegetarian restaurant - i believe you can choose to eat from both the buffets or either one, depending on what you want to eat veggie , non veggie or a combination of both. It would be a great place to start trying dishes. It is located in the Dobbin Center mnear the macdonalds. Hope this helps

North Carolina Barbecue Sauce

thanks everyone will try out some of these - i love barbecue

Sep 09, 2007
rpdfoodie in Home Cooking

North Carolina Barbecue Sauce

I recently ate some great barbecue at Dillards in Durham,NC. the owner wilma was very gracious - and her pork is delicious!!! But what really made the barbecue was the vinegary and slightly spicy sauce, which was handed down by her grandfather. Does anyone have a similar barbecue sauce recipe that i could try?

Sep 08, 2007
rpdfoodie in Home Cooking