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Anything like Jim N' Nicks in Knoxville?

Dead End BBQ
Sweet P's

Actually use to have a Jim and Nicks but it closed down after about 6 months.....

Birmingham-NEED HELP!!!

Hello all -

First time posting and need some help..

11 of us are going down for a golf trip (all guys) and wanted some ideas on a good, fun place to eat on a Friday night....

Money isn't an issue, but at same time don't want a stuffy place or too upscale, remember, just a bunch of guys down to play golf and drink beer and have fun...

Not too picky on type of food, so throw out all ideas....

Any ideas would be great.....Probably will be going out in Highland area after dinner so something in that area would be ideal....

Thanks for the help!!!!

Aug 06, 2011
sullsmith in Central South