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Restaurant recommendation for Carcassonne and Avignon?

Thanks for the replies! The restaurant recommendation for Relais Chantovent looks lovely! Would love some more -- so keep them coming. They could be inside Carcassonne (although it seems to be hit or miss) or outside. I was thinking about trying out Restaurant Le Parc and/or Le Languedoc any thoughts?



Aug 06, 2011
melanieodc in France

Restaurant recommendation for Carcassonne and Avignon?

Hello all!

I will be spending a week around Carcassonne with the family in September. I would love some recommendations for restaurants. I have 2 small (very well-behaved) children, so restaurants that are not totally anti-children would be preferred. I would also like some recommendations for lunch as getting out for dinner is a little hard. However, we will be able to go out a couple of times so some recommendations for places to splurge would be highly recommended. We have a car so we can drive outside of town.

Additionally, we will be spending a couple of nights in Avignon so any recommendations around there would be lovely.

Thanks so much!


Aug 05, 2011
melanieodc in France