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Restaurants that allow diner to bring wine--corkage fee?

add dai due to the list

Jun 11, 2015
WesTexas in Austin

Seeking Viet Namese

I love Tam Deli & cafe.

Apr 17, 2015
WesTexas in Austin

Bachelor party

Freedman's bar / BBQ is great for lunch (11?) very near you.

Texas french bread is up the street on 29th - has great breakfast, coffee, bakery (has sit down breakfast). Ken's Doughnuts is on the corner of 29th & Guadalupe. Neither of these two are super close.

Apr 14, 2015
WesTexas in Austin

Bachelor party

Cisco's is a tex-mex institution for excellent hangover food. Migas, biscuts fajitas etc.

Perfect for an all guy group.

Apr 12, 2015
WesTexas in Austin

So, I'm a Boston 'hound, our board here created some "best/must try/authentic" threads...

On a casual night, you could do an east sixth street crawl that had
Wonderland / Thai Kun trailer
Violet Crown / Via 313 pizza (both really good bars with top notch food)

Jan 20, 2015
WesTexas in Austin

So, I'm a Boston 'hound, our board here created some "best/must try/authentic" threads...

I highly agree with taking some sort of trip outside of town on a (hopefully) beautiful hill country day. Jester King Brewery fits the bill nicely. 5 nights is surely enough time for some short side trips. (BBQ crawl...?)

Is your trip during SXSW? Just asking, it could change some recommendations.

A sunday night fun time (not food) that never fails to impress:

Chicken sh*t bingo @ ginny's little longhorn saloon:

Also, sunday brunch @ fonda san miguel is an interior mexican spread like you wouldn't believe.

I would agree that hudsons on the bend & odd duck are part of a 5 night stay. I would add uchi or uchiko as another must do.

Jan 20, 2015
WesTexas in Austin

Children in bars

As a parent, I will also suggest taking a nice walk down royal street with your thirteen year old. Plenty of interesting things to see, possibly some street bands & sidewalk performers.

As a former 13 year old boy, taking a walk down bourbon street wouldn't be the end of the world :0)

Dec 07, 2014
WesTexas in New Orleans

One more time! Weird shirts, merch, coffee, doughnuts, meat, and booze in Austin, go!

for a group of under 25s, rainey street (where bangers is) is a definite go to spot for a pub crawl. Start at
austincontainerbar.com & go south trying out
bangers &
javelinabar.com (good burgers & bar grub)

end up at
craftprideaustin.com/ which happens to have a super awesome detroit style pizza place in a trailer in the back (via313.com)

Oct 25, 2014
WesTexas in Austin

Favorite places for a drink and a snack

We have had good luck at apothecary on Burnet.

Oct 09, 2014
WesTexas in Austin

Visiting Austin for 3 1/2 days for my birthday - Dec 3rd -7th

I would agree that you should find a spot for uchi. It is a quintessential Austiny restaurant.

For brunch - you might want to check out www.fondasanmiguel.com for sunday brunch. Crazy spread of interior mexican that you are unlikely to find in NYC. Sunday only.

Oct 09, 2014
WesTexas in Austin

Dai Due

When we were there, the issue of water was never mentioned. Waitress was very prompt in refilling our water glasses.

Sep 02, 2014
WesTexas in Austin

Dai Due

We went last night & had a great experience. Service was knowledgable and on top of it without seeming rushy.

Food was seriously great. No fancy presentations at all, just super high quality ingredients well put together - reminds me of something i would like to eat or serve at my house, just at 10x the execution of what i could do.

We had mesquite bread w/ whipped honey lard, sides were duck broth / miso & some sort of tomato, cheese & dried beef salad. All really good.

Entrees were killer - andouille & shrimp on rice (sounds simple but !!! it was good) & blood sausage & beans (also excellent).

Had figs & custard and slice of apple pie with cheese. All accompanied by a nice bottle of texas wine (chris williams). Plus herbal tea. $150 before tip.

Con: two insufferable dbags sitting next to us that would not shut up. The two tops running down the middle of the space are pretty cozy. Wouldn't have mattered with normal patrons.

I wouldn't be surprised at all if this joint topped some best of lists.
What is the competition for best new restaurant this year?

Aug 29, 2014
WesTexas in Austin

New Oven

I did extensive research on our new kitchen this fall.
we got our stuff from adam @ morrison supply. Very easy to deal with.

I did not find any difference on prices between sources when looking at higher end stuff bluestar, wolf, thermador, miele etc.

Mar 22, 2014
WesTexas in Austin

Coming to Austin for the first time this weekend

Saturday morning
republic square farmers market


@ 9 am you can eat from

recent menu:
Duck, Hog Head and Wild Onion Gumbo with Gulf coast rice.

Bacon, Chorizo and Egg Taco with chipotle salsa and cortido.

Achiote Pork Rib with tortilla casserole, cortido and carrot top sauce.

Sprouted Wheat Toast with a duck egg, artichoke, pea shoots, herbs and duck fat hollandaise.

Mar 20, 2014
WesTexas in Austin

Recommendations for Bachelor party weekend

I think uchiko does represent austin very well (they also have a killer private room) - it is not just sushi - lookup a menu.

Someone above mentioned going to the salt lick & I agree. Would be perfect for a group of out of town guys.

I think La condesa for an austiny take on mexican would work very well.

Don't eat eat stubbs.

Feb 02, 2014
WesTexas in Austin

Best restaurant gift certificate for an Austin newcomer?

Funny - i read your post and was going to type "uchi - no brainer."

I scrolled down one line & somebody beat me to the punch.

Jan 10, 2014
WesTexas in Austin


We had a great time at Peche.

We had oysters, shared a few small plates & had a whole red snapper. It was upbeat - we spent this evening more "hanging out" than analyzing every dish & bite of food. No complaints, would return without question.

Jan 05, 2014
WesTexas in New Orleans


Just got back form a fun & memorable NO trip. Had truly excellent meals at August, Herbsaint & Cochon Butcher. Peche was fun & tasty as well. A few other average type places were as expected (Cafe Adelaide, Tableau).

R'evolution was surely skipable. Some if my companions enjoyed a few of their dishes (sweatbreads, bread service, duck) but fully half of our dishes had something majorly wrong with them. Turtle soup seemed to have 10x times the amount of clove/allspice that it should have had (100x?) There is no way a manager tasted that batch. Scallops were unbearably salty. The petit fours "surprise box" at the end of the meal was most likely a used one from a previous table, presented in the most clunky way possible. Not cheap either. I would avoid.

The place looked nice & servers were nice enough, but yikes.

Jan 03, 2014
WesTexas in New Orleans

Avocado Sushi at Uchiko

Ok, i thought about this a bit.

The lime (but not lime) zest is surely yuzu. The preparation is probably yuzu kosho.

Asahi imports should carry it but it is easy to make (and much better).

Nov 26, 2013
WesTexas in Austin

Avocado Sushi at Uchiko

I've never had the avocado sushi, but they put fish caramel on a few of their items (just a guess what it might be).

Pretty straightforward to make.

Nov 26, 2013
WesTexas in Austin

Late Dinner Near Convention Center/Hyatt Place?

How late is late going to be?

Oct 18, 2013
WesTexas in Austin

Best place with (not just) barbeque?

While not an answer to our question, Perla's is seafood and steaks and very near your hotel, and quite good IMO.

Feb 21, 2013
WesTexas in Austin

Smokey Denmark Products

We use their beer brat at my place (shameless plug here)- Javelina on Rainey. They have really great products. Nice people too.

Jan 25, 2013
WesTexas in Austin

Moving to Pilot Point!!!

keiichi is the sushi place and it is indeed really good. It is small and you will need reservations!

Nov 09, 2012
WesTexas in Texas

B & B Ristorante

Well - for better or worse, we have switched reservations to scarpetta.

I will post a review when we get back..!

Aug 08, 2011
WesTexas in Las Vegas

B & B Ristorante

Howdy to all chowhounders

What is the scoop on B & B Ristorante? A group of six is coming next weekend and had planned on dining at B&B one evening, but the reviews on tripadvisor are pretty bad.

I had thought i understood that this is a quality place?

Any other ideas for italian in las vegas?


Aug 05, 2011
WesTexas in Las Vegas