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Beer Bistro..Worth a Visit?

Its one of my favourite restaurants in Toronto. The staff is very knowledgeable and the food is amazing. I would definitely recommend getting fries even as just an appetizer for the table. If you like Chocolate, the flourless chocolate cake is hands down the best I've had anywhere.

Atlantis Pavillion-Reviews wanted

We had our wedding this past weekend in Atlantis, and I'm happy to report that despite all the problems we had planning our event, on the day of the staff and venue were great. Tristan was the venue manager who was working on the day of the wedding and he was great - I wish we could've dealt with him all along.
We had some last minute guest changes and we needed to change up the meals and the venue took care of it no problem. Everyone was very helpful and very accommodating, from the waiters to the managers. The food was very good too, we got a lot of compliments on it.
There was only one issue with the late night food - we asked the late night food to be served on platters to each table but they ended up serving it on the side station anyway. I'm not sure whose mistake that was, but overall that was really not a big deal. We also had a wonderful day-of coordinator who made sure everything runs smoothly and she said all the staff were very good to deal with.

Wedding cake recommendations? TORONTO

I also was looking for taste over looks in my wedding cake.
We got our wedding cake from Sweet Olenka because of the great internet reviews. It was amazingly good. Many of our guests came up to us afterwards and said that it was one of the best wedding cakes they have ever had, and we ran out really quickly because people were eating a second and third piece. We didn't get a giant cake because from previous experiences I know a lot of people don't eat or like wedding cake, but this time it wasn't the case.
Also, the flavours that we got were very unique, not your traditional chocolate or vanilla. We had one layer of pumpkin spice with caramel icing and the other layer citrus-chocolate cake with grand marnier icing. And on top of it, they were very reasonably priced. I think ours ended up breaking down to about $4/piece. I totally recommend them if you're looking for a unique and really tasty cake.

Atlantis Pavillion-Reviews wanted

The coordinator we have is not new, she's been with them for a while, she's one of their senior coordinators. I don't know if we just didn't mesh or if this is a common thing for her. It is not Jennifer Robbins or the new one starting in August (obviously).

We have complained to her and her manager about the situation and haven't had any problems since then. I am hoping now that we've resolved the issues we were having we won't run into anymore. I still like the venue and the food/service and just hope that we can work everything out so that our day will go off properly.

Atlantis Pavillion-Reviews wanted

We booked our wedding at Atlantis Pavilion at Ontario Place because of the gorgeous space and view and the great reviews online. Our wedding is a month away now and I feel very disappointed with our dealings with Atlantis so far. I hope the actual day of our wedding will go more smoothly. When we had the tasting, the food and service were wonderful. We are just running into a lot of problems keeping the planner to honor what she originally told us when we booked with them.

They already screwed up a couple times, first putting down the wrong time for our ceremony and then when we corrected them they neglected to check whether the room we were booking was still available – which we later found out wasn’t. We had to push our start time by half an hour and we were able to book the rooftop (which originally we were told wasn’t available). Even though it all worked out at the end, it was added hassle and stress to something that already has plenty of both. They also screwed up a couple meeting times, scheduling them and then needing to cancel and reschedule because it turned out that Atlantis would be closed at that time.

When we first booked with them, we loved how flexible they were. They said that it isn’t a problem to extend the dinner service and make the time between courses longer which is something we want to do, that we didn’t need to make a decision on the menu until later on, and that basically whatever we want is fine, they’re there to serve us.

Now that it’s time to actually narrow down the details we have to fight for every single item, suddenly we are being told that they don’t like changing the service time even though that was one of the main reasons we went with this venue – we met with other venues that said they can’t delay the service and we didn’t book them.

The menu is a problem too, originally we were told that we just need to pick an approximate menu and we can change it later once we know more details, now we’re being told that we need to pay extra for changing the menu options and that the menu we picked on a whim is what we’re stuck with.

When we booked with them originally I thought they were very accommodating, but now it looks like they will tell you whatever you want to hear in order to get you to book with them and then do whatever is convenient for them anyway. I'm not sure if this is true for everyone or just the coordinator that we are dealing with. My advice if you book this space, is make sure to get everything in writing, even the small questions that you aren’t sure about. I’m just happy that a lot of our discussions were done online so at least we have emails to prove what was said.