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KFC-Customer Service-Do they care?

Well, it seems that the manager's are more concerned for their "Bonus'" than they are for service....Whatever kicks up their bonus a notch is what they focus on....However, if you don't sell chicken, then they have a bad night...They would rather all the chicken they have cooked get sold than cook more and some be left over and be thrown away....Six of one, half dozen of another....They loose

Mar 17, 2013
WhiteWolfTG in Chains

KFC-Customer Service-Do they care?

I'll agree with everyone that food should be special when eaten...I'm an over the road truck driver and I can tell you I've seen some pretty nasty food out there....Love chicken wings and never got one at KFC that it didn't have a broken wing bone...Can anyone explain this???? Thanks

Nov 21, 2012
WhiteWolfTG in Chains

Over the Moon Baked Beans

Aug 08, 2011
WhiteWolfTG in Recipes