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HELP! Small Wedding ideas in Rockefeller Center for this Christmas!

My Fiance and I met for the first time at Rockefeller Center last Christmas. We fell in love and plan on getting married this coming Christmas. Nothing would mean more to us than to have a small ceremony and reception around Rockefeller Center to commemorate our first date. We have a very small guest list of only 20 people (including us) made up of our immediate family, including our 5 children (ages 6yrs -12yrs), it's a second marriage for both of us....we are in our mid forties.

Here's the rub: We are only able to scrape together $2,500 for the ceremony and reception. We are looking at an afternoon ceremony/reception on Christmas Day. We are open to all creative ideas and suggestions. Thanks in advance for any help!

Aug 05, 2011
luna8867 in Manhattan