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Frankfurt market/grocery open on Sundays

FYI, I've confirmed this info through other sources.

The Asian market is situated in the big underpass, in front of Frankfurt Central.

There is a small food hall at the Hauptbahnhof near tracks 1-5 that should have some sausages, as well as breads, pastries, fruit, salads. The grocery store on the lower level of the Hauptbahnhof is actually fairly decent and their prices are ok too. Coffee, milk, breads, cheese, even frozen pizzas!

Luckily, there is a farmers market in Pauls Platz this weekend too so I think I'm sorted.

Sep 11, 2014
DagnyTaggart in Europe

Frankfurt market/grocery open on Sundays

I'll be in Frankfurt this Sunday for an overnight, staying at the Adina, walking distance from Hbf, (rail station). I'll have a small kitchen and balcony so I'm hoping to be able to grab some fresh sausage to cook up but I'm discovering that there are few grocery or market options open on Sundays. I have heard there is one right in Hbf,underground on the B-Ebene, sort of across from the money changer and upstairs is the Food market for bread and fruit. There's also apparently an Asian grocery there as well. Can anyone confirm this info and/or add any other options?

Sep 10, 2014
DagnyTaggart in Europe

Aziamendi [Phuket]

I know this is way late but I've been traveling pretty much constantly all year. We decided to skip Aziamendi and leave Phuket early to head over to Phi Phi. It sounds like the resto was pretty good and we had a good time in Phuket but we'd skip it entirely next time in favour of Phi Phi. Tasty food there too.

" Enjoy Noodle King " - First sighting of 'Jook Sing Noodle', aka Bamboo Rod Won Ton noodles in the GTA

Awesome review - thanks!

Birthday party location needed - resto or other ideas welcome

Thanks guys, some good ideas here!

Birthday party location needed - resto or other ideas welcome

I'm having a birthday party next summer in Toronto and am looking for location recommendations. There will be 75-100 people, all adults, and I'm planning on a Saturday evening in July. I'd like some place downtown, preferably with a patio, and good food and drinks. A restaurant that I could take over would be good but I'm open to all ideas. My budget is around $10k.


"New" Places for Dim Sum

Is there any love for Fisherman's Terrace? I'm planning a Van trip and quality dim sum is very high on my list of must-haves.

Anything to eat along Alligator Alley?

Definitely. I've never NOT seen cops heading across.

Oct 01, 2013
DagnyTaggart in Florida

Lunch Options (Airport Area)

Yes, there's a California Sandwiches on Dixie Road, (most famous for their veal). Their website has details.

Aziamendi [Phuket]

I do, I heard back from HQ and the plan is to open 11/12/13. I'm there at the end of November and though it's not officially open, I'm pretty sure they're going to make it happen :) They just updated the Iniala site, it's definitely positioning to be the most exclusive resort in the Phuket/Krabi area. A shame we'll miss each other by scant weeks but I'll report on my dining experiences, (I'm going to Phi Phi, Chiang Mai, Bangkok and Shanghai as well as Phuket on this trip).

Aziamendi [Phuket]

Thanks Phil, I've contacted them trying to get a reservation during their soft opening. It looks amazing and is sure to be a very welcome addition to the island.

June Shanghai itinerary (in progress...)

Great discussion and trip report, guys, thanks.

Anything to eat along Alligator Alley?

Agreed, this route is old Florida and allows you to feel much more connected to the Everglades. They have great spots to pull off to enjoy a picnic, at least one has a boardwalk through the trees where you will be mere feet from gators and other wildlife. I-75 is quick, convenient and though you will spot flashes of gators as you speed by at 80, it's not nearly as intimate or scenic.

Jul 01, 2013
DagnyTaggart in Florida

Delray Market Place

I don't care how bad the food will inevitably be, the IMAX3D theatre is worth the trip.

Foodgame, Dublin

Please do report back, I'll be in Dublin next month.

Dec 19, 2012
DagnyTaggart in U.K./Ireland


Ok , our group of four dined there this evening and it was a mixed bag. This is yet another restaurant that has expended all it's innovation and skill on its apps, leaving the mains merely adequate. We all felt the main courses were cooked beautifully but tasted very bland. We are unlikely to return but if we do, we will stick to ordering appetizers.

Dec 15, 2012
DagnyTaggart in Florida


We're planning to drive over and spend a night with friends in Old Naples, taking them out to dine Saturday evening. I see Bha Bha has relocated to the area and as we enjoyed them in the old location, we're considering trying the new one. Is it still good, is there anything new we should check out?

Dec 10, 2012
DagnyTaggart in Florida

need help with epic dining recommendations in Puerto Rico

Marmalade for a world-class resto.


The original London Hakkasan, which I last visited in January, served the best dim sum my group had ever had. It is just phenomenal. I went to the Miami Beach one a month later, and we were all disappointed, we would never recommend it nor return. I'll be in NYC next week and, though it's midtown location makes me suspicious, I'm really hoping it's closer to the London experience than Miami's. Any comments?

Oct 17, 2012
DagnyTaggart in Manhattan

Favorite restaurants in Puerto Rico?

That bean soup was a revelation alright. So were the paella bites and everything was just perfect each time. I'll be back there this fall, cant wait!

Favorite restaurants in Puerto Rico?

I'm very surprised that nobody has mentioned Marmalade. For us, we rank it as one the best restaurants we have ever dined in and we wouldn't dream of visiting SJ and not eating there. It's sublime.

Seasons 52 Pricing?

I've been to the ones in Boca and Ft. Lauderdale, and my guests and I have given them two thumbs up.

Mar 26, 2012
DagnyTaggart in Florida

Dim Sum In Orlando

Checked out Ming Bistro on the weekend - it was great, the best dim sum we've had in FL. Thanks for the recommendation.

Mar 05, 2012
DagnyTaggart in Florida

Bradley Ogden closing?

I just called Caesar's and they said Bradley Ogden is open, and there are no current plans to close it. They had no idea how the rumour got started.

Feb 09, 2012
DagnyTaggart in Las Vegas

Tulum trip report

We ate at El Tabano for lunch yesterday, partly on your recommendation, and it was the best meal of our trip. The icy cold mint-cucumber-avocado soup was a revelation but everything was amazing. We chose a couple of things and let the server pick another couple and it all combined into a memorable meal. The restaurant is in a lovely setting and we've decided we will be foregoing Playa del Carmen next time and staying in Tulum which is so much cooler. Thanks for poasting your trip report!

Jan 20, 2012
DagnyTaggart in Mexico

Memorable meal in Playa del Carmen recs?

Apparently, John Gray's Kitchen has closed the Tulum location.

Jan 20, 2012
DagnyTaggart in Mexico

Memorable meal in Playa del Carmen recs?

I ate at Maya Luna last night and it was great. We shared three apps, all terrific, especially the duck. As it is a block or so past the pedestrian-only zone of 5th, the balcony was lovely and fairly quiet, a nice change from the frenzy. We will definitely return to explore more of their menu.

Jan 20, 2012
DagnyTaggart in Mexico

Pompano Beach FL restaurant suggestions

We went last night, and it was great. The highlight was the octopus tartare app - delicious. We also had duck and tuna entrees, also very good. We will be going back for sure.

The best place for Dim Sum in Ottawa??

I'm also looking for great dim sum in Ottawa that is serving midweek.

What's good in Hull?

Im going to be in Ottawa for a Tuesday night and thought I might grab a cab across to Hull for a later evening dinner. Any recommendations for a tasty, solo-friendly place? All cuisines and styles considered but I'd prefer something a little lighter versus say a steakhouse.