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Local restaurant review blogs

I'm looking for some local food blogs to add to my list. I like trying new restaurants but prefer to read RECENT reviews first so I don't waste any money. I love Chowhound (duh), Heavy Table, and You Care What We Think...any others I should check out?

Apr 09, 2013
MKAbel in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Help With Alaska Trip

Hi there! In addition to the already suggested places, I'd recommend the Snow Goose (a nice pub with awesome views), Humpy's downtown, the Glacier Brewhouse, and Orso. Have fun--Alaska is awesome!

Mar 10, 2013
MKAbel in Pacific Northwest

Where to take some visiting Food Snobs?

I totally agree about Meritage. I recently went there for an anniversary dinner and there was nothing I didn't love--food, service, ambiance--it was excellent.

May 22, 2012
MKAbel in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Romantic, but not snobby?

We'll go anywhere in the metro area and Hudson. We are up for any type of food; I'm more concerned with finding a restaurant which is both obviously romantic and friendly to us amateur foodies.

Feb 26, 2012
MKAbel in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Romantic, but not snobby?

I'm in charge of an anniversary dinner. We like good food and friendly service, and I'd preferably like a romantic restaurant...but we really aren't super classy (e.g. I can't tell a pinot noir from a Burgundy)... any recommendations, please?

Feb 25, 2012
MKAbel in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Authentic Chinese?

What restaurant in the whole metro area and suburbs serves the most authentic Chinese food?

Dec 18, 2011
MKAbel in Minneapolis-St. Paul

New Nook menu?

I was wondering if anyone has heard anything about a new menu at the Nook in St. Paul? I can't lose my Paul Molitor!

Nov 03, 2011
MKAbel in Minneapolis-St. Paul