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the better Dine Out Vancouver Manu?

I've tried Dine Out Vancouver Manu in several restaurants in the past few years, but it seems like the quality of food is not as good as their regular manu; so, last year I've skipped the Dine Out for good.
What is your experience for that? Which restaurant provide the better Dine Out Vancouver Manu?

Veteran Nigiri Sushi Level

Hanako-A real hidden gem in Surrey. The best Nigiri Sushi I had in greater Vancouver area. The chef/owner is in fact a Korean but learn all his skills in Japan.

Order whatever on their hand writing special manu. Quite expensive (you won't expect to pay that kind of bill in such a humble decorated restaurant), but, man... it's well worth it, even now you have to pay the toll over Port-Mann.

Other than Nikiri, don't miss their Crab salad or smoked Tuna salad.

Where is the wow factor on Hawksworth?

Had dinner with my wife in Hawksworth. We had maple bacon sweetbreads & 48 hr beef shortrib as appetizers; yarrow meadows duck breast & fraser valley pork belly as main dishes. The service is good. Every plates are very well displayed; the food is ... good, but, not really great.

I recall 2 years ago, we had dinner at West, everything are just taste great. This time, we just don't feel the "wow" factor in Hawksworth! Am I expecting too much? Or is that my taste for food getting "numb"?