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El Paso: Time for only one lunch (in November, if that makes a difference)

I will second Valentine's. Just found the place last week, and the pork belly tacos and the bone marrow dish were both awesome. Will be heading back to try the rest of the menu (especially since it's next to Hope & Anchor - a reasonably chill bar).

Aug 02, 2011
chairman96 in Texas

Sushi in El Paso, TX

Hey guys.

New to ELP. Just wondering if there are any recommendations for legit sushi out here (prefer the west side, but am willing to drive around town). I'm sort of resigning myself to food court quality stuff, or those over-the-top rolls that seem to be trendy now. I'm more of a tekka don or sashimi and rice sort of guy.


Aug 02, 2011
chairman96 in Texas