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One night in Vegas dinner for LA/NYers

Hello all... My husband and I are going to be in Vegas for one night ...
We live in LA now (for a year) but are from NYC.
So we're looking for a great and unique dinner special to Vegas.
We are staying on the Strip.

Any suggestions?
We obviously don't have any reservations yet...
We LOVE food (as all of you do!) ;)

Sep 19, 2013
Peasweet9 in Las Vegas

Dining suggestions in Fort Collins and Boulder?

Thank you so much!
So for a Great lunch should we do the kitchen or kitchen next door?
Thank you!!!!
Also- does anyone have a favorite boulder brewery?

Feb 01, 2013
Peasweet9 in Mountain States

Dining suggestions in Fort Collins and Boulder?


Jan 31, 2013
Peasweet9 in Mountain States

Dining suggestions in Fort Collins and Boulder?

Hello all! My husband and I are looking for any great suggestions you have of CAN'T miss meals!
We live in LA (just moved from NY) so ideally something unique and "colorado"...
We're so excited. thanks in advance!

Jan 31, 2013
Peasweet9 in Mountain States

Help for dinner tonight now that Spice Table is closed for the week!

Hello all!

My brother and sister-in-law are visiting from NY- we were going to go to Spice Table tonight but they are closed for pipe issues...

Is there a restaurant you guys can think of that is unique and has the bold flavors of spice table? My brother loves meat, my sister-in-law loves fish, and my husband and I just love big flavors!

Was thinking ink or lazy ox canteen? but I'm new to LA too and have never been to either one.

Thank you all!

Oct 04, 2012
Peasweet9 in Los Angeles Area

trip update and two quick questions-

Thank you all so much. We will do Ferry Building on Thursday- it seems as if the Ferry Building and Hog Island are close... right?

Sorry, we just moved to LA from NY, so we are learning the entire west coast right now!

So if you had one dinner, would you try for a table at State Bird or would you try one of the other great sounding ones mentioned here?

trip update and two quick questions-

Thanks to you and all of your help, this is what we are thinking so far!

Wednesday: Lunch at Hog Island Oysters
Dinner- Azziza

Thursday: Lunch at the Ferry Building (* can we eat there on a weekday or is it just a market?) OR DIM SUM
Dinner- ???

I had my heart set on State Bird Provisions, but there are no reservations to be had either night.
Is there anything similar?
Would Park Tavern do the trick?

We are looking for a unique dining experience- if you've ever been to TRAIF in Brooklyn NY, it's our favorite spot (as a reference).

La Ciccia looks good but not super innovative... am I wrong? I definitely could be!

Visiting San Francisco for Mid-Week Anniversary Celebration...

You guys are amazing... I'm looking into all of these suggestions. Aziza is a DEFINITE, the menu looks wonderful!

I hate to ask for more suggestions, but if anyone has a breakfast/lunch dish they LOVE, can you send over? We love savory, delicious, etc. Can be anything, and we'll be all over the city so location doesn't matter. Great seafood? Great egg dishes? The best sandwich?

I LOVE CHOWHOUND and you all rock, so thank you in advance and already!

Visiting San Francisco for Mid-Week Anniversary Celebration...

Hello everyone!
My husband and I are heading to San Francisco (from Los Angeles) for two nights in a few weeks...
WE LOVE TO EAT and are looking for great meals that we can't get in LA or NY (we just moved to the West Coast from NYC.)

Things we love: unique, inventive food/ flavorful food/ all types of cuisine

It's our two year wedding anniversary, so we'd love one restaurant that is romantic and delicious to celebrate that. Aside from that, we don't care too much about the setting/decor- we're just into great food.

Any and all suggestions are super helpful.
We're staying in the Marina/Presidio area but we have a car.

We were thinking about: Wayfare Tavern, Slanted Door, Perbacco, Foreign Cinema but we are totally open to changing all of these.


Great to go food in the French quarter?!

you've all been so helpful- I will post a full trip report when we are back!
Tonight we are doing bourbon street (after an incredible lunch blowout at august)... We will have our dog with us. We are looking for to go gumbo or poboys or anything else delicious and to go.
Coops? Or something better?
Thank you!!!

Aug 02, 2011
Peasweet9 in New Orleans

New Orleans from today (Monday) to Thursday- and a few questions and thanks!

Thank you both for your responses... Looks like we will do a brigsteins dinner then! We just want to make sure we eat all of the must-eats before we go back to ny!

Aug 01, 2011
Peasweet9 in New Orleans

New Orleans from today (Monday) to Thursday- and a few questions and thanks!

first of all, to everyone who posts here, thank you. This website is always my go to for recommendations!
My husband and I are NY foodlovers, in new orleans for the next three days. We are getting in around 8 tonight and staying at maison dupuy (which is close to bourbon street)...
A few questions:
1. Any suggestions for a great, unique dinner tonight, that is not too upscale and close to our hotel?
2. I just read that "coolinary" starts today... Has anyone been to it in years past and is it worth it?
3. we are definitely doing a lunch at august.... Torn between commanders/galatoires and brigstens for another lunch... Thoughts?
Thank you in advance- you all rock.

Aug 01, 2011
Peasweet9 in New Orleans