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How to bake a chocolate cake for a diabetic?

You can take a regular chocolate cake recipe, which probably calls for flour, sugar, vanilla, cocoa, egg, etc... and just substitute almond flour for the white flour, and Xylitol for the sugar. Almond flour makes a very delicate cake (think wedding cake-a lot of specialty cakes are made with it), and Xylitol is a sweetener made from birch trees that tastes like sugar, but doesn't get metabolized like sugar or carbs because it doesn't involve insulin. .. You have to get those two things at a natural foods store usually, but you'll probably be going there anyway if you want anything other than bleached white flour. Also, if you are already at the natural foods store, like whole foods, trader joe's, sprouts, or wherever else, Bob's Red Mill (brand name) makes a coupple of different great wheat flour substitutes. It will be called something like "gluten-free baking mix" and it'll be in the gluten-free section, if not just in the flour aisle. It's great, and it's a mix of a few types of alternative flours (rice, millet, sorghum) that bake up in a way that resembles wheat flour. Then, you could use that with the Xylitol sweetener, and you have a yummy chocolate cake that's not too far off from the taste of the chocolate cake everyone knows and loves!

Aug 13, 2011
Teddymuffinrules in Home Cooking


I had an iced butterbeer yesterday (yes, like in Harry Potter. You know you want to try it) at a restaurant and it was AMAZING. It was refreshing and effervescent, and creamy, but not too sweet. Now I want to recreate it, but I only have the menu description to go on... Hard cider, mulled wine, butterscotch, topped with whipped cream (I know, sounds delicious, doesn't it?). I think I can figure out whatt to use for the rest of the components, but I have no clue what kind of butterscotch to put in it. Does anyone know of a good butterscotch syrup for drinks? I don't think it was a liquer, but i wouldn't rule it out...

Aug 07, 2011
Teddymuffinrules in Spirits

I HATE radishes, but I have a bunch. What do I do with them??

Try juicing them. They Are much more palatable that way, they end up being sweeter tasting and they don't have that bitter twinge. Oddly enough, radish juice is an old cure for a sore, scratchy throat, especially from allergies. It really works!

Aug 07, 2011
Teddymuffinrules in Home Cooking

Why Do Subway Restaurants Smell Awful?

I know that smell! Sometimes I think it's like the smell of nonstick cookware when it gets really hot.... and that is GROSS to think of eating that.

Aug 07, 2011
Teddymuffinrules in Features

Do you have a preferred brand of naturally carbonated sparkling water?

Although my favorite tasting sparkly beverage is Topo Chico, I am on a new kick of finding the most healthy water that packs the biggest punch in mineral content. So far, the most nutritious naturally sparkling water with the least sodium and the most calcium and magnesium available in my area, is Garolsteiner.I like the taste, but it doesn't have that super-effervescent mouth feel and satisfying thirst quenching that Topo Chico has for me. Still, the more I investigate the health benefits of mineral water, the more I am glad to be addicted to it!

Taco Bell Previews the Dark Future of Public Dining

Who knows if TVs in Taco Bell will start yet another revolution in terrible eating habits. I suspect that the TVs won't draw new customers into Taco Bell restaurants, it will just excite the population that is already gross and already goes there. So, those patrons will continue getting grosser (socially and healthwise too), while the rest of the world still sees all that as unpleasant. There has to be somewhere where regular people can go out to eat without cell phone zombies sitting at every table, right? .... Right?!

Jul 31, 2011
Teddymuffinrules in Features