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Help! Honeymoon Planning from Toronto

Thanks everyone for the comments/suggestions. As recommended I have looked through similar posts and tried to narrow down my thoughts.

So far here is what I am thinking for seafood:
It sounds like Waterbar is a good spot for a cocktail and a view so maybe we can just have a quick stop there one afternoon.
As for seafood I think I have it narrowed down to Tadich Grill or Bar Crudo. Although it may be less romantic, I like the menu at Bar Crudo. Thoughts?

Otherwise I am thinking farm-to-table find of idea. Here is what menus caught my attention:
Central Kitchen
Baker and Banker
What about Fish and Farm

I also looked at Boulevard and have it as a maybe still as well as RN74. These may be too pricey though....

I think we will hit the market on Tuesday morning as that seems popular. I also want to try Burmese food. We will be coming back through on our way home and will have an afternoon/evening so I was thinking Mandalay. Is that the best choice?

Other things that jump out are:
-drinks (any more suggestions - I know about the Top of the Mark)
-coffee (my wife LOVES good coffee so this is great).

As for price, I would say maybe $200 for one evening and hopefully less for the others. Is that even possible. I guess I am flexible, just not too over the top. Oh and we are staying in Pacific Heights!

Thanks all!

Jan 15, 2013
logan6 in San Francisco Bay Area

Help! Honeymoon Planning from Toronto

My wife and I are heading to San Francisco, Sonoma, Napa, and Big Sur for our honeymoon in February. I am usually really keen to do my own planning but with limited time I am feeling a little overwhelmed by trying to organize meals as there are so many options for San Francisco.

We will be in San Francisco for two nights (Feb 18th & 19th) and I would really appreciate some advice on where to begin.

We are looking for casual but romantic. Nothing too loud or too much of a party atmosphere. As for cuisine, seafood would be top of our list for one night and maybe something intimate for the other. We are adventurous but I am not sure that is our priority for this trip. Local, small places are also appealing to us. We try to avoid the big tourist spots as much as possible.

We are hoping for mid-range as we will be doing some splurge dinners on the rest of the trip.

Any thoughts would be really appreciated. Thanks

Jan 14, 2013
logan6 in San Francisco Bay Area