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Hatch Chiles 2015

I like things spicy and I've found the Hatch chilis I've bought roasted in previous years to be pretty mild, even when labeled hot when making a chile verde with the freshly roasted chilis. However, after freezing (in my crappy defrosting freezers in rentals) I've found the final product to be much hotter than the version made with chilis pre-freezing. I've always assumed it had to due with bursting the cell walls in the chili during freezing.

about 15 hours ago in San Francisco Bay Area

Chowhound Beta Site Part V

Starting today, the back button doesn't work after going to posts I've clicked on from my profile page (chrome, OS X). It just goes briefly to the top of the post, then back to the "New Comment" I had clicked on.

about 20 hours ago in Site Talk

El Cerrito pub crawl

Bartavelle Coffee & Wine bar is open until 6 with snacks, and sometimes a tasting from Kermit Lynch next door, for instance Aug 29th

Lanesplitter is on that route. I'm a bigger fan of their beer than Albatross--I strongly prefer beer to other forms of alcohol, but don't order it at Albatross after being served one too many beers from skunky taps. Great for darts, though.

Venezuelan Cafe keeps changing their hours, such that I haven't made it there yet, but yelp currently lists them as 9-2 Sat and 10-4 Sunday

I also haven't been to the newer additions, Handlebar and Longbranch, but they are possibilities.

Kabana is one of the favorite Pakistani restaurants in the Berkeley/Oakland area, but their slowish service, even for take-out might slow your crawl a bit too much.

Best Hippie-Yuppie Food In San Francisco? (Help a Tourist!) :-)

Yes. I would never have thought of Chow as a response to this question, but now that it has been mentioned, it seems like an ur-version of the natural-local restaurant style that has spread across the country. It's been a couple of years since I've eaten there, but it has been pretty consistent since I've moved to the area ~9 years ago.
It is certainly not more interesting, and I don't think it would offer anything better than you could find in most locals in the US now (and they have great produce in Minnesota, this time of year) touting this local/natural food, but offers a preserved version of a non-fine dining restaurant of this genre that did so years before it became popular.

Chowhound Beta Site Part V

I'm much less concerned about the interspersed pictorials in the homepage feed than I am that it is the only way to view the tags/locations you're following in a feed, and there is no tracking of read status (and, as of now, very large format).

Am I reading the announcement correctly that there will be a new "live feed" that will post all new posts, in order of last comment, in condensed form, with read status displayed? This sounds great, but my hope is that such a feed will be available for all locations (plus tags and users) I am following. I'm still concerned that there is no way to view all locations I am following in a read-status obvious way, preferably condensed. The balkanization of the regional boards makes it difficult to follow my region without a feed that combines all location tags I'm following, and I don't have the mental capacity of a Melanie Wong, who has an encyclopedic memory for everything she's read on chowhound--I struggle to remember whether I've just read a snippet before, or the full comment. This is particularly necessary on mobile (phone), where scrolling is so tedious that a visual cue is really necessary.

Aug 19, 2015 in Site Talk

Has anyone ever been to The Gourmet Corner in San Mateo?

Yes, when I stopped by last Tuesday the employees told me they were closing on short notice--details were a bit fuzzy--it couldn't hurt to call and see if their 20-30% off sale is still on

Chowhound Beta Site Part IV

I read this the same way Melanie does,
"For San Francisco discussions, please continue to use the "San Francisco Bay Area" tag as you always have. As new posts come in over time, tag pages for Oakland, San Jose, etc. will grow and lessen the need for a catch-all, regional tag. "San Francisco Bay Area" will then be used primarily for San Francisco discussions."
though the phrase do not care may bring out emotional responses rather than explanations. I can tell you and others in the chowhound team are working hard, I just don't understand how the structure of beta is meant to be used, as mentioned in my previous, too-long-winded question.

I've made it clear how difficult I find it to follow the homepage feed in several formats, so I'll focus on the regionality here.

One of the more common questions here is where can I find the best/any X in the Bay Area. In the future, where the current San Francisco tag means only San Francisco, how would you suggest the poster tag their post, given at least one tag might be used for cuisine type? I am following 18 tags within the SFBA currently, which is far and above any reasonable limit on tags on a post. And since tag search isn't yet available for testing, would I be able to check 18 location tags to search? And if I am looking out of area how am I supposed to know all the small municipalities within the region?

Or, with the current setup, where the san-francisco tag means San Francisco Bay Area, many visitors and locals want to limit their search to the city of San Francisco, which is difficult with the current board setup and text search. Tags could alleviate this, but only if there are separate tags for San Francisco and San Francisco Bay Area.

Again, the city specific tags are helpful for better specifying where a particular restaurant is, or limiting your range, if that is desired, but I can't come up with a use case where having San Francisco Bay Area appended as a tag to all Bay Area posts would be a hindrance. As many have mentioned, the communities formed around a region have both a historical camaraderie, but also many hounds with a willingness to travel anywhere within that geographical area for good chow.

Tags to add

While looking to see which regional cuisine tags currently exist, I noticed there is a Shanghainese tag, classified under cuisine, and a Shanghai tag, classified under China, so I hope there is a structure in place to make cuisine tags distinguishable from location tags. Often, there isn't an obvious adjectival form, such as Hong Kong, Beijing, and New Zealand, so perhaps cuisine needs to be made explicit in the tag. I've added those suggested by hyperbowler above, and some other regional cuisines I happened to think of. Please add or correct tags if you see fit.
Pakistani cuisine
Nigerian cuisine
Bengali cuisine
Filippino cuisine
Egyptian cuisine
South African cuisine
Colombian cuisine
Ukrainian cuisine
Argentinian cuisine
Algerian cuisine
Polish cuisine
Canadian cuisine
Iraqi cuisine
Persian cuisine
Peruvian cuisine
Uzbek cuisine
Venezuelan cuisine
Nepali cuisine
Afghan cuisine
Yemeni cuisine
Taiwanese cuisine
Syrian cuisine
Sri Lankan cuisine
Chilean cuisine
Guatemalan cuisine
Senegalese cuisine
Tunisian cuisine
Czech cuisine
Bolivian cuisine
Swedish cuisine
Honduran cuisine
Israeli cuisine
Swiss cuisine
Hong Kong style cuisine
Salvadorean cuisine
Eritrean cuisine
Nicaraguan cuisine
Danish cuisine
Singaporean cuisine
Irish cuisine
New Zealand cuisine
Croatian cuisine
Puerto Rican cuisine
Mongolian cuisine
Jamaican cuisine
Trinidadian cuisine
Macanese cuisine
Icelandic cuisine
Samoan cuisine
Guamanian cuisine
California cuisine
New Orleans cuisine
Shanxi cuisine
Shaanxi cuisine
Uyghur cuisine
Xinjiang cuisine
Dongbei cuisine
Shenyang cuisine
Hunan cuisine
Guangxi cuisine
Shandong cuisine
Beijing cuisine
Tianjin cuisine
Chaozhou cuisine
Hakka cuisine
Shunde cuisine
Islamic Chinese cuisine
Desi Chinese cuisine
Gujarati cuisine
Maharasihtrian cuisine
Kashmiri cuisine
Keralan cuisine
Hyderabadi cuisine
Tamil cuisine
Karnataka cuisine
Rajastihani cuisine
Punjabi cuisine
Goan cuisine
Oaxacan cuisine
Yucatan cuisine
Sonoran cuisine
Pueblan cuisine
Michoacan cuisine
Sinoloan cuisine
Jalisco cuisine
Veracruz cuisine

Aug 16, 2015 in Site Talk

Chowhound Beta Site Part IV

Yes, I see this as a big problem for browsing too. The duplicates in the homepage feed are coming from rapidly refreshing topics--I get a lot of Cookbook of the Month threads with 5 New Comments, 3 New Comments, and 1 New Comment in the feed. It isn't because the posts are tagged with multiple tags you're following as per Pat Sully.
However, this behavior, as well as the homepage feed not indicating read state make it virtually useless to me for reading through my tags.

Aug 16, 2015 in Site Talk

Three Billy Goats Gruff- Chevre - Cheese of the Month (Sept 2013)

Just thought I'd jump into this thread about two years late, as I've just tried two interesting goat cheeses.
Chabichou du Poitou
Murcia Curado "Naked Goat"

The Chabichou du Poitou I purchased was quite ripe, smooshing so thoroughly in my bag that a picture wouldn't do it justice. The creamline was almost liquid, and the interior had lost any sense of chalkiness goat cheese can often have, and was soft and creamy, with subtler hints of goat than I expected. Wikipedia says this ages 10-20 days, and occasionally for months, and I suspect this was on the longer side of aging, much to my pleasure.

The Murcia was unlike any hard goat milk cheese I've tried before. I would have thought it was sheep if I hadn't read the label, the texture is like a medium-aged pecorino. The taste, too, isn't overtly goaty, and has a smooth, buttery note. At the warm room temperature we had tonight, it was perfect for draping over a crusty loaf of bread.

Though I love most forms of goat cheese, these two managed to please both my friends who aren't big fans of fresh goat cheese and me.

Aug 15, 2015 in Cheese

Brie: Cheese of the Month (November 2014)

I finally stumbled upon a brie with a bit of flavor. Listed as Tremblay/Jouvence on the label, it was almost certainly the Brie Fermier Jouvence mentioned by DonShirer, and the Brie Fermier mentioned as both a miss by Ridge (though also, possibly, the hit). If there is one thing I learned from brie of the month, it was how much difference the ripeness makes on the flavor (and texture) of brie.
The wedge I got from Gourmet & More on one of their last days in business was certainly ripe, maybe verging on overripe. It had a wonderful soft texture, a mushroomy, funky flavor, verging more towards Camembert.
After years of avoiding "brie" post grad school after too many trays of rubbery bland stuff, I'm finally convinced the ripe stuff, even in the US, could have some promise.

Aug 14, 2015 in Cheese

Chowhound Beta Site Part IV

Ah, so there is no plan to show all the tags/locations you are following that indicates the read state of those posts.

Chowhound Beta Site Part IV

Agreed. I'd been taking my cues as to read state primarily from the Yellow "New Comment" vs. gray "Last Comment" as well as the line, be it somewhat thicker or not. The black "New Comment" in the slate gray/blue completely unread state exacerbates this problem, as it is much more similar to the gray "Last Comment" in the completely read threads than the usual yellow/orange "New Comment".
If two states are going to be similar in coloring, make it completely unread and new comment--they both signify new content.

Chowhound Beta Site Part IV

I might have missed it in the process that lead me through picking tags and location(tags) a couple of weeks ago, but I don’t see it in the FAQs—Is there a walk-through anywhere of how the designers of the software expect it to be used? Of course, those of us who have been on chowhound for a while have all developed our own habits, and ways of navigating the site, some of which work with the new software, and some of which don’t. With the current beta, I’ve realized that I previously failed to take full advantage of “All Discussions” in my profile to show me updates to all threads I have participated in. So, perhaps I’m missing out on the proper way to navigate, but here are some of the problems I’m having with the current setup:

I saw following several tags as an advantage, that way I could follow multiple interests/locations in one feed. However, the current setup of the homepage feed, in which each snippet is XXL, doesn’t indicate read state, and creates a new entry such that I see the same thread near the top with 3 New Comments and a page later with 1 New Comment makes it very difficult to navigate, particularly on mobile. And, if you want to use it as a feed, such that you read all the locations/tags of interest to you until they are completely read it isn’t helpful. Marcy indicated that they are working on an optional view that is a bit more compact and indicates read state here: . I would hope that this is at least as compact as the profile view and pulls listings in order of last commented on (so that there aren’t multiple listings of the thread in the feed, with a couple new comments).

Pre-Beta, my primary use was to read through my local board’s posts/comments in their entirety. It is still an option to do so—I can click on the San Francisco Bay Area tag (which is actually san-francisco in the url, leaving little room for a San Francisco city limits tag) and browse through with read/unread state apparent as in the previous incarnation of the San Francisco board. However, I am concerned about the tagging behavior of posters, who might tag only with Oakland or Pescadero. I’ve followed all the outlying town locations that I could find in the alphabetical listing of cities, but don’t want to click through all 10+ of them to make sure I’ve seen all the updates in my area.

The options under profile are useful to see threads I’ve followed or replied to, but it isn’t really a way to discover new threads. Like other chowhounds, I found myself clicking on the page that displayed all the most recently updated threads, compactly, to see if there was anything of interest outside of my usual genres and discover a couple new posts to follow.

Chowhound Beta Site Part IV

Thanks for responding to feedback about the read state, however I don't really notice the difference. To my eyes the biggest problem is that the light gray (completely read) is not easy to distinguish from the slate gray/blue (completely unread) and these are two opposite states. I would suggest a bolder color for the completely unread state, for instance red, or the bright orange that makes an appearance in the chowhound logo and elsewhere on the site, including the "New" button that appears on newer completely unread posts.

Grocery Outlet, August 2015

They were with all the juices, across from the freezer section that is rightmost if you are facing the back of the store.

Petit Crenn opens Aug 11

Sorry, I don't remember the details (though it was apple). It was the only cider by the glass, but there were 5 or so bottles listed, with at least one pear. Plenty of wine and bubbly, too.

Grocery Outlet, August 2015

The Oakland store was out of the Strauss butter (actually, there was one previously opened package left).
They had plenty of $1.99 Sustainable seas tuna, but no 2 for 1 sign.
The aged havarti was there again, 7 oz $2.99
Fever Tree tonic, $1.99

Want to save a recipe

Is the heart button on the red bar to the right of the pinterest, facebook, etc. buttons the way to save a recipe? This is non-intuitive and could use a note or save symbol.

Since the recipe format is XXL I had to scroll pretty far to the right to see it. (in chrome). This might be the issue if you're having problems.

Aug 12, 2015 in Site Talk

Chowhound Beta Site Part IV

Bug report. (I am using an up to date Chrome on a Mac). When I edited a post right after I posted it because I realized it was missing one of my pictures I added that picture, then clicked submit. Other than a bunch of browser progress text in the lower left corner (loading [a bunch of ad servers], loading it never seemed to progress to having posted. Of course I hit the submit button several more times. Then, when I checked on my post in a different tab, I see that the final picture I was trying to load had loaded several times.

Aug 12, 2015 in Site Talk

Petit Crenn opens Aug 11

I had a lovely dinner at Petit Crenn. They’re definitely still working out some things about serving in this style, the service was a bit frenzied, but friendly with chef Crenn there to monitor the execution and make sure all customers felt welcome in her homey vision of the restaurant (foodwise, the decor is all white). Regular dinner service is at 6 pm and 8:30 pm, served promptly, family-style, to two-tops arranged mostly in groups seating 4, even though most were two separate parties. Each course is brought out from the kitchen to all tables at once. There is a bar, reserved for walk-ins, that serves some a la carte items from that day's menu. After they get their feet on the ground the plan is to be open for breakfast and lunch as well, serving simple items.

The meal was very straightforward and well executed. Plates that came out of the kitchen, in order, were:

rolled omelet
gougeres filled with something whipped and creamy, but a bit more sour than I expect from creme fraiche
oysters with tomato gelee and charred onions
bread, butter, salt
escargot in chanterelle broth and buckwheat cracker
cauliflower gratin, smoked breadcrumbs
grilled cabbage, crispy shallots, charred leeks
whole rainbow trout for two, cider sabayon
little gems salad with anchovy caper vinaigrette
Timanoix cheese, toast
mignardise and orange mousse

Everything was perfectly executed and well balanced. Some of my favorites include the grilled cabbage--they got a very good char on it with the wood fire, and the leek vinaigrette and crispy shallots gave it an extra punch. The whole trout was perfectly grilled and the sabayon very fresh and delicate--I wish there had been more of it. I’m not much of a dessert person, but I really enjoyed the final two courses--the cheese aged in walnut liqueur was outstanding, and the orange mousse served in a frozen orange rind was very homey to me, an American who loved creamsicles/push-pops as a kid (but refined, of course).

I started with an Eric Bordelet cider served in a traditional Bretagne earthenware cup. The $72 prix fixe and wine and cider prices include service, but not tax. Like marilees, I found this refreshing, as well as being given a check that didn't have a line for a tip when service is included.

I would definitely go back, and would definitely stop in for lunch or breakfast when that becomes available.

Bay Area Food Festivals and Events, Summer 2015

Well, it's already mid to late summer, but two of the big Bay Area food festivals are coming up, so I thought I'd reboot this topic.

The San Francisco Street Food Festival has been moved out of it's home in the Mission near La Cocina to Pier 70, off 22nd St. August 15-16

And the Eat Real Fest in Oakland Jack London Square, September 18-20

Bay Area Burmese Restaurant Roundup 2.0

Known to me only through a new listing on Yalp,
Myanmar Tea Garden
41063 Fremont Blvd
Fremont, CA 94538
(510) 687-1288

Best shop for Loire goat cheeses in Mission/Noe

I just stopped by Gourmet & More, and got some wonderful cheese, but learned they've been sold suddenly and are closing this week. I was told they'd be open tomorrow. Very unfortunate!

Chowhound Beta Site Open to Everyone (Continued Again)

I thought it was known that you couldn't remove tags in Beta. From the FAQs
"Absolutely! You’ll be able to add more tags to your posts (the limit is five tags per post). However, removing tags will not be available during the Beta, but we are working on having this feature ready when we fully launch."

Aug 11, 2015 in Site Talk

Uses of corn flour???

Thanks for tip on keeping them blini sized, they worked out great.
I got my corn flour from Berkeley Bowl.

Aug 10, 2015 in Home Cooking

FRESH CORN SIDE DISHES! Home Cooking Dish of the Month (August 2015)

I made some lovely fresh corn cakes with the recipe here
as suggested by Melanie on this thread as I'd been looking for dishes to use up the rest of my corn flour.
Mine were delicious and delicate, though not as puffy as David's pictures, more like American pancakes with flavorful bursts of fresh corn. He must be a whiz at folding in egg whites (or, as I'll choose to believe, has much better French eggs).
After a couple flattish pancakes, I decided to add a little extra cornmeal to a bit of the batter to make a more scoopable, taller corn cake, but this one was much worse. Yes, it was taller, but also drier and less fluffy.
These made a great accompaniment to a simple dinner of roast chicken and fresh tomatoes, in keeping with their origins from Chez Panisse.

Petit Crenn opens Aug 11

Was there an easy way to figure that out, or did you try different numbers and dates until you found something? If so, I admire your dedication. My hunt and peck didn't find anything yet.

Pizza Margherita: SFBA Dish of the Month August 2015

What style? Not Neopolitan as eaten in Naples. It is usually a bit thicker throughout, and as the link Melanie provided to the VPN specifications, the tomato "The tomato should have lost all excess water, and should be dense and consistent" and "The crust should deliver the flavour of wellprepared, baked bread." Poorly done "Neopolitan style", maybe.

I don't remember this soggy-style crust from Pizzaiolo, though, as I said, it's been a few years. If that was my experience I would not have even tried the Boot and Shoe pizza.

But this brings up an interesting issue, that I meant to bring up the first time "Neopolitan style" came up re: BaoNecci not being such. There isn't really a name for this style of personal-sized pizza, with thinner crust (generally preferred to be served somewhat crisped) that is served in Rome, where I spent a semester and first became very familiar with it, but also throughout Europe, the US, Japan, and I'm sure many other places.

International Style? "Italian"? It is definitely more popular than Verace Pizza Napoletana, and not, I think, because of the certification process (which is relatively recent), but because most people, including myself, prefer the thinner, crisper style.

Pizza Margherita: SFBA Dish of the Month August 2015

While it is on the usual suspects list, I hadn't been to Boot and Shoe Service before, and haven't been to Pizzaiolo in a couple years so I decided to give their pizza Margherita a try.
I was pretty disappointed in this showing. While the dough had a nice softness and pliability, the part under the main body was too thin, and completely limp from the weight and wetness of toppings (and cutting prior to serving), and the outer crust was carbonized in small, but universally spread out places, making it bitter to eat. From the little bit at the edge of the sauce and crust, that got a bit of a rise from the oven, but wasn't soggy or burnt, it seemed like it could have been a good crust, with flavor and fine structure if properly treated.
The sauce was actually my least favorite part, however. Too wet, not tomatoey enough, and there were small bits of an herb in there--I'm pretty sure it was thyme, but possibly oregano, that gave a strong, skunky note to some bites. The cheese was of noticeably good quality, in blobs a bit thicker than I'd expect, but nicely done, with some browning, but not that flattened plasticising fresh mozzarella can sometimes get.
This was at lunch, so maybe they have their B-team manning the oven. Margherita is $13 or $25 with little gems salad and glass of wine.