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Post Your Three Favorite Things You ate in Boston in 2011

- Chili/chili cheese fries at Soulfire in Allston. Hands down the best chili Ive had in the area and the rest of the menu is killer too.

- $1 burgers at The avenue in Allston. Special is every Monday, usually their burgers are around 3.50, an extra buck for fries/sweet potato tots and are the real deal. They have a killer beer selection too and the prices are much better than anywhere else in town.
- The warrior burger at The Dudley Chateau in Wayland (hand made bleu cheese stuffed patty w/bleu cheese and bacon). This place is a little off the beaten path but worth the stop. I took a couple college friends with me on an 11,000 mile round trip around the country, and we made a point to try a burger nearly every day. This place reigned supreme from them all.

Arepas at Orinoco in Brookline Village. Good, reasonably priced and a cocktail menu thats a little different.

Jan 05, 2012
nate01776 in Greater Boston Area

Restaurants with fantastic condiments/sauces/dips

The BBQ sauces at Soulfire in Allston are hands down the best around IMO, delicious, varied and fresh.

Dec 08, 2011
nate01776 in Greater Boston Area