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New high end sushi in SF: "Omakase"

It is too bad it is a secret. I really love sushi and am saddened that we fall flat here in SF. I have always held out hope that when a good one finally opened here I would hear about it on Chow.

about 13 hours ago
sfchris in San Francisco Bay Area

Giordano Bros. - Primanti knockoff

I suspect the current rental rates no longer supports a beer and sandwich and deep fryer only spot anymore. He has a full liquor license and kitchen at the other place. When he signed the last lease we were still in the post dotcom recession.

Giordano Bros. - Primanti knockoff

Sadly, they've lost their lease on the North Beach location and closed yesterday. I had many a great time in that bar and will remember it fondly.


New high end sushi in SF: "Omakase"

Do other SF places fly in their fish from Tokyo regularly?

How to clean pyrex baking dishes?

For stubborn gunk, I like to soak in some water with cascade complete diswasher detergent for an hour or so. It eats away the food. Wear gloves since it is caustic.

Jun 11, 2015
sfchris in Cookware

If you ever end up at The Stinking Rose ... [San Francisco]

When I first moved to SF and was here a couple days, my coworker raved that Stinking Rose and Hard Rock Cafe were the best places to eat in the city. I was quite young and naive but somehow managed to be skeptical even in the pre-Yelp/Chow dark ages. I managed to avoid either place thank goodness, but it is funny that both places have survived the 22 years I have been here.

Tommy's Joynt [San Francisco]

I have had long discussions with several of the workers and it is pretty cool that these guys have been there all that time and to hear their stories. There's three brothers who arrived there in the late 60s, early 70s and have never left. One other guy just retired after 35 years with a pretty solid pension. Really nice people who work there and I do hope it works out for them (I hope that for all the great service workers in this city)

If you ever end up at The Stinking Rose ... [San Francisco]

That was a pretty awesome review and thanks for taking one for the team. I hope you don't slum it anymore - $120 for such a painful memory is an abomination.

Tommy's Joynt [San Francisco]

I highly doubt they can legally force him to remain as Tommy's. They probably made him triple dog swear on the bible though.

Tommy's Joynt [San Francisco]

Got it.

Tommy's Joynt [San Francisco]

The prices are far lower than what someone who had normal rent to pay could charge, especially their mixed drinks which is often a profit center for restaurants.

For most places, they would just raise the prices after this acquisition, but many of their customers go there because they are cost conscious.

Tommy's Joynt [San Francisco]

I am very skeptical. With all the discounting Tommy's does on food and drink, I'll bet the only way it was profitable was because they owned the land. With this guy paying absolute top dollar for a Van Ness corridor parcel right across from a new hospital I give it two years tops before he throws up his hands and turns it into a condo building or fancy restaurant.

I know a lot of the staff so I feel sorry for them when the inevitable axe falls (many of them have held only this job since they arrived in SF, since it was a union job with a very good retirement package).

I can't really blame the family for selling. With Van Ness heating up and real estate bubbling, now is the time if they were ready to retire.

More coffee choices at the Ferry Plaza Farmers' Markets [San Francisco]

I've had both, and I much prefer Peets. I guess it is lucky I am so lowbrow because it makes getting caffeinated before I shop for veggies so much easier.

Also, I have a personal "no longer than 5 minutes" line rule. For that reason I almost always end up at the smoked salmon on shmear stand in the very back if I need a bite.

More coffee choices at the Ferry Plaza Farmers' Markets [San Francisco]

Well, there's almost never a long line in Peets everytime I have gone to the farmers market over the years.

More coffee choices at the Ferry Plaza Farmers' Markets [San Francisco]

Without weighing in on the merits (or lack thereof) of BBC, it is a fact that young people actually enjoy standing in lines here. It is a social event. Sometimes at events like this I think they just choose the longest line. I still can't believe they lined up for two hours to pet a goat.

Recommendations For San Fran Restos? - bringing my "foodie" son....

My advice on cable cars (and what I do when I have visitors) is to wait in line and board in the wharf and then try to be one of the two or three people allowed to stand on the platform in the rear (most tourists don't know this trick so it is not as hard as it sounds). That way you have an unobstructed (and straight on) view of the bay as you head up the very steep Hyde Street hill.

Hippie history? Seeking info on 1970's SF restaurant where no talking was allowed!

Wow, this is really fascinating! Someone should shoot an email to Peter Hartlaub at the Chronicle who digs through their archives and writes stories (with pics) about historical places like this...

Plain grilled fish?

Kokkari (Greek) does great grilled fish. You can probably ask them not to season it. I would call ahead and ask.

Sushi Sam's - My First Time, But Not My Last [San Mateo]

I probably have somewhat pedestrian tastes when it comes to sushi, but I LOVE escolar nigiri. For me, eating 2 or even 4 pieces does not lead to the Olestra effect ;)

Sicilian Pizza anywhere?

Funny that you mention Village Pizzeria - I discovered the one on Van Ness shortly after moving to SF in the 1994 timeframe and ate there quite a bit until I eventually basically forgot about it when I relocated near where Golden Boy is.

Sicilian Pizza anywhere?

The Grandma slice at Presidio Pizza was way too sweet when I had it (granted, I had never had a grandma slice on the east coast so maybe it is supposed to be that way). I basically stopped going to that pizza place even though it is only a few blocks from my place because I was so unimpressed.

Edit: Just noticed your "no pesto" rec. Maybe the pesto was what was making it too sweet?

Sicilian Pizza anywhere?

You've said that before and if you notice I had included a disclaimer but FYI Sicilian style is described as "foccaccia-like". I do think that someone looking for Sicilian style could be quite happy with it.


Sicilian Pizza anywhere?

Did you try Golden Boy? I don't think it is Sicilian by strict definition but it might scratch that itch. I'm partial to that style and it is one of my favorite slices in the bay area.

Franklin BBQ pop up mid-May?

ATX? This isn't Flyertalk.

places for loners Berkeley area

Not to get all touchy feely on you, but try googling "Cognitive Behavioral Therapy". It's a line of psychology which takes the belief that "you are what you think", eg that depression is caused by negative thinking rather than the other way around. Try not to think such negative thoughts. Most of them are not true and just serve to make you depressed.

People in restaurants are there to have fun and enjoy their meal. They are not there to ridicule the guy eating by himself at the bar. If anything, they may be new to town for work and may wish they had someone to talk to.

I met a very nice doctor at the bar at Kuletos a decade ago back when I used to eat dinner there every other Friday night. Turns out she was in town for work and her dad had recommended the place. And being by herself, she sat at the bar. And there I was, a knowledgeable regular, doing something that Dad recommended. Gold star for me. She moved to SF for me, and the rest was history (at least for a couple years).

places for loners Berkeley area

It is very common here in the bay area. Lots of visitors dining alone. Try not to overthink things - people are not judging you, they are enjoying their meal.

Good food and beer for a visitor and new residents?

Mikkeller Bar tends to get slammed during conventions due to it's location. Tried to take someone there at dinnertime during a convention in December and we gave up.

places for loners Berkeley area

I eat dinner alone alot in SF. I dislike sitting at a table by myself, but I always enjoy sitting at the bar. You can make small talk with the bartender, possibly watch the kitchen, etc.... and I even met a girlfriend that way. I have no experience with dining options over there, but I would suggest looking into bartop dining.

Duke's Mayonnaise - where to find it in the Bay Area?

I have to watch my saturated fats. Has anyone tried Duke's light mayo? Is it superior to Hellman's light?

Dollar oysters at Sotto Mare [San Francisco]

Thanks. FYI- when I said "they got slammed", it meant that Yelp discovered how yummy there were and they earned a rare 4.5 stars with 1000+ reviews. They went from the kind of place you can just walk into in 2008 to constant lines by 2011.