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Dollar oysters at Sotto Mare [San Francisco]

Thanks. FYI- when I said "they got slammed", it meant that Yelp discovered how yummy there were and they earned a rare 4.5 stars with 1000+ reviews. They went from the kind of place you can just walk into in 2008 to constant lines by 2011.

Dollar oysters at Sotto Mare [San Francisco]

When did this happen? I missed that. I lived in the neighborhood when they opened and it sure was a delight through 2008 before Yelp became a thing and they got slammed. I hope their sand dabs are still delicious.

Decent-quality-not-expensive sushi in SF that's pretty good?

Can't find a menu for them. Was the Nigiri reasonably priced?

$1 oysters

Dollar oysters at Sotto Mare [San Francisco]

Also note that Waterbar is down the street and is from 11:30am-5:30pm daily.


Jeremiah Tower v. Michael Bauer on FB

Make sure to read his multiple comments on the Facebook post. Hilarious!


Candyfreak - where to find obscure candy bars?

Did you realize that you replied to a 11 year old thread?

Shorty Goldstein's FiDi Jewish Deli,SF opened 3/5/13 - any reports?

How are the lines? When I go to the Ferry Building Farmers Market I just can't abide the long lines for most of the hot food options and usually end up in the back for the smoked salmon on toast which usually has next to no line.

Very tentative tourist plans, open to suggestions!

Good point Robert. The downtown BART stations often have long lines of (almost exclusively) tourists waiting to buy tickets. And having $2.25 cash for buses is a royal pain. Clipper is very convenient. She will need to get two Clipper cards, as you cannot share them.

Din tai Fung comes to Bay Area

FWIW, this thread is linked to on an SFGate blog....


Corned Beef for St. Patrick's Day

Does it make any difference if you buy in Roberts storefront vs. their distribution to places like Molly Stones?

Gyros North Beach [San Francisco]

Wow. That wasn't anything like any of my experiences and I probably ate there 25 times. Maybe they had a rocky start. I remember wonderful felafel, fresh veggies, generous amounts of fresh parsley, etc.

Gyros North Beach [San Francisco]

No. It was called "Al-Fanoose" and it came after your place. It was mainly a kebab shop.

I was wrong, it is not a "chinese food place". It is EMPTY. Boarded up. Noone there. The owners are playing games with real estate that is on the Google Bus line and we are deprived our shwerma. Disgusting fact of life in this city where the real estate owners run things. I feel like letting loose a whole string of swear words. But I won't.

Gyros North Beach [San Francisco]

Kebab places are the kind of places that are really sensitive to rents being raised by the tech bubble. The one I used to go to on Lower Haight (forget the name now) got the rent raised on them and turned into another half empty chinese food restaurant. Darn shame. That was an awesome shwerma.

Why are they standing in line ?

Exactly. I don't know if they still do it, but Zazie used to come get you inside of Finnegan's Wake (pub) so you didn't have to stand around uselessly.

It's just a fad. They just want to be part of something, and that something, unfortunately for the rest of us, is a line.

Why are they standing in line ?

It's a trend.. fashionable with the younger crowd. I don't really remember this in the 90s except for a few brunch places (that weren't worth it, btw).

Why are they standing in line ?

Sorry, but no.

Good Chinese grocery in SF Chinatown?

Have you explored Clement St also? For example, New May Wah?

Franklin BBQ pop up mid-May?

Yeah, even though Franklin himself will be there, won't they have to use someone elses equipment? (Smokestack? 4505?). Also I'm just not going to wait in a line. Didn't do it in Austin last time I was there either.

Favorite grocery stores in SF?

When I went to add Healthy Produce to my Yelp bookmarks (to check out later), I noticed a comment that says it is owned by the same people who own New May Wah! Just a FYI.

Best Bar Steak in SF ?

I am definitely going to do this soon. Can either of you suggest a day of the week that might be best to try this? .... just in case that might matter.

Solo Dining San Francisco

You can sit at the bar at Nopa. I also once really enjoyed sitting at the bar at Boulevard and watching the chefs prep food (but that was 10 years ago, so I can't say for sure how it is now).

I almost only eat at the bar by myself, and people who say that SF is friendly to that are very right! This city is full of business travelers on their own.

Thinking of Leaving SF for Berkeley or Oakland. Crazy?

Not that it was any great shakes to begin with, but I noticed that the Mission Pancho Villa has gone wayyy downhill since it's area of the Mission turned into the East Village. I suspect their neighborhood customers are less demanding now or want something more like Chipotle.

Thinking of Leaving SF for Berkeley or Oakland. Crazy?

Arkansas Black are very very hard. Not for everyone, for sure. I had some for the first time last fall. Bought a bag from an orchard in Illinois. I prefer the tartness and juiciness of Pink Lady myself.

Best of Thai Noodle, Haight Street, SF

I have gotten carry out there many many times since it is open till 1 am. It's hit and miss. The Tom Yum is quite good and I like the pad thai. They will provide chopped green thai chilis on the side (they are not on the table) but you may have to ask several times before they understand what you want (they tend to want to give you the vinegary red paste or the pickled chilis instead). They will also make any dish extremely spicy if you are emphatic enough.

But mainly this place falls under the category as good late night food to me. I'm not sure I would make this a destination at other times.

For carry out they are very fast. You can place your order and have your bag of food within 5 minutes when they are not busy.

Favorite grocery stores in SF?

Also New May Wah on Clement for a large selection of asian items.

Best Bar Steak in SF ?

Has anyone sat at the bar at Harris recently? It has been a long long time since I have been there, but I did sit at the bar there once and it was great and I've never had a bad meal there. Another time when I sat at a table the bar area looked impossibly crowded and possible uncomfortable for someone to eat. But for all I know they have may have remodeled since then.

Safe SF bar crawl for newly-minted 21-yr-old?

And if they download the Flywheel app, they can order up a real taxi cab. Those cabs do circles around the Marina, Polk and North Beach so they should also be trivial to hail.

Feb 09, 2015
sfchris in San Francisco Bay Area

Favorite grocery stores in SF?

I have always loved Cal Mart in Laurel Village. They have great produce, Antonelli’s Meat as their butcher, a nice deli for sandwiches and potato salad, a nice supply of Acme bread and House of Bagels, Sweet Things Bakery, and the staff are long time workers and very pleasant. And the prices are often much better than Whole Foods. As with anything in this city, it is cramped for space, so I try not to go on Sundays.

Best Bar Steak in SF ?

Kid Cha, what kind of steak are you looking for?