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NEW: The Market at the Twitter Building, SF

"NEMAToads".... First time I have heard that and I LOVE it! :)

Burmese KItchen Re-opens on Geary Street.

Looks good. Thank you, Robert.

Burmese KItchen Re-opens on Geary Street.

I never went in their earlier location, but this is closer to me so I am going to try them out. Can anyone recommend what I should order as a single diner? I am also interested in knowing for anyone who goes to the new location is there is a line up and how long it is..

ISO: B-V Beef Broth & Sauce Concentrate

I see that it is available from a couple websites if you are willing to double the price via shipping. It also may be available at a Walmart store since it is on their website.

To get an answer to your specific question, I would call their 800 number and ask. Here is the manufacturer:


throw-back saturday: old-style veal parmigiana

I haven't had it there, but based on the quality of their other dishes, I bet it would be good at Tommaso's.


Walk In At State Bird Provisions on a Friday? [San Francisco]

Anyone want to comment on single diner walk ins? Is it easier or harder to get seated? Do you still get to use the food cart as a single or is it menu only?

Easy Lentil Soup

Red wine vinegar tastes fantastic with lentil soup but I would just put the bottle on the table and let each person choose for themselves. I use a nice hearty basalmic vinegar (de modena).

Jan 09, 2015
sfchris in Recipes

Easy Chicken Noodle Soup

Ramen ruins an otherwise tasty soup. Use egg noodle instead and just cook it separately in salt water and add it to your bowl before serving (cooking in the soup sucks up the flavor). Check the temperature of the chicken to make sure it has reached 165 (otherwise it will contaminate your cutting board). Consider adding a little rosemary as well. Other interesting additions are a tablespoon of fresh lemon juice at the very end and a few hot pepper flakes while cooking.

Jan 09, 2015
sfchris in Recipes

San Francisco - looking for place to watch Dallas Cowboys game @ 10 AM on January 11

If you go to Kezar, I can vouch for their chicken wings, tortilla soup (yum!), fish tacos, quesadilla, nachos, toasted cheese sandwich. (They have tons more, including traditional english, but thats the stuff I usually get) For spicy food lovers ask them to pull out a bottle of the el Yucatero XXX spicy. They also do breakfast items but I have never had them.

They also do one of my favorite bloody marys in the city (they mix ahead of time, but they are still awesome).

San Francisco - looking for place to watch Dallas Cowboys game @ 10 AM on January 11

Keep in mind that without careful planning, it can be difficult to find seating in sports bars in SF. I would call each pub and ask when you should arrive. I have been to both Kezar pub and SFAC regularly and always stand the entire time, although that is during the regular season. As for the bars in the area, I would say I enjoy Kezar alot more than Martin Macks.

Petes Tavern and Pablos Cantina (across from the ballpark) have much more space, so that might be easier. However that is about as far from the DeYoung as you can get.

First Smoke’s Poutinerie in the USA Opens in Berkeley

Interesting. I ate at Smoke's when I was in Toronto and was underwhelmed. But that was my first experience with poutine and I have not yet visited Quebec, so I was curious how it compared. Most of my Canadian friends who rave about it are from Quebec.

Anyone else getting tired of "new" Craft Beer,Gourmet Burgers & 3rd Wave Coffee joints in Bay Area?

Only if you send the Ramen and Vietnamese places up here. :)

Mela Tandoori Kitchen on Golden Gate (SF)

From reading other reviews of this place after the fact, I see that they automatically add a 20% gratuity. I didn't handle the bill at the table and thought it was rather high for what we ate, so check the bill carefully! I suspect we double tipped. Annoying.

Mela Tandoori Kitchen on Golden Gate (SF)

I was invited to dinner here tonight. We shared:

1) Reshmi tikka - I thought this chicken was very dry, although the spices were nice.
2) Pasanda beef - Fairly good flavor, but slightly overcooked.
3) Lamb Vindaloo - Fantastic flavor and somewhat spicy. I would return for this dish alone
4) Daal Makhni (yellow lentils)- another unpopular dish at the table. Quite bland.
5) Garlic Naan - very bland, could barely taste any garlic or butter.

I wanted to order the Seekh Kebab as mentioned by the OP, but it is listed as beef not lamb now.

Needless to say the Lamb Vindaloo got all the love at our table.
With drinks and tip it was $28 per person.


establishments that barter for meyer lemons

Perhaps I was confusing "extra sugar content" with "less acid". Either way, they don't really seem like lemons to me. But they are in everyone's yards.

On fish, using a "lot more" is really not an option. I need that concentrated acid.

establishments that barter for meyer lemons

Off topic I know, but I have always been so disappointed that Meyer lemons are so popular out here. The sugar content is so high, I just can't consider them "lemons", at least for how I use them.

I buy tons of lemons througout the year and it always disappoints me that my friends are always offering lemons to me but they are always Meyer. Do people really have such a massive sweet tooth that they had to hybridize away that which makes a lemon a lemon?

Jardiniere not just downhill but rock bottom [San Francisco]

You don't have to attend with Bauer to email him and have him use his perch to contact the restaurant and get their side of it. He posts it in his blog.

Slow Cooker Hot Wings

Yeah this is a preposterous recipe. Just stick the wings in the oven after marinating in the fridge and be done with it. No slow cooker needed or wanted.

Nov 29, 2014
sfchris in Features

Dinner in SF for 6 tonight, 2 kids, not too pricey, not Asian, pizza, or Mexican

Slightly pedestrian, but I might try McCormick and Kuletos (seafood with a view). Parking was free for 2 hours last time I checked and the kids can get ice cream at Ghirdelli's next door afterwards.

Edit: Hmm, it has gotten horrendous reviews on Yelp since I was there last. Maybe not...

Easy Beef Stew

I find that adding raw potatoes to soups or stews sucks all the flavor of the salt and spices out of them. I always have to cook the potatoes separately and add them at the very end or even put them in the bowls and pour the soup over them to avoid this.

Does anyone have a comment on this?

Nov 12, 2014
sfchris in Recipes

Jardiniere not just downhill but rock bottom [San Francisco]

Thanks. I just meant that he often posts reader complaints on his blog and then contacts the restaurant to get their side of it. If this really happened I think he'd be interested.

Jardiniere not just downhill but rock bottom [San Francisco]

Try sending an email to Michael Bauer with this story. He likes stuff like this.

Corned beef in the Mission [San Francisco]

I would suck it up and go to Roberts. You can also make your own if you are willing to wait 2 weeks: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/al...

If you aren't too picky you can buy it from Safeway usually and Whole Foods and Mollie Stone's is likely to have it.

Wing Wings (Lower Haight, San Francisco)

I agree. The Korean wings are fantastic! Nice and spicy, tangy, and sweet.

Tommy's Joynt [San Francisco]

I probably go there 2-3 times a week, but I don't think it is worth a special trip. The DDD spot made them look a lot more appealing than it is.

I will say that if you go there between 5-7pm the food is much much better than "off times" especially late at night. They let food sit around in a warmer for hours after that and it is just not the same.

The Corned Beef dish on St. Pats day is to die for (and of course with the load of people they do then it is very very fresh)

Feedback on New SF app - Go Dish

Ryan, since SF is full of day drinkers, you should expand this app to cover bars and pubs with off hour drink specials. I'm only half joking - if my phone vibrated at 4pm with a notification of $3 pints a block away, I might just stop by. I'm another android user so I can't actually try your app.

3rd and Townsend (SF)?

A block and a half away is Alexander's Steakhouse.

SF: What's Left to Do?

If I had to leave SF in two weeks, my farewell meals would more be dictated by romantic memories of good times in the city. I'd get a slice of sausage pizza at Golden Boy and a pint of beer. I'd get a latte at Trieste. I'd have a beer at Giordano Brothers. And a bowl of Minestrone and a glass of wine at the bar at Kuletos.

Then I'd plan out how I was going to eat NYC out of sushi for the first couple months I was there :)

Late night dining in SF -3am-?

SF is not known for decent late night dining (this isn't LA). And "late night" begins at 10pm.

Pretty much the only place I would eat at at that time of night is Cafe Mason, which is a decent quality diner, open 24 hours.


Hatch Green Chiles 2014

Are Hatch Chilis still available in SF? If so please let me know where.