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Late night dining in SF -3am-?

SF is not known for decent late night dining (this isn't LA). And "late night" begins at 10pm.

Pretty much the only place I would eat at at that time of night is Cafe Mason, which is a decent quality diner, open 24 hours.


about 13 hours ago
sfchris in San Francisco Bay Area

Hatch Green Chiles 2014

Are Hatch Chilis still available in SF? If so please let me know where.

Best one-stop supermarket?

Yes, they sure do. I just called them to check. Call 415 751-3516 to order.

Best one-stop supermarket?

The nice thing about that area of town that I mentioned (Laurel Village) is that if you end up needing to multistore shop, it isn't very painful. For example, a couple doors down from that Calmart you also have a Walgreens and a Ace hardware, then within 6 blocks theres a TJ, a Target, a Lucky Foods and within a half mile the Clement Street asian mega store May Wah Market. Aside from May Wah and TJ (where parking can be a pain), the others have large dedicated parking lots.

Best one-stop supermarket?

Calmart in Laurel Village is where I go (and it is close to the Richmond District). Fantastic produce, great butcher (Antonelli’s Meat Fish & Poultry), great deli, great desserts (Sweet Things Bakery), decent toiletries...

3585 California Street, SF

The best San Francisco sourdough?

For what it is worth, I noticed that the sour dinner rolls at Tommy's Joynt were mighty tasty lately. So good in fact that I was ordering extra ones. When I inquired who made them, they said Bordenave. On the other hand the rolls that they use for the sandwiches are just so so.

So I would give them another shot anyway.

Oyster Happy Hour at The Elite Cafe in San Francisco

For what it is worth, I tried those biscuits at Elite several (5?) years ago and was disappointed that they were not similar to what I remember from the Meetinghouse itself. They seemed too dense and not as flavorful.

you go away for a week, and the food you miss most is....

I suppose, but it is not in ever single hole in the wall bar like it is in SF, and it never seems to be at whatever bar I visit when I am on the road, so I do miss it. (It's the SF bartenders' drink of choice since it contains stimulants).

you go away for a week, and the food you miss most is....

A shot of Fernet. Outside of Argentina and San Francisco, hard to find.

When do you send a drink back?

I may be outing myself as someone who spends far too much time at bars, but I have been to lots and lots of very nice bars in San Francisco that do not have blenders. I generally assume they do not have one unless they say otherwise (or I see blended drinks on the menu).

Jul 28, 2014
sfchris in Spirits

Ramen Street Festival part of J-Pop Summit, SF Japantown July 19-20, 2014!

Thank you!

Ramen Street Festival part of J-Pop Summit, SF Japantown July 19-20, 2014!

If the lines die down in the later afternoon, I would appreciate a heads up from anyone. I'm not willing to wait in a long line.

Steakhouse at hotel or near [San Francisco]

We should create a thread on awful restaurants that stay in business because of expense accounts and proximity to business hotels. Morton's would be the king. It's impressive that they stay in business soley on national name recognition.

Steakhouse at hotel or near [San Francisco]

You really like Alfreds, RL. I had a very substandard steak there back in 2002 and never returned. I usually go to Izzy's, Harris, or Alexander's. I'll have to try again.

Steakhouse at hotel or near [San Francisco]

Yep. It tastes like they saute the meat in butter.

Steakhouse at hotel or near [San Francisco]

Totally agree - but at least Morton's caused the funniest MB review I have ever read:


Help picking Wine?

Agreed, cgxy96 - I would just go to K+L and repeat what you said here. One of their wine experts will help you out.

Cocktails in SF -- 7x7 "big drink"

Start over with a new thread asking where people's favorite cocktails are and delete the 7x7 stuff. Let's not give 7x7 anymore business than they already have. This is supposed to be an independent resource anyway. This is my last comment in this thread. Sorry to take a hard line but I feel strongly on the principle of this matter.

Cocktails in SF -- 7x7 "big drink"

I dunno dude. They had Roadhouse BBQ listed one year which is hands down the worst BBQ I have eaten in any location ever. I deeply distrust their listings and suspect there is pay to play going on. One of the worst drinks I ever had anywhere was at the Tonga Room (they used artificial flavoring that was nasty). I would say throw out that list and start over.

Cocktails in SF -- 7x7 "big drink"

Not at this time. I just have seen outrageous listings in the 7x7 restaurant lists and so have been warning my friends about using it as there obviously is some sort of pay to play going on there.

Just one example from your list: The drinks in the Tonga Room are notoriously awful. Yet they made the list.

Where to buy unripe (green) tomatoes in SF?

Quite randomly, yesterday I came across a stack of about 20 unripe tomatoes at Mollie Stone's on California near Fillmore. They outnumbered the ripe ones. I don't often shop there so I do not know if this is common. Hope this becomes a trend in the city.

Mollie Stone's
2435 California St, San Francisco

Cocktails in SF -- 7x7 "big drink"

7x7 has always struck me as a not accurate list of anything and seem to be influenced by advertising. I'd forget it and use a different source.

Looking for soft, chewable "nugget" ice cubes

I think Sonic introduced the world to this kind of ice:



There's one in Hayward and Vacaville. Tell hubby to get driving!

World Cup 2014 Viewing and Eats

If you want to try something new, the guys who opened the Corner Store have opened a new sports bar in the Tortilla Heights space on Divisadero and Bush in SF.

I was in there on Thursday and it is wall to wall TVs. I did not eat anything, but my friends did and the food looked really good - in particular the burger. My friends said it was fantastic.


Fresh Hatch Green Chiles (2013)

Thanks to this site, I roasted my first ever batch of hatch chilis last August. I think I bought about 12 pounds and could not possibly imagine that I could eat all of them.

Well, of course they were astoundingly delicious and were gone from my freezer by November! I'll be getting a case in August. :)

Where to buy unripe (green) tomatoes in SF?

FYI Be advised that many farmers will point you to ripe green heirlooms when you ask for "green tomatoes". You need to ask for "unripe tomatoes". They just don't speak our language out here :)

When you are there, please ask them if they plan to sell them every week (without special orders ahead of time).

Also, please let us know if they really had them.

Where to buy unripe (green) tomatoes in SF?

@arealtravesty: My question was from a year ago. Back then, in August, I found unripe tomatoes every week from one vendor on the south line of stalls about 2/3ds of the way towards the west side, near to the stands selling alot of chinese vegetables.

@Robert Lauriston - my frustration is that this ignorance of the culinary value of unripe tomatoes by the vendors seems to be a west coast thing. In other parts of the country selling unripe tomatoes at farmers markets is common. I don't want to have to special order something. That takes too much planning ahead. I'm hoping the civic center person keeps sellling them all year.

San Francisco Fried Chicken Company in North Beach

I stopped by on Saturday afternoon and had a leg, thigh and mash with gravy and a can of soda. The total was slightly more than $10.

I was surprised that unlike other fried chicken places, the chicken was not kept on display under a heat lamp. Instead it is kept in a warmer hidden under the counter.
This troubled me in some way since I am used to visually inspecting whats available. Sure enough when I got the chicken, while it looked beautiful and crisp and plump on the outside, the inside was lukewarm and had the distinct texture of reheated chicken or baked chicken instead of freshly deep fried.

The mash and gravy was nice... the gravy tasted like fresh thyme and the mashed potato had bits of potato skin in it.

I talked to the person at the counter and this is not a new restaurant, it is actually a side business by Buster's next door.

I don't think I will eat here again unless they follow standard fried chicken practices of throwing the stuff out en masse during downtimes when it doesn't sell and using heat lamps. Seems like they are not properly warming it and may be instead slowly baking pre-fried chicken at a low temperature.

The cash only thing is really strange in this day and age when young people don't carry cash, and the bill here can easily go over $10. In the 30 minutes I was there, three people reacted verbally negative to the counter person about this. After learning that this is really Buster's, that explained things as Buster's has been around since back in the days of cash only and the owners are probably just used to that.

4505 Meats to take over the former Brother In Laws/Da Pitt BBQ at 705 Divisadero [San Francisco]

I'll be trying this out after a two week road trip to Dallas and Austin.... so the definition of good Q will be fresh in my head. Hope this lives up to the hype! If so it will be the first great Q in the bay area.

Refilling hacked Sodastream cartridge near Berkeley

I didn't see how the issue of potential contaminants in refilling paint ball canisters was addressed. Are you just rolling the dice or what? What do the soda fountain guys use? Can't you get an adapter for those kind of tanks?