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Best San Francisco restaurants - walking distance of Union Square

Paywalled. I found an alternate link though:

about 4 hours ago
sfchris in San Francisco Bay Area

Who will slaughter and prep a live duck?

Well it is kind of a no brainer that it would end up disturbing the neighbors, law or no law. It's a compact city after all. That's why it is unfair to the animals. They pay the price in the end. Ducks are not pets.

Who will slaughter and prep a live duck?

I don't understand why you are raising noisy wild animals in a city environment. Doesn't seem fair to the animals.

Which Berkeley Bowl is less annoying?

Thanks for the tip, but I am on foot - need public transit. It always amazes me that we live in tomato country and don't really benefit from it all that much. I seem to have more trouble finding decent tomatoes than my friends elsewhere. This year has been worse than most though.

Hatch Chiles 2015

I guess you and I jumped started it then :) Glad to hear. People were giving me curious looks when I hauled the box away (I was on foot). The staff were extremely nice. I suspect they are the same people doing it at all the locations - they really knew their stuff.

Which Berkeley Bowl is less annoying?

I haven't had much luck at the Ferry Building or at Alemany. The tomatoes have been fairly tasteless with fairly poor selection in terms of size, blemishes etc.. Not sure what is going on. I'm getting a little desperate now.

Hatch Chiles 2015

I'm actually a little worried they won't do it again next year because there were next to no customers there when I was there at 11:30am. The 15 minutes I was there, I was the only one who roasted anything. They had a small army of staff as well. I hope they don't get stuck with a lot of peppers left over because of bay area lack of awareness of Hatch Chilis.

Hatch Chiles 2015

They did a fine job of roasting at the Pac Heights location. I bought 25 pounds and it only took 3-5 minutes and the peppers really held their shape. The people there clearly had a lot of experience doing it. I was very pleased.

Did you wait very long before removing them from the bag? I gave them an hour to steam before I started preparing them to be frozen. The peels were effortless to remove.

Hatch Chiles 2015

I don't find even "extra hot" hatch chilis to be particularly hot after roasting. If you aren't satisfied with the heat level, my suggestion is to just get the extra hot.

Hatch Chiles 2015

Melanie has mentioned that the roasting staff may not have experience doing this. Even if you use them, you should pay close attention to what they are doing or you may end up with mush.

Hatch Chiles 2015

You can ask the grocer to pull a new case from the back. They will be labelled by hotness on the case itself. The produce guys who stock often don't realize there are hotness levels so it is not mentioned on the shelf.

Hatch Chiles 2015

If anyone sees flyers for Lucky or Safeway in SF announcing hatch chilis on sale, please post here. I don't get their flyers.

Hatch Chiles 2015

When I first roasted chilis, I thought 10 pounds were "plenty" too. But then they only lasted 2 months! So now I do 25.

Hatch Chiles 2015

The website has online ordering but you need to order by the Tuesday before the roasting.

Hatch Chiles 2015

I flash freeze them with the skin on a cookie tray and then bag them. After removing 15 seconds in the microwave and the skin just falls off.

I think freezing with the skin on reduces freezer burn too...

First time visitor - where to get best regional treats?

Where are you coming from? That will help people advise you. In general a car is more trouble than it is worth in SF.. install the Flywheel, uber and lyft apps.

Which Berkeley Bowl is less annoying?

The West location is not public transit friendly. The original store is a short walk from Ashby BART. So I go there.

Here's a great article about Berkeley Bowl tomatoes from 2005. Are they still great there? I am thinking about making a tomato run there in a few weeks.

Chowhound Beta Site Open to Everyone (Continued Again)

The main feedback I have is that the fonts are too big, buttons and tags are too big and there's too much whitespace around text. The banners at the top take too much space. Compactness and not needing to scroll and click excessively are virtues.

At the very least, I would offer a "compact mode" where fonts are smaller and whitespace is kept to a minimum.

Hatch Chiles 2015

The problem with the Alemany market is it is hard to trust the vendors when they say they are "Hatch". They may be (and likely are) Anaheims grown elsewhere. Why would a local farmer import chiles from NM and sell them?

Chowhound Beta Site Open to Everyone (Continued Again)

The designers of this site should take a look at what happened when acquired since the changes they made are similar to what is happening here. They too had an aging user base who provided very unique and high quality content. Of course this demographic was smaller then they'd like. So they tried to make the site into something that casual users (younger) would use - they basically did like the rest of the web is trying to do - emulate brain dead television. To do that they added tons of white space, big photos and icons, overactive social media, etc

They got lots of negative feedback and basically said they were not backing off the change. What happened next is the user base rebelled and started to leave -- some forming a new website.

Finally Dice realized that without the quality content they had nothing at all and acquiesced and allowed the old design to remain.

The moral of the story is that without the current users you have nothing and you should listen very carefully to them. There should be no "line in the sand" for anything.

Hatch Chiles 2015

How many pounds do you freeze? I figure I'd have to freeze 50 pounds to have a chance of it at lasting a year...

Suggestions for really good HEARTY soup!

I LOVE the minestrone served at Kuletos on Powell. I believe it is a signature dish going back to when it opened. It is outstanding and contains some pancetta I believe, giving it a rich flavor from the pork fat.

I have been ordering it there for 15 years and it is always the same high quality. I think of that soup whenever I am shopping in union square and often pop in for a bowl. Dining at the bar is a pleasant experience. The bar staff are very cordial and there's usually good people watching.

Anyone used Good Eggs/Fair Share specialty food delivery services?

Goodeggs is shuttering all their other cities (except for SF Bay area) and is reducing their staff here. Not a great sign.

Good spots for Nitro Cold Brewed coffee in SF, especially near or in Hayes Valley

Since I had to google this, I thought I would share my results with others who had not heard of it before:

SF can't miss..

Ugh. Sorry. 7x7 is basically pay for placement. I would not use anything from their site.

Good dinner spots for one near the JCC (Calif. & Presidio)? [San Francisco]

If you go to Garibaldis please update us on how it was. I used to go there often years ago but haven't in a long time. I live only a couple blocks from there so I might hit it again. I'm particularly interested to know if the bar is comfortable to sit at. It is a cramped restaurant (one of the reasons I quit going) and the bar looks pretty small.

Giordano Bros. - Primanti knockoff [San Francisco]

Well, they also have cheese and a fried egg if you want it. And they had a very good light coleslaw on it too. Add hot sauce and it was surprisingly good. The french fries were hand cut in front of you too.

Giordano Bros. - Primanti knockoff [San Francisco]

I don't know. Rents are really soaring and I could see how sandwiches, wings and beer would not be enough especially compared to rents in 2004. I'll talk to Jeff next time I see him and see if I can find out what happened.

The best San Francisco sourdough?

Since I saw you in the other sourdough thread, I wonder if you had a chance to give Bordenave another try. I just had a roll from Tommy's last night and it was pretty good still.

Best bars in San Francisco to get sloshed at?

I have mixed feelings when I hear "San Fran". On the one hand it is grating and out of place - only used by people on the east coast mainly it seems. On the other hand, people I have heard say it tend to say it with a bit of fondness or affection - like they wish they could visit, or they enjoyed their stay here. Sort of like a SFers loving use of the phrase "The City" but reserved for east coast tourists.