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Times Square help :)

we will be down Thursday - Sunday , we arrive Thursday at 530 so we were going to get settled in and find food somewhere near hotel. Friday & Saturday we can/will do taxi/subway/walk/etc
We bought the go pass so all the "tourist" destinations, we were trying to figure out what to do and find places to eat all kinda in one area. not sure if this helps anymore.

Jul 31, 2013
staceylust in Manhattan

Times Square help :)

we will be down in a few weeks! Family of 4 kids are 12, 13.
We need your opinions, Places for breakfast, best bagels, cheesecake, pizza, italian ice, we are staying on broadway?timesquare and plan on walking/cab ride so something close.
Also, suggestions for dinner we currently have a reservation at Carmines.
for meal prices we were kinda looking maybe 50 a person, we dont drink

Jul 31, 2013
staceylust in Manhattan

Need help! places near time square

Hey guys
Currently this post will be very random. we are making our 1st trip to NYC in September. Arriving Thursday the 19th leaving Sunday the 22nd. I need ideas ( i say random since i am not currently as organized as to knowing what/where we will do yet)
I would like ideas on bagels, pizzas, italian ice, hot dogs, coffee, cupcakes, candy. also maybe somewhere nice for a dinner (possible place i can make reservations)
We are a family of four, 2 kids will be 12 and 13. dont really have a set pp but thinking around 200 meal. Currently i have 3 hotel rooms booked (they all call themselves timesquare locations ) Marriott Marquis on Broadway, Hilton on 42nd, and Holiday Inn Express on 39th,
we will be walking/taxi/subway - and doing "touristy" adventures: central park, empire state building, museum modern art, museum natural history , etc - so maybe few suggestions near these attractions.
Thanks for any help. I know my post isnt very organized. It will be.

Mar 02, 2013
staceylust in Manhattan

I need help!! I am a tourist (be nice please :)

I am new to Chowhound, a customer suggested I try here instead of craigslist..

Hi.. we are taking a family vacation but wanted some tips from locals or regulars..
We will be doing all typical tourists spots: central park, fao, times square, etc..(staying near times square)

I wanted some of your favorite spots, or local hot spots (that may not be found. By google)..

Fave coffee places, places to eat, things to do and see, maybe favorite bakery, or candy store..
Also, if you know of any places that offer kids eat free,etc..

One more thing, I'm pretty sure I saw (maybe travel channel) a fish market, where you can order fresh seafood and have it cooked to eat there anything like this?

Finally, we will be staying close to time square not sure if this helps..

And as I write this, my celebrity obsessed daughter is asking if there is any major local celebrity hot spots.

Jul 29, 2011
staceylust in Manhattan