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Where can I buy authentic Spanish chorizo please?

look at La Tienda online. they have a very big selections of jamon and chorizo, various morcillo and fresh sausages (salchichón) too. and lots of other spanish products. you can't smell them of course -- at least not the first time you order. I have bought from them for years and they are reliable and the products they carry are outstanding.

Spanish ham with a proper stand

Look at the latienda website. They sell many kinds of spanish hams and stands too

Mobile Taco Truck to cater small party

Gemello has a truck and has catered for a friend mine. I think it is the best truck in redwood city with hand made tortillas. They have a shop in rwc next to aaron brothers art store. I am sure they are listed in the directory or google.

13 Things to Do With Canned Sardines

I like sardines with onion, dill chips on rye toast with a mayonnaise-horseradish spread...

Mar 28, 2015
Polisax in Features

Where to eat and drink to feel like you're in New York?

+1 luksus .. Tr to get bar seats.

But it is late to get in to many of these places.

Betony has a large bar so maybe. So does emp.

Mar 27, 2015
Polisax in Outer Boroughs

Fresh Direct - recent delivery a disaster. Others have bad experience?

They have been late twic this week. Never happened before.

My only problem normally is their failure to deliver some promised seafood items... Makes it hard to us them for dinner parties... If they can't get something, i wish they would notify me a day ahead so that i could change my order. As it stands, it is a crapshoot.

They try hard.

Mar 09, 2015
Polisax in Manhattan

From SF - Michelin and casual, delicious places

I'm. Just sayin'. Check. without matt there is no guarantee.

Mar 02, 2015
Polisax in Manhattan

From SF - Michelin and casual, delicious places

I would check. I was told that he is gone now

Mar 02, 2015
Polisax in Manhattan

From SF - Michelin and casual, delicious places

Lightner is gone from atera. It is not clear what their direction or quality level will be.

Mar 02, 2015
Polisax in Manhattan

Modern/ Molecular Restaurants

good move. good luck in landing him.

Modern/ Molecular Restaurants

I don't have his personal contacts -- though I have passed your inquiry on to a friend of his who may (or may not) respond. Hopefully he reads CH or someone he knows does.

Modern/ Molecular Restaurants

Mat lightner, ex atera, is not yet situated and is looking for napa options... He would be perfect. His food at atera was very sophisticated technically and visually interesting ( more then crenn in my view)... And he may be in napa by then or still scouting options in the area and might welcome the gig.

If you have not been to to atera, it had two michelin stars... And his cooking was a bit like mugaritz ( where he staged long ago i think).

Eneko Atxa at the Mandarin Oriental (Feb 2015)

agree on etxebarri... wonderful cuisine.

I have a warm spot for Martin Berasetegui too...there are modern elements but they don't distract.... it repays several visits.

but the one place I go every visit is Elkano...in getaria. simple seafood on an asador done with great love and delicacy. and with a great and well priced wine collection (some of it on the list -- you need to ask to visit the cellar), which is very strong in Burgundy and of course in various areas of spain... with excellent vintage depth. But the fish is why you go (and return).

Feb 26, 2015
Polisax in Manhattan

Eneko Atxa at the Mandarin Oriental (Feb 2015)

I went and it was great. Not as good as azurmendi but he did some amazing things in an "away" kitchen.. And some dishes were the same. He went in a mushroom direction for several dishes here... But inwas at his restaurant last may and that did not happen there.

Nice evening. He is a great chef.

Feb 26, 2015
Polisax in Manhattan

Avant garde, modernist, quirky recs?

+1 commis

Baume seems the most in the wd50/ alinea mold without going the farm to table route.

Where to get merguez in NYC?

Dickson meats in chelsea market has the.

Pino's on sullivan usually does.

Both with lamb

Dec 09, 2014
Polisax in Manhattan

Down to Two - Please Weigh In - Quality Meats vs. BLT Steak

+1 for blt steak.m they serve huge addictive popovers to start. Personally i like the hangar steak ... Rich beefy flavor for $30.

Nice people too

Dec 08, 2014
Polisax in Manhattan

Keens Steakhouse what to get?

I bought some mutton at the union square greenmarket a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately i cannot remember which day of the week. It was a large loin chop with pronounced mutton flavor...

Nov 24, 2014
Polisax in Manhattan

Restaurant to recommend for a very special wine (Cheval Blanc 1950)


normally I am pretty Brett sensitive. I don't usually like Lynch Bages or Beaucastel wines (there are exceptions which I don't fully understand because it seems endemic in those cellars... at least in the vintages pre-1990). But the few old CBs that I have had (I have still a few bottles of the 55 and 59 and assorted others) have shown what the brits call "old bones" (ie the primary fruit flavors have largely disappeared) but not really any Bret that I could detect. sometimes a bit of volatility if the wine was served above british cellar temperature but that seemed due to presentation more than the wine. But maybe I am being too generous.

you have tasted much more than me of these wines. But I have usually shared whole bottles and I find that over the course of a bottle and old wines can develop and even deepen in color and flavor. not all the time... some wines simply fall apart with air.

Anyway, I hope the OPs 1950 turns out to be good (I have never had that one)

Restaurant to recommend for a very special wine (Cheval Blanc 1950)

I am reluctant to reply as I think I agree with maria's view once she nuanced it a bit. I said that other may not agree with the statement that Chevel blank before 1985 tends to exhibit certain flaws.

here is an example of another tasting that really does not report on any Bret or anything of the kind she mentioned in the selected wines from 34 vintages. Take it for what it is worth.


I don't personally know these people (though I certainly know who they are and know them to be experienced with older wines, especially bordeaux). You can read this yourself but you might ask yourself it is really consistent with maria['s claim. Maybe it is... but if so the point it too subtle for me. If this is not enough, go read Neal Martin's views (or any of numerous others with CB experience).

I am not saying there is no Bret or other flaws in certain wines. but different people react differently to Bret. some people actually collect Beaucastel for example. Fine with me.

Restaurant to recommend for a very special wine (Cheval Blanc 1950)

I agree. That 's why i recommended looking at tasting notes. Not a perfect predictor of your bottle will be -- not even close -- but they can be informative. But time trends are imperfect too, especially when other respected critics have different conclusions on cbs in the pre 1985 period.

Restaurant to recommend for a very special wine (Cheval Blanc 1950)

Here's what maria said

"From tasting that many, I know the wine's flavor profile, and how that profile changes with age. I also know Cheval Blanc's flaws, and they are consistently medicinal Brett and volatile acidity, which become more and more prominent as the fruit fades. With age, the flaws are the only extant qualities in the wine."

Does that read to you as "every bottle is different"? I agree with you that learning about others experiences with your old bottle won't tell you everything about the wine. So, do you think that you shouldn't bother to learn anything about old bottles? Just be because you can't learn everything doesn't mean you can't learn anything.

I agree that old bottles vary. And i have not tasted 60 bottles of old cheval blanc. So i defer to maria's judgment about general tendencies. But it is a generalization.

Restaurant to recommend for a very special wine (Cheval Blanc 1950)

I am skeptical of blanket prouncements about how a wine will age. You know the saying: there are no great old wines, only great old bottles. Look at expert websites for people who have actually tasted the wine recently and have a track record. I know neal martin has a note on that wine. Maybe jancis does too. I am sure you have done that.

Humanely raised pork?

Heritage meats in the essex market. If it is really humanely raised i don't think it can be cheap.

Jun 02, 2014
Polisax in Manhattan

Where To Go Now that 'Inoteca is No More?

Virgola. Basically oysters and salumi with a little cooked. All small plates. Small but decent wine list. Run by two young italian guys.

Jun 02, 2014
Polisax in Manhattan

Eleven Madison Park - 5.45 or 9pm

I would do the 5:45. You won't finish til 9 at the earliest and you probably won't get to serious (nonamuse) dish til 6:30 or later.... Besides it is one of the most beautiful rooms in the city (especially in daylight; and especially when not too full).... The room will fill soon anyway. And you will get the kitchen tour when they are not packing up -- which is more interesting.

May 23, 2014
Polisax in Manhattan

Green Plantains in South Bay or Peninsula?

Chavez market in redwood city

What is good ham and where do I get it?

Costco also usually sells smthfield hams at a good price.

They sometimes have jamon iberico de bellota (acorn fed)... And sometimes the cheaper and leaner paleta (butt) from acorn fed pigs.

Inexpensive and good sushi in NYC

+1 on tanoshi

Apr 26, 2014
Polisax in Manhattan

New York itinerary - stand out dishes?

I returned to NoMad a couple nights ago and thought that chicken was not close to what it was a few months ago. They stuffed heavily herbed bread crumbs under the skin which prevented tasting the truffles and kept the skin from crisping (or staying crip), they overcooked the breast, they put some kind of white sauce or cream on the chopped thighs which totally masked the fois gras. I had love this dish on previous dishes and now I am worried.

+1 on Marea, LB, Empillon Cocina

Apr 21, 2014
Polisax in Manhattan