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Who's selling local tomatoes?

Speaking of local produce, is there a place to get fresh sweetcorn? I'm from Indiana, and this is corn season. I was surprised to see that none of the booths at last Sat's Sunset Valley Farmers' Market had any.

Aug 26, 2008
waldy in Austin

Clueless about fudge

Speaking as a fudge fan: Miles of Chocolate, yummmm!

However, Central Market's own plain ol' fudge is quite good, too. Available with and without nuts. Since they also sell MoC, you could get him some of each and let him enjoy both.

Jul 22, 2008
waldy in Austin

Best French Fries in Austin

I don't know whether they're hand-cut, but I think the fries at Mighty Fine in Arbor Walk are deeeelish. And the shakes are also good--real ice cream and all that. Too bad the burgers are so bland (as has been much boo-hoo'd elsewhere on this board) especially since they have such a limited menu. But I'll happily go just for a fries-and-shake break.

Jul 16, 2008
waldy in Austin

El Chile Coming to Northwest Hills

Huh, strange about the margaritas--our waiter suggested the prickly pear and the spicy orange himself. He also offered complimentary beer or wine. An odd inconsistency, tbat they're telling different people different things.

May 18, 2008
waldy in Austin

El Chile Coming to Northwest Hills

I was there on Thursday and we also had a good experience. Still love their salsa, though it could do with a bit more heat (and I have a very mild palate, so if I think it's too mild that's saying something).

I had the same chicken dish Shan describes, the Pollo something-something Hongos--grilled chicken breast in a very light spinach cream sauch with mushrooms and big slices of poblano peppers. The chicken was perfectly grilled, plenty of smoky flavor but still juicy. Yummy sauce with several layers of flavor. It came with white rice that was actually quite tasty--I always think of white rice as being bland, but this was mixed with diced carrots, corn, onions, and cilantro. Also a little side of guac and pico, which was perfect for cooling off the toungue after the heat of the poblanos. My friend had the nachos (an appetizer on a pretty small plate--definitely wouldn't be enough for a full meal except that she wasn't very hungry.) I didn't try any but she said they were good.

Drinks are still free~wow. I had a prickly pear margarita, which has a very light, subtle flavor--nice. My friend had the spicy orange margarita, which is sweet and sour and yes, a little bit spicy. I would order either one again.

Our service was good even though the place was full.

My only suggestion is that El Chile reconsider their outside spaces. They have a small covered patio, which looked nice, but also a few other tables and chairs still outside but not on the patio. We sat at one of these tables, on the sidewalk and literally inches from cars coming and going (with no curb separating parking lot from tables). The chairs are metal with no padding and not very comfy--it was like sitting on lousy lawn chairs. The tables are very close together, and I was occasionally distracted by the conversation of the table next to ours.

All in all, I'm glad to have a good restaurant in my neighborhood. Pickings are slim up here and El Chile is very welcome.

May 17, 2008
waldy in Austin

El Chile Coming to Northwest Hills

Yahoooo! Can't wait to have them in my 'hood. I think they have the best salsa in town, yummy smoky tones.

Apr 15, 2008
waldy in Austin

Pocket Coffee in Austin

Mandola's has Pocket Coffee in stock. I saw it there this afternoon and would have wondered what it was if not for remembering this thread!

Apr 15, 2008
waldy in Austin

Flying Saucer to Land in Austin!

Really? I like the Dog & Duck quite a bit, have not been to the Draught House. But they still feel like American bars to me rather than pubs. When I lived in England, the pubs in my town had more families than singles. Old guys playing checkers with their buddies for hours on end. They felt more like giant living rooms than like bars. The FS in Little Rock really did have that vibe. I should've had a drink there when I had a chance!

Jan 14, 2008
waldy in Austin

Flying Saucer to Land in Austin!

Rats--I really wanted to like this place!

Was in Little Rock over Christmas, and there's a Flying Saucer there. I only stepped in to use the restroom, but it looked really nice--lots of people playing board games, reading the paper, and just hanging out. It felt a lot closer to a true pub vibe than I've yet found in Austin.

Sgarland, did you eat anything? Any reviews for us?

Jan 12, 2008
waldy in Austin

Who's Currently Serving the Best Seasonal Specials in Town?

It's not as fancy as the places you mentioned, but I order frequently from the Kerbey Lane seasonal menu and have never been disappointed there (whereas I HAVE gotten a couple bum meals off their regular menu). Current offerings include a mint-maple glazed pork chop, Moroccan lamb stew, and yummy acorn squash.

Dec 18, 2007
waldy in Austin


Green Pastures is definitely my choice for brunch.

But for everyday dining out, I love Indian Palace, too, Lonna! I was surprised not to find any Chow mention of it when I did a search a few weeks back. I live in the neighborhood and eat there at least once a month.

Their saag paneer is the best I've had anywhere, made from fresh spinach and huge chunks of homemade cheese. Melt-in-your-mouth chicken fried in chickpea batter (what's that called?) and creamy, buttery chicken tikka masala. Their spinach pakora are really light and crispy and they have a revolving assortment of great veggie dishes, often cauliflower and potato aloo or mushrooms in a yellow curry sauce. This past weekend, I had a cabbage and peas dish I'd never seen there before, very gingery and comforting. And the only dessert I've ever felt the need to try there are the little dough balls, flash-fried and then served in the lightest of rosewater syrups--yum! Just one of them is enough to send me into sugar shock all night, but boy are they delish.

It's not a perfect restaurant: I find their raita a bit bland, and the cucumber and tomato salad is always strangely dry. The decor is left over from Slicers, the sandwich place that was there before Indian Palace, and it still looks sorta like an upscale Denny's.

But, the family who runs the place is really nice, and now that I go once a month or so, they welcome me by name--it's very mom-and-pop. And, I love knowing that I am supporting a truly local business when I eat there.

Oct 25, 2007
waldy in Austin

Tino's on 2222/Mopac

I'm also in the area--they have been there at least a year now. A big improvement over the scary Chinese place that used to be in there. The lunch or dinner plates are a terrific bargain: dinner is a big gyro, soup, salad, and three sides for $10 and it's enough food for two, sometimes three meals for me.

The sides are plentiful and tasty. Flavorful, fresh-tasting tabbouleh that's packed with parsley. Amysue, I'm sorry you didn't care for the tzatziki, as it's some of the best I believe I've had, very thick (clearly made from good yogurt) with plenty of tang. The spanokopita is perfectly crisp and flaky on the outside, tender on the inside. I have also had their mashed potatoes--an odd choice for a Greek place, I thought, but they were pretty good, so who cares? The one side I've not cared for was the mixed grilled veggies--they were reheated frozen, yech. Other sides I've not tried: hummus, moussaka, doulmas, and probably a couple other things I'm forgetting.

The flavors in all this are so yummy that I've taken to eating my Tino's meals to go, at home and Indian-style...with my fingers and eating bites of the different dishes together to combine the flavors. Yum!

Oct 25, 2007
waldy in Austin

Bored of Options Spicewood/Mopac

How about:
Indian Palace on Far West
Tino's Greek at Balcones/2222
Triumph Cafe on Spicewood--Vietnamese
Peony at Balcones/2222-Chinese
Russell's Cafe & Bakery--Balcones & Hancock
Burger House--Mesa & Spicewood

Sep 07, 2007
waldy in Austin

Party of One

I agree with cordybrown--ya gotta be comfortable with yourself alone before you're comfortable dining alone. Also--eating solo is pretty much only weird/scary/odd-feeling the first time...after that, it's no big deal. It's wonderfully freeing not to have to wait for someone else to go to your favorite restaurant.

And, as a single woman, learning to eating out alone was a step in being ok with who I am and where I am in life. The fact that we even HAVE a cultural expectation that you'll eat out with other people says a lot about how we expect everyone to be in a relationship and/or to be surrounded by friends at all time.

Sep 07, 2007
waldy in Features