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Visiting Orange County (Costa Mesa) from South Carolina, never been out west, any and all advice appreciated!
Since I've been here Atomic Cafe has been the one place that has blown me away so far and since you mentioned vegan, he has a sandwich here called the Sputnik that I've heard a few locals claim it to be the best in OC. I will have to go back there while I'm here to try it after my experience earlier today, amazing and on my budget haha. Yeah, I think I was more interested in the novelty of food trucks..I didn't realize they were basically bar food vendors. Although, I have yet to see one :(

Visiting Orange County (Costa Mesa) from South Carolina, never been out west, any and all advice appreciated!

Hi Guys!

Making my way to the Orange County from June 17th through 23rd!! This is going to be my first California experience, actually my first time experiencing anything further west past Luisiana, and I want to make the most of it! I have a passion for food and I am just as excited to try all the cuisines as I am to see the sights but I definitely don't want to come back with any regrets so I've been trying to do some research the past few days to plan out my attack! I'm 24 and finishing up college so I don't have a ton of money to spend while I'm there but I have enough and if it were to call for it once or twice and it was a place I just HAD to try, that's reasonable. I've never even seen a food truck haha and from what I hear, I need to track a few of these guys down when I get into LA. I have a feeling most of my time will be spent in the OC area. I would like to be in LA more but since my transportation access is limited to nighttime and idk how else to get there other than a taxi which would cost a fortune, so advice on both the Costa Mesa area and LA would be awesome! And everything goes! I love all types of food from every culture so whatever is a "must try" is what I'm looking for, whether it's an tourist trap or not, doesn't matter to me as long as the food is worth the hype.

Things I'm definitely looking for (correct me if I sound like a food noob but this is what I associate with California being the best at):
Best food trucks
Best sushi/japanese
Best burrito/mexican
Best ethnic influences
Best pizza
No burgers

Thanks in advance guys and hey, if you're ever ANYWHERE in SC I'll return the favor haha.

Need help locating the best Chinese food in Atlanta!

All that actually does sound amazing and I'm very open to any variety of cuisine and LOVE finding out about new restaurants/ethnicities I haven't tried before. There's a lot of Chinese dishes I'm not familiar with, and trust me I started this threat purely to find that "americanized" version to cure a craving while feeling a bit under the weather. Almost like my chicken noodle soup I guess haha. Nothing special, just a comfort food to me.

Sounds like you frequent Chef Liu's, and support it enough to have me sold. I'll have to give that a try as well. When I'm wanting to try something new I don't usually think about Chinese. Thanks for the heads up tho, I'll try to look up that vid.

Chef Liu
5221 Buford Highway Northwest Doraville, Atlanta, GA 30340

Jul 30, 2011
MrSouthernProper in Atlanta

Need help locating the best Chinese food in Atlanta!

Awesome! Thanks for the replies guys. I'll definitely be giving Gu's a try, it's actually right near me. Hong Kong if Gu's isn't exactly the style I'm looking for, which is simply chicken, fried rice, and sauce done right ha. Appreciate the rec Ted but honestly I don't stray too far from general tso, at least for the purpose of a hangover grub. Spicy/greasy food isn't everyones cure-all but it works for me haha. Maybe if I'm feeling Chinese for dinner sometime I'll give the others a try for dish I haven't had before.

Jul 30, 2011
MrSouthernProper in Atlanta

Need help locating the best Chinese food in Atlanta!

New to Atlanta and I'm desperate to find that hangover fix, greasy Chinese food! I am looking for a hangover food so carry-out/dine-in doesn't matter but I usually take out considering I'm not feeling the best when these cravings hit haha. Not big on the vegetables (carrots, broccoli, etc) and almost always go for the spicy general tso chicken and fried rice.

I'm hoping some of you out there share the affection towards Chinese as I do otherwise you might fall into the category that assumes all cheap Chinese restaurants are the same haha, which is FAR from the truth! I just moved from Clemson, SC and we had the BEST Chinese place there...just trying to fill that void in my life! PLEASE HELP ME FILL IT WITH DELICIOUS GENERAL TSO!!!

Jul 28, 2011
MrSouthernProper in Atlanta