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Best and worst on the Outer Banks

Just got back from a few days in Ocracoke. Found 3 good places...Cafe Atlantic (great food especially if you're the non-seafood eater in the group, great location and atmosphere); Captain Ben's was okay food, not much on atmosphere, but then it was a very slow night (Monday).

Sep 07, 2007
Rahlyn in Southeast

Panama City Beach seafood lunch -Saturday-the best?

Just got back from Panama City Beach...disappointed in Hammerhead Fred's, but then I didn't order seafood. If you have anyone in your group ordering non-seafood stay away from the tough it was inedible and management was unsympathetic. Tortilla Soup was very good as were the rolls. Salad came in a small bowl, separted...diced tomatoes in one pile, dices onions in another, diced cucumbers in another (what's with all the dicing?)...very difficult to mix together.

Sep 07, 2007
Rahlyn in Florida