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Emilia-Romagna and Piemonte in Rome, Florence or Milan.

Is it possible to eat good food from the Emilia-Romagna and Piemonte regions in Rome, Florence, or Milan? Any place that you can recommend?

Thank you!!

Aug 22, 2015
LauraVG in Italy

July 14 in Paris


We are traveling to Paris in July and will be there on the 14th. Does anyone know a good place to have dinner on that night? We would like to avoid taking any type of transportation on that night. We are staying close the Le Palais Royal, but we can walk.


Jun 17, 2012
LauraVG in France

picnic gastronomique

Has anyone been to the new Cedric Casanova's shop Le picnic gastronomique? We are planning to go to Paris in July and would like to make a reservation. Also, we are two people and will have at least three spaces to share the table

May 14, 2012
LauraVG in France

Three recommendations for our first time in Hong Kong

Thank you for all the recommendations. The islands sound good and we may try both.

My husband just called Yung Kee for a reservation. He did request a table on the 4th floor. However, the person who answered the phone kept saying "2 or 5 floors" regardless of what my husband would tell her. We are confused!

Three recommendations for our first time in Hong Kong

Hi Charles, thank you for your response. I heard that Yung Kee has several floors and that quality varies greatly among them. However, we do not see the option to choose the floor in their website. Do you know to which floor we need to go to have the good stuff and how we get there?

As for fresh seafood, we were thinking of going to the outer islands to have lunch by the sea. For example, when we go to Puerto Rico, we like to visit a fishermen village to eat super-fresh seafood. We wonder if we can do something similar in Hong Kong


Three recommendations for our first time in Hong Kong

We will visit Honk Kong for the first time in September. We are form Argentina and Puerto Rico. Can someone recommend us

1. A place to eat roosted goose?
2. A restaurant to eat fresh seafood by the sea in the islands (and that can be easy to reach from Kowloon)?
3. A place to eat Cantonese style lobster?

Thank you!!