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The Diss, Updated: Calling Asian Food "Hipster"

I think the premise of this article is entirely lame. Who, other than an uninformed diner or writer, would ever fathom to meaningfully characterize "Asian" food in any catch-all category? Especially if that category is cheap takeout. Clearly, you're looking at the topic with a lens that does not capture the renowned Asian restaurants in the US that include fine-dining establishments such as The Mansion and Wing Lei in Las Vegas, Arun's, Shanghai Terrace in Chicago, and countless others anywhere there are significant Asian enclaves. It seems that you are projecting your ignorance of the great Asian menus in the US over the past half century onto the rest of the US. Just because YOU don't know shit about Asian food doesn't mean you should be calling out everyone in the US for not taking Asian food seriously.

Jul 13, 2012
PhuD4Thought in Features

Thai Beef Jerky

is there an advantage to using the oven over a food dehydrator? maybe time?

Dec 14, 2011
PhuD4Thought in Recipes

I need suggestions!

I will be staying downtown at the Hyatt on H and 14th. Is there anywhere I can get some good food? I am cheap, adventurous, and lacking my own transportation. I will be in town from Thursday to Monday. Shellfish and grilled things are my current cravings. Not into really long waits or spendy options unless it's really worth it; then I have the patience of a saint and a decent credit limit

Thanks for the suggestions!

Benny's Chop House - Anyone Been?

Oyster happy hours on Wednesdays are great! I generally have better service from the bartenders/ servers than the bar manager who was working last week.

Jul 28, 2011
PhuD4Thought in Chicago Area

Private Booth Dining

you could go for a tatami room @ L2O

2300 Lincoln Park West, Chicago, IL 60614

Jul 27, 2011
PhuD4Thought in Chicago Area

Help with Chicago beer scene?

the longroom has a nice selection of bottles and a patio

Jul 27, 2011
PhuD4Thought in Chicago Area

Lunch, beer, and local THIS Thursday or Friday?

Martial Noguier at bistronomic is a great supporter of local farmers. I used to work farmers' markets, and he was there every week paying retail. that's putting your money where your mouth is.

Jul 27, 2011
PhuD4Thought in Chicago Area

Are there ANY destination restaurants on the South Side?

if u like bbq, lem's on 75th
yassa on 79th offers senegalese cuisine

Jul 27, 2011
PhuD4Thought in Chicago Area

Soft shelled crabs in Chicago

i think a lot of restaurants have frozen ones. how else could sushi joints offer spider rolls all year round? you could probably find some wholesale and keep them in your freezer at home if access is an issue.

Jul 27, 2011
PhuD4Thought in Chicago Area