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That is the reuben, which is made with tongue...

Bizarre hot dog buns


Purchase veal?

The kosher meat section at Byerly's in St. Louis Park should have veal, a bit pricier because it's kosher ...

Business Etiquette. How cheap is too cheap.

Ahhh we love customers like you. The kind that'll come and order a large ice water and nothing else. The kind that wants something extra to the order, but gets upset when they're charged for it. The kind that'll ask for a cup of hot water and nothing else. Yes, we live to serve you, because we make so much money that we love it when tell us we're ripping you off. Because you're entitled. "I always pay only $4.50, why are you charging me extra?" "Because you were getting it at a reduced price before, and this is what the actual charge should be, and here's the receipt." Thank you so much, and may I have another?

Beef Ribs

Where in this town can a guy get some good beef ribs in this town? Market BBQ no longer has 'em . . . Ted Cook's is mighty fine, as is Big Daddy's. Rooster's is ok. Tony Roma is subtle is their smokiness with just a hint of . . . ok, just kidding. But are there any places I am unaware of? I'd appreciate other ideas, and thank ya all for your time!

Dim Sum in Inver Grove Heights!

But did they have chicken feet?

Chicken Fried Steak

Tuna / Salmon Poke

I got spoiled by the Whole Foods in Los Angeles with their tuna and salmon poke take-out option . . . is there any grocery store in Twin Cities that also offers poke as a take-out option? I appreciate everyone's time on this, and thank you.

King Thai (formerly University Buffet)


Vitali's Bistro does indeen have them, $10.99 for 12, $5.99 for 6 . . .


Okay, everyone, who has the best latkes in town?

Can You Get A Tongue Sandwich In the Twin Cities??

I can't wait to go there next Saturday for their brunch!

Can You Get A Tongue Sandwich In the Twin Cities??

The answer is no. The sorry state that is Twin Cities delis . . .

Gluten-free cornbread

Does anyone know a bakery that makes glutenfree cornbread in the Twin Cities area / south metro? I'm much obliged for your responses ...

Goetta in the Twin Cities?

Gotta getta goetta!

Places that sells bulk chicken skin in the Twin Cities area?

Mmmm gribbenes ...


Junior's Grill in Eagan


Pickled beef tongue

It's complex. Mort's said they couldn't find a vendor - go figure. Crossroads said they took it off because of the high price. In LA I recall seeing vacuum-packed pickled tongue, but I can't find any vendor at all. Plus, the demand is down ...

Pickled beef tongue

You'd think, but they haven't had tongue in years and years and . . . well, years. Crossroads Deli lists it on their website, but unfortunately that hasn't been updated. Struck out there, too ...

Pickled beef tongue

Roasted tongue - no problem. Luv a lengua taco. But good ol' fashioned deli tongue has disappeared from deli counters and grocery stores. Any help on where I can find some would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time and consideration ...

Tablitas/Costilla De Res

I don't know about being marinated, but ...

reasonably priced brisket

Outstanding Soup

The Hacienda in the Sibley plaza on West 7th and Davern has delicious soup - both the beef and chicken are made with actual beef bones/chicken, with great vegetables and a delicious broth . . . far and away my favorite.

Best Packaged Local Bacon in TC

Everett's on 38th and Cedar makes a great beef bacon from brisket. It's something different and it's delicious. They slice it fresh for you.


Looking for suggestions on where I can buy some goat to stew . . . thank everyone for taking the time to help out . . .

more Popeye's!

more Popeye's!

The one in Eagan at Cliff and Cedar has a for sale sign posted . . .

Kosher for Passover desserts from a bakery/restaurant?

Do they serve a Reuben? Then they ain't kosher. Don't confuse kosher-style with actual full-blown Kosher. There isn't a deli in town that's kosher. They may make kosher-style-for Passover, but anyone who keeps Kosher isn't touching it. Now that Fishman's is closed, it's Byerly's in SLP, Lund's in Highland Park, or the Cub Foods in Hopkins for your kosher-for-passover needs. Even then, always check for the heksher, the certificate of kashrut. Even Byerly's will serve kosher-for-Passover-style baked goods.

Kosher for Passover desserts from a bakery/restaurant?

Look, any restaurant that's kosher is pretty much closed for Passover, rather than make their kitchens and storefront kosher for Passover. It's Byerly's in SLP, Lunds in Highland Park, Cub Foods in Hopkins, try Sholom (you may be able to buy something there.)