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We like Breckenridge Brewery, Kenosha would be good for outside dining (weather permitting). Or MI CASA can also accommodate large parties. I personally think Empire is over rated.

Jun 07, 2014
Mommafoodie in Mountain States

Alinea seats for sale

I have a 4 top for Alinea that I can not use. It's for Dec 28th at 9pm. Anyone interested? Will sell for face value- $1196. Anyone, anyone?

Dec 06, 2012
Mommafoodie in Chicago Area

Best Delivery In Cambridge

Thanks so much for your help. I use to live in Boston and now remember the 'subcontractors' for delivery. We will be in the Harvard area, indian, Thai, Afghan all sound great. Thanks for the help.

BTw Kilgore, love the name, Vonnegut is probably one of mt favorite authors.

Best Delivery In Cambridge

I'm going to Cambridge in a few weeks to visit my sister and her family. I know one night we will have to stay in so it will be me, my husband and 4 kids under 5. Basically I don't want to give up a meal, or have to cook so I'm looking for recommendations for awesome delivery food. We don't get great ethnic food where I live so that would be acceptable or pizza delivery that has some more creative choices. Any recommendations would be great. Thanks

Where to go on a Sunday night in Cambridge for a special occasion?

What about EVOO?

EVOO Restaurant
350 Third Street, Cambridge, MA 02143

Where to go on a Sunday night in Cambridge for a special occasion?

My husband and I will be in Cambridge for his birthday in October and we are looking for a great restaurant for the occasion. We are adventurous eaters and also want a great wine list. Money isn't a big issue but we need something excellent and open on a Sunday! Thanks for your thoughts.