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Harrisburg/Hershey Thanksgiving Dinner

This is the OP. My kid is now five. We still go to Hershey after our Thanksgiving dinner in DC. Today we are going to Art and Soul and then we drive to Hershey. Fountain Cafe at the Hotel Hershey was one of the worst meals we have every had and we still laugh about it today.

Hotel Hershey
100 Hotel Road, Hershey, PA 17033

Nov 25, 2010
Good_Food in Pennsylvania

Cook's Illustrated Fluffy Yellow Cake?

I made the cake and was happy with the results. I under baked the cake so it did not turn out as fluffy as it should have. I also didn't want to bother with the vegetable oil so I skipped it. Next time I would cook it a little longer and add the vegetable oil. The flavor was excellent.

The frosting was great and is now my favorite chocolate frosting. I will be making the cake again this weekend for another party.

Feb 12, 2008
Good_Food in Home Cooking

How about Great Bakeries in Falls Church/Tysons/Vienna?

In McLean, I like Marvelous Market the selection is small but I like the mini desserts and cakes. Balducci's has awful cupcakes that are $4 a pop. They would be bad at a dollar.

Natalia's in Falls Church does have pretty pastries. I like them but they are not worth the price. Everything runs around 5.50 to 7. Good and I stop by often because I live two blocks away but overpriced.

Vienna, don't know the name but the newer bakery next to the Virginian Restaurant is not very good. Bought two cakes, I wanted to like them, but they were boring and I threw them away. Pie Gourmet is good they also have some unusual savory pies for lunch/dinner.

Arlington has Heidelburg Bakery which I don't like. I don't taste butter only Crisco. Most people enjoy this place. The best place in Arlington (maybe NoVA) is Pastries by Randolph. They provided the pastries for Dean and Deluca last time when I asked. I always get nice cakes and great miniature desserts from them. For casual parties I will usually buy 8-10 miniatures and put out four forks. Always a hit. If you go, try to stop by Arrowine next door. Great staff and always a nice bottle of wine.

Ebinger's Blackout Cake Recipe in Cooks Country Magazine

I make this cake for birthdays and retirement parties. It is always requested and most chocolate people love it. In fact, my sister has requested it for her birthday next week. It is a little messy but the pudding used as a frosting and filling is better than good. The cake crumbs used on the outside make the pudding seem more like a frosting. It is one of my favorite chocolate cakes.
I made the mile high chocolate cake from the current issue of Gourmet which they said might replace all of your other chocolate cake recipes. It was time consuming and lacked chocolate flavor. Waste of my time but looked great.
The blackout cake has a really good deep chocolate flavor, nice crumb and I prefer the pudding to butter cream. While it takes a little time to make the pudding and a mess attaching the crumbs, it is well worth it.

Jan 10, 2008
Good_Food in Home Cooking

Harrisburg/Hershey Thanksgiving Dinner

Thank you for the information. Have fun in DC.

Nov 18, 2007
Good_Food in Pennsylvania

Harrisburg/Hershey Thanksgiving Dinner

Hope somebody can help. Parents with 2-year old travelling to Hershey for the Holiday to get out of DC. Looking for a place that is nice but not fancy because of the kid.

If you know DC, we would prefer someplace like the Tabard Inn not the Willard (to nice) or Clyde's (boring chain).

We are currently booked at the Fountain Cafe at the Hotel Hershey.

Any other places you would recommend?

Thank you in advance for any help.

Nov 15, 2007
Good_Food in Pennsylvania

My first attempt at tiramisu...please help!!

I am told that I make a really good tiramisu. A good tiramisu is a simple dish so you need the best ingredients you can buy. I agree that you must use the dry packaged Lady Fingers from Italy if you can find them. I use freshly grated (microplane) bittersweet chocolate. As others have posted, it should stay in the fridge a minimum of 12 hours.

Sep 07, 2007
Good_Food in Home Cooking