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I need suggestions for a place to eat downtown Toronto

I guess more ethnic than not. Greek or Italian wasn't on my radar and nothing on a bun. We settled on dim sum. There's a few places here in town that serve it but it's not a very vast selection so this should be fun!

I need suggestions for a place to eat downtown Toronto

Thanks for the suggestions. How about bahn mi? Anywhere that makes them fresh? I'd love one for lunch the following day :). No one in London makes them fresh anywhere that I have found :(

I need suggestions for a place to eat downtown Toronto

Hi everyone, I very rarely go to Toronto but am going to be there shortly for an event and I'd like some suggestions on where to eat. I'll be staying Downtown in the financial district but I really want some amazing ethnic food when I'm there. I don't mind travelling a bit either (within a reasonable distance). I'd love to go for Korean, Vietnamese, Lebanese...anywhere really. Failing that, someplace with wonderful home cooked meals (diner style) would be great too. Any suggestions for me? Inexpensive or moderately priced as well please :).

London, ON - Good Eats?

I have only been a couple of times but found it pricey as well.

London, ON - Good Eats?

Good list, also I really like Thai Taste at the corner of Dundas and Lyle, it's a tiny little hole in the wall and sometimes it takes forever to get your food (we always order take out) but he's a great cook! JT's Addis Ababa on Dundas at Maitland has great Ethiopian food and for something more upscale, we tried Kantina Cafe on Friday night, it's a Serbian/fine dining sort of fusion and we really enjoyed it. The "Black George" is the signature dish. For markets you can't forget the Western Fair Farmers Market run by Dave Cook of Fire Roasted Coffee. We have gone almost every Saturday for the last 4 years and he has done an absolutely amazing job of building it up. I love SO much from there.

Addis Ababa
1184 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J1J5, CA

Thai Taste
671 Dundas St, London, ON N5W2Z1, CA

349 Talbot St, London, ON N6A 2R5, CA

Just signed up in London

My husband and I went to Enat on Horton pretty much constantly a number of years ago but I haven't been in some time and am not sure if it's still as good as it was. We did go to Addis Ababa a few weeks ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. We got the combination platter for 2 and it had a little bit of just about everything. The injera was lovely too and the prices are great!

I haven't tried Green Tea before. We tend to go to Dragon Court for dim sum because it's close and cheap but Hong Ping has wonderful dim sum, all house made I believe.

Just signed up in London

Hey everyone,

I'm in London and am always on the lookout for any hidden gems here in the city. Anyone want to spam me with their favourite places serving ethnic food? Fine dining doesn't really interest me but I'd love to hear where to get the best Thai beef with basil or tamales or kofta or anything delicious :)

Where to buy Bento supplies in Brampton/Mississauga area?

I bought a number of them off of eBay recently. Super cute stuff including egg molds in the shape of bear and bunny heads and food picks. The shipping was combined so very reasonable and I received it quickly. A lot of my friends bought their's via eBay as well.