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Bring your shopping cart back where it belongs, please!

I bring back my cart but don't get upset when I see others not doing it. The supermarkets have employees to do this, some customers obviously feel that after paying, they should not have to return a carriage, especially in the winter we just had.

Mar 20, 2015
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Business lunch in Brighton?

The Stockyard has been there for over 40 years with a slight interruption between owners. It may not be as good as it was in its glory, but it is still a go to place for people in the area. It is a two minute drive from where you will be.

Info on Market Basket new locations?

I just tried the one in Attleboro and was impressed. Go here early or don't go, too much traffic.

Captain Jack's Seekonk. Ma.

I will give this place a high mark. Cute little place with booths with high backs in case you want some privacy. Their homemade chips they serve when you sit down is a nice idea and you may want to take some home.
The chowder was good and in the area of Yankee Lobster in the Seaport District of Boston. Also tried the lobster bisque, another high mark. Got the fish and chips which we split and had some left over to take home. Huge portion.
Went next door and got a pound of salmon from their other place, Ocean Fresh, and again was very satisfied.
Located in The Benny's Plaza in Seekonk not far from the Pawtucket line. Try it if in the area.

Anything CH worthy in Randolph?

La Scala has been a local fav for years. You're in a nice location where 15 minutes of driving covers a lot of area.

Pawtucket, RI: Pepperoni Grill

Thanks, I'll give it a try. I've been pleasantly surprised with the area.

Info on Market Basket new locations?

Just drove by the one in South Attleboro and nothing is going.

Row 34 Sadly Disappoints on Return Visit

I have not been there and Monday was my first time in the Seaport area in a while. Around 7 p.m. when I walked by this place, the patio was full of people. My first thought was why? it is in the ugliest and nosiest part of fort point/seaport area. I hope the food is always good, waiting on this corner, one should have a perfect meal.

Legal Sea Foods: You've come a long way baby!

Yes, locations vary with legals. It's not the place to go for good chowder made fresh. The oysters are pretty good but overall, I'd skip legals if not looking to roll the dice for a great meal.

Breakfast around the Financial District and South Station

The cafe flueri is a nice option. It is a spacious beautiful part of the hotel and you will have privacy while eating. Leaving your luggage with the doorman is easy. All the doormen at this hotel are helpful and have been here for years. Getting to south station is a close walk or a quick inexpensive cab ride.

Effect of Market Basket stoppage/boycott on inventory of other chains?

you will be fine, I think you are over thinking the situation.

Quiet dinner near Northeastern

Brasserie is close to NU but I think you should explore more possibilities. The South End is at your door step. I like The Butcher Shop on Tremont near Claredon.

Is anyone going to boycott Market Basket?

I doubt Walmart buys a headache like this.

Best Seafood North End

this works for business and walking by the Paul Revere House on the cobble stones, sets the mood for both date night and getting ready to impress clients.

Is anyone going to boycott Market Basket?

Never been a fan so their recent problems are not disturbing. If the recent allegations of not paying locked down employees for their lunch, turn out to be true, I would hope that many boycott this place.

Best Seafood North End

Are you discussing business? Neptune is a hole in the wall with people right next to you. Daily Catch has a little more room but still tough to carry on a conversation without people hearing.

I would go with The Daily Catch and this time of year would head over to the courthouse location if a nice evening.

My imagination, or is Stop&Shop getting good again?

I used to shop in that Star market, I liked it.

My imagination, or is Stop&Shop getting good again?

It depends on the location, but overall I would say it is your imagination. I do go to a local stoppie, they often have whole chickens on sale for a great price.
Like you said, it is pricey. Those union bosses have to get paid. I think the meats and fish are better at Shaws, especially one which I love shopping at in Canton.

In Search of Great Fish Chowder in RI/South Coast MA

Sounds great, I will mention it to some friends who live in that area. Thanks

BOS to Newport

Monday traffic from Logan to Newport at rush hour is tough. I hope you lucked out and moved along. What you should have done is have taken exit 25 from the Ted William tunnel which puts you in the Seaport District. There are parking lots and meters all over the place.
Yankee Lobster is over by the water heading to the Marine Industrial Park. Free parking in the rear and a nice casual place with outside seating. Possibly the best clam chowder in Boston and it has the best seafood chowder.

In Search of Great Fish Chowder in RI/South Coast MA

You are right about finding great fish chowder. Where did you end up? In Boston the best place is Yankee Lobster which is located in the Seaport District as you enter the Marine Industrial Park.

Post dinner drinks in South End/Theater district/chinatown?

If Staying at the Revere I would walk over to The Four Seasons for a drink.

Best brunch option in Beacon Hill

Skip the Paramount for Brunch but try it for breakfast or even a lunch around three when you can sit up front against Charles Street.

You will get lots of ideas, I would travel a little over to the Financial District to the Langham Hotel.

Seaport or Theatre District Recommendations for dinner?

First time in The Seaport District? Chowder at Yankee lobster is a must. A little hole in the wall which suits fine for lunch.

After, walk around and inside Legals and the other restaurants at Libertywharf. I never thought any to be loud but I am not there every night.

Canton Area lunch options (where I-95 and I-93 meet)

I like the Chateau and think their lasagna is pretty good. On the down side, cleaning tables seems to be a dying art here. People leave after dinner and their table remains messy for too long.

Canton Area lunch options (where I-95 and I-93 meet)

I would stick to what I know and head to Legacy. The other option is heading over to Norwood Center. Walk around a bit and check out what is there. Parking is easy, and there is plenty to pick from.
Canton Center is tough to park and busy with traffic. Same goes for Cobb's Corner but Chinatown on the stoughton part of Cobb's Corner is very good. Ask for Simon for a waiter.

ice cream stand?

Yes and hopefully the cows are out. If the lines are long outside, go inside. You are supposed to buy something like milk but they don't really care.

Norwood area lunch

I have heard the place at wiggins is pretty good. I would not go there over Legacy Place. Wiggins isn't exactly looking at Logan, it is a pretty dreary place.

Norwood area lunch

I would meet at Legacy Place, walk around and pick a place or just have a sandwich and great soup at Whole Foods

Good pizza Newton Wellesley area

Comella's a reputation for good inexpensive pizza