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McDonald’s now sells lobster rolls in New England

Well, I tried it again. We had to be in Canton yesterday and it was the first time there in months. My favorite McDonald's is located in Cobb's Corner with a staff that has been there for years.

We got the lobster roll and this time it was better than our Seekonk experience, which was fine, and leaned on the pretty good side.

McDonald’s now sells lobster rolls in New England

I have been going to a place in Seekonk called Captain jacks. Their chowder is really good but their Lobster roll suffers a bit at times. My gf made the same comment about McDonald's lobster roll being better than the place I mentioned and a few others who are twice the price.

McDonald’s now sells lobster rolls in New England

I have not been to the Barnicle in a few years, I hope it is still great. When in Marblehead or Salem, mcDonalds would never cross my mind.

McDonald’s now sells lobster rolls in New England

The one I had did not have much lettuce. It was a pretty good size and went well with my ice coffee. I will never run out and make a McDonald's a destination for lobster roll, but if I have to kill time and near one I trust, I will get it again.

McDonald’s now sells lobster rolls in New England

I tried one today and it wasn't bad, I would try it again if at this location. Seekonk, exit one not far from the exit off 195.

McDonald’s now sells lobster rolls in New England

There is one in Canton which I used to go to a lot. The morning cook would always drop fresh eggs for me. This one is always clean and has a great staff. If I go by I will try one or "take one for the team."

Marina Bay...

Yes, good point about the businesses being there first. I got the impressions that the town father's have their favorites. The varsity club which was never one of their favs, I noticed is no longer around.

Marina Bay...

I lived in Quincy for a few years and watched the local govt channel to get a feel for the community. The selectman were not the easiest to get along with and did not seem business friendly to the establishments at Marina Bay.
The residents make it hard for anyone wanting to add entertainment late at night.
I thought the residents weren't supporting their local places enough and some seemed to care less if any rests were on the boardwalk.

Best place in Boston for lobster roll?

Head to The Seaport District to Yankee Lobster. They have some outside seating as well as inside. Or you can get it to go and walk out to the water on the Commonwealth Pier where you can enjoy the view.

Breakfast and Lunch In Mansfield

For your next trip there is a little place which I have been going to which I have taken a liking to. Captain JACK'S in Seekonk is probably a 20 minute drive from Mansfield.

Great chowder and Lobster Bisque. I a little cute hole in the wall next to benny's.

California Taco in Pawtucket

Just what this area needed, a little cute rest which serves great tacos and quesadillas.
It has outside seating and easy parking and not far from the Seekonk line on Central Avenue.
Great service and a huge flat screen to watch sports or whatever. The best part is the easy to take bill at the end of your meal.
Give it a shot, you will be happy.

Marshfield landmark Arthur and Pat's closes as owners look to sell

I am still depressed that the Rexicana ballroom closed. This news is really depressing.

Pre-ballet dining

There is no need to limit your selection to places within walking distance. You can choose from the North End or places in The back Bay. A cab ride is short and inexpensive and they are easy to find.

Table, Barrington RI

Thanks, I often drive thru Barrington on the way to Newport. I will give it a try.

Best place for seafood dinner

It is not the best and I hope I did not come across as suggesting it was. That incident 20 years ago stays fresh in some minds. Another reason to go to the Crab is that it is carriage friendly and they get a lot of business from the Children's museum. The one in Boston is fine if in the area and one wants good chowder and oysters. The one in Newport rivals many of the better places on Thames Avenue.

Best place for seafood dinner

I go to The Barking Crab in Newport a few times a year and would give its chowder a high mark. Their fishmerman's platter is very good along with several other dishes I have had. I have not been to the Boston location in a year. I had problems there ten years ago but in the last 5 or so visits over the last several years, it has been very good.

Bring your shopping cart back where it belongs, please!

I bring back my cart but don't get upset when I see others not doing it. The supermarkets have employees to do this, some customers obviously feel that after paying, they should not have to return a carriage, especially in the winter we just had.

Mar 20, 2015
libertywharf in Not About Food

Business lunch in Brighton?

The Stockyard has been there for over 40 years with a slight interruption between owners. It may not be as good as it was in its glory, but it is still a go to place for people in the area. It is a two minute drive from where you will be.

Info on Market Basket new locations?

I just tried the one in Attleboro and was impressed. Go here early or don't go, too much traffic.

Captain Jack's Seekonk. Ma.

I will give this place a high mark. Cute little place with booths with high backs in case you want some privacy. Their homemade chips they serve when you sit down is a nice idea and you may want to take some home.
The chowder was good and in the area of Yankee Lobster in the Seaport District of Boston. Also tried the lobster bisque, another high mark. Got the fish and chips which we split and had some left over to take home. Huge portion.
Went next door and got a pound of salmon from their other place, Ocean Fresh, and again was very satisfied.
Located in The Benny's Plaza in Seekonk not far from the Pawtucket line. Try it if in the area.

Anything CH worthy in Randolph?

La Scala has been a local fav for years. You're in a nice location where 15 minutes of driving covers a lot of area.

Pawtucket, RI: Pepperoni Grill

Thanks, I'll give it a try. I've been pleasantly surprised with the area.

Info on Market Basket new locations?

Just drove by the one in South Attleboro and nothing is going.

Row 34 Sadly Disappoints on Return Visit

I have not been there and Monday was my first time in the Seaport area in a while. Around 7 p.m. when I walked by this place, the patio was full of people. My first thought was why? it is in the ugliest and nosiest part of fort point/seaport area. I hope the food is always good, waiting on this corner, one should have a perfect meal.

Legal Sea Foods: You've come a long way baby!

Yes, locations vary with legals. It's not the place to go for good chowder made fresh. The oysters are pretty good but overall, I'd skip legals if not looking to roll the dice for a great meal.

Breakfast around the Financial District and South Station

The cafe flueri is a nice option. It is a spacious beautiful part of the hotel and you will have privacy while eating. Leaving your luggage with the doorman is easy. All the doormen at this hotel are helpful and have been here for years. Getting to south station is a close walk or a quick inexpensive cab ride.

Effect of Market Basket stoppage/boycott on inventory of other chains?

you will be fine, I think you are over thinking the situation.

Quiet dinner near Northeastern

Brasserie is close to NU but I think you should explore more possibilities. The South End is at your door step. I like The Butcher Shop on Tremont near Claredon.

Is anyone going to boycott Market Basket?

I doubt Walmart buys a headache like this.

Best Seafood North End

this works for business and walking by the Paul Revere House on the cobble stones, sets the mood for both date night and getting ready to impress clients.