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Argentine Chimichurri Sauce

To all the Cilantro Chimichurri people, yes it's delicious, but it's not Argentinian Chimichurri. The herb doesn't even grow naturally in Argentina, is a relatively new introduction to the country, and is difficult to find in the country. This recipe is a pretty standard, with some places using other herbs, and some (like my family's) using only parsley. And I agree with the others on here saying the ingredients shouldn't be put in a food processor. You need to be able to get the proper chop on the herbs and spices with you can't get in a food processor. Also, most chimis I know use aji molido, to which crushed red pepper flakes are the closest thing.

Argentine Grilled Tri-Tip

I completely agree with cmauricio. Cuadril (tri tip) is served differently in argentina, and, also, Argentinians do NOT marinade asado meat. Only salt goes on meat. salmuera is the most traditional (it's basically salt water for basting) but rubbing (literally rubbing it in) a good amount of salt works great too and is what most argentinians (including my family) I know do.

Jul 24, 2011
gauchonica in Recipes