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Chic Baby Shower?

Happy heather you have a great point! I think POV is a cool addition but not necessarily on my dime and for that occasion, so I will plan an evening event where we go OUT there but don't "shower" there. That way we get our DC view. I'm def going to check out CoCo, Source, and Tabard for the occasion. I think one of those should be perfect!! Thank you all... (still taking suggestions if anyone's got em!)

Blue Bell ice cream - grocery stores that carry it

Hill Country in DC sells it now!

Chic Baby Shower?

Great suggestions! I agree with you on the W, they don't really need or want the business. But I really want the place to be awesome. I have people coming in from TX, WA, and FL so showcasing DC's finest is what I'm after. Is there anything else with such an environment?

I love Tabard Inn, but thought that may be too stuffy/rustic for the occasion. Darlington's food is not so hot, and Firefly was where we had our last occasion. I'm going to look into CoCo... that sounds perfect.

Does anyone have any other suggestions? Chic, DC, perhaps new??

Tabard Inn
1739 N St NW, Washington, DC 20036

Chic Baby Shower?

Can anyone recommend a trendy and intimate spot to have a baby shower? I was hoping to make it chic and fun without all the girly, kiddie games. Was thinking of the W Hotel POV rooftop but I didn't love their seating arrangement. Any recos?