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Heading to Memphis, Nashville and the KY Bourbon trail, suggestions for best places to eat?

if you drive on 65, stop in Munfordville for bbq---Big Bubba Buck's Belly Bustin' BBQ Bliss---just west of the interchange on 31W---atmosphere and great food

Oct 31, 2011
pagecan in Kentucky & Tennessee

bbq Bowling Green area

Hey Littleman---thanks for the suggestions---we tried Big Moose, bbq had sauce mixed in and was a little sweet, good vinegar cole slaw---THEN we went to Munfordville to a GREAT place, Big Bubba Buck's Belly Bustin' BBQ Bliss---oh my!!
if you're in the area, that's a MUST----we got the bbq meat only, sauce on the side, pulled pork just lovely, yummmmmmm---and the ambiance is fabulous, pig shaped cookers out back, Mama on the cb calling in truckers and they were rolling in, always a good sign---will be going back to that one---the pulled pork wasn't quite as tender as Mama's Porch in Bronston but for atmosphere Bubba is hands down best

Oct 28, 2011
pagecan in Kentucky & Tennessee

bbq Bowling Green area

sister coming to visit, any ideas for bbq along the Cumberland Pkwy from Columbia to Bowling Green, down 65 a titch?

Oct 22, 2011
pagecan in Kentucky & Tennessee

Egg in a Nest

grew up calling it "egg in a hole" and the best part was the "tasty toasty" that came out of the hole, mmmmmmmmmmm comfort food---works like a charm.

Sep 23, 2011
pagecan in Recipes

Thinking of trying homemade yogurt; 3 questions first

I didn't think you could use ultra-pasteurized milk, of any kind, the heat has killed the goodies you want to grow, not positive but worth thinking about IF you use your milk. I have used a heating pad on low, covered with a folded towel, bowl of yogurt sits on top, cover that with plate and entire thing with more towels for insulation---that worked fine for me. I hated the funny taste that comes from powdered milk added so I left it out, used regular skim milk and it worked. Keep us posted, interested to know if your milk works.

Sep 06, 2011
pagecan in Home Cooking

excellent bbq !

the map on the right is wrong---take 27 south of Somerset, use the new bypass if you can to miss a lot of lights---90 west, just a little bit and across a new bridge, it's on the left, second left or first left and first right, easy to find---it's in Bronston, not Parkers Lake
try to find it, best bbq I've had in my 7 years in KY.

Jul 25, 2011
pagecan in Kentucky & Tennessee

excellent bbq !

Just south of Somerset, KY
rte 90 off of 27 south of town, across the bridge, look left for BBQ on roof, that's it!!
Very low key, excellent pulled pork, melting ribs, and going back to try the brisket which he says is his best---I drove 55 minutes for it, well worth it, going back soon---try it if you're in the area.
Their phone number is 606-561-6596
They're on Facebook, menu, map, the works.

Jul 23, 2011
pagecan in Kentucky & Tennessee