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Sweatman's BBQ has new owners

It's the end of an era for SC BBQ. Two new families have taken ownership of the great old place between Holly Hill and Eutawville. Although the restaurant had been in business since 1977, they must not have know what they were doing, because a lot has been changed.

First, the food is still good, ok? I'm not saying it isn't. And the folks were friendly. But it felt like a forced kind of friendliness, not that good old country, family friendly. But yeah, they were nice.

There are now three choices as to plate size: child, regular, and large. The first two are prepared by staff. You get to fix your own from the buffet if you pay for the large plate. That entitles you to one trip through the line but they place one rib on your plate. I got three after lowering myself to begging. Tea and banana pudding are included, plus they've added more sides. I will say finding three pieces of bone in my chopped pork was a first.

If that had been my first visit, I wouldn't know any better. But since I've been a return customer for several years, I doubt I'll return.

May 25, 2012
EllenColatown in Southeast

Pizza, Columbia, SC

Born and reared in the South I can't claim to know pizza, OK? (I know BBQ and fried chicken.) However, I enjoy the pizza at Pizza Man but detest the service. LaBrasca's is just a hoot - try it for the nutsy atmosphere, not the food. I like Village Idiot - OK so I'm an idiot... EH!

A couple of different spots - Thirsty Fellow has my idea of good pizza. Build your own - red or white sauce. Thin crust. Lots of toppings - plus, you cannot beat the beers they have on tap.

Goatfeathers. Yes. They have very good food - very good pizza - and the most unique atmosphere in Columbia.

Pizza Man
341 S Woodrow St, Columbia, SC 29205

Jul 22, 2011
EllenColatown in Southeast

Columbia SC BBQ

ohso, you are oh so right - Sweatman's ribs ARE the benchmark for SC BBQ. Seriously smokey and the mustard sauce is wonderful. (I generally dislike mustard sauce.)

I'm a North Carolina gal - love western NC red sauce and Lexington #1 BBQ as well as Eastern NC's vinegar and red pepper... Ahhh. Red slaw. Brunswick stew. Corn sticks!

Back to Columbia... Palmetto Pig is just roast pork; save your money. I do not give Maurice my money either, but for different reasons. Doc's has fabulous chicken. Little Pigs at Alpine - I have not been since they reopened post-fire a while back - had a smoked shoulder next to their buffet. It was delicious.

Little Pigs
115 Bountyland Rd, Seneca, SC 29672

Jul 22, 2011
EllenColatown in Southeast

Husk or McCrady's?

Haven't made it into McCrady's yet, but have dined at Husk twice and thoroughly enjoyed both visits. Slip in for lunch without reservations and get fine food priced much less than dinner menu. Definitely visit the bar next door just for the experience if nothing else. (But there's great stuff here.)

Also adore Cru Cafe - Can't miss. Very happy with the Sunday brunch my husband and I had at Poogan's Porch this Spring when we couldn't get into the packed Hominy Grill.

McCrady's Restaurant
2 Unity Alley, Charleston, SC 29401

Poogan's Porch
72 Queen St, Charleston, SC 29401

Hominy Grill
207 Rutledge Ave, Charleston, SC 29403

Jul 22, 2011
EllenColatown in Southeast

Best Burger, Columbia SC, 2010 and beyond

H.G. has very good burgers but I go there for the ESB they brew in-house.

Pawley's burgers make me happy - try the onion rings!

Edna's is to be experienced. Looks sketchy but quite safe. They're known for hot dogs; burgers are good old-fashioned sloppy sandwiches. Fries are fine. Fried chicken, only time I ordered it, was strangely sweet - I do not recommend yard bird here.

Along the same line is Zesto's - N. Main St. or in the W. Columbia Triangle. Similar food as Edna's, but the chicken is YUM.

Salty Nut has good hamburgers. My husband loves Rush's - eh, ok. Rockaway's is a fun sort of place with cold beer and lots of bar-food choices, but def. not my favorite burger.

I haven't tried Cock and Bull's hamburgers yet, but it's a nice little place with good selection of cold beer and fun atmosphere.

Thirsty Fellow, fairly new on the scene, does a pretty good hamburger with an excellent bar and good service.

Salty Nut Cafe
2000 Greene St, Columbia, SC 29205

2620 College St, Newberry, SC 29108

Jul 22, 2011
EllenColatown in Southeast