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Roosevelt avenue grazing

Thanks everyone for the good advice. I've now got a much clearer picture of what the area has to offer, and can't wait to get started. So much to do & so little time to do it! First time in NYC so really looking forward to the trip. We've got a couple of high end restaurants lined up so we're mixing & matching a bit by eating cheaply on other days.

Roosevelt avenue grazing

We want to spend some time eating our way through the food carts along Roosevelt Avenue in Jackson Heights. Is there a particular time or day that is best to go? Are they there all the time or just lunch time & evening? Are there just one or two or (as we have been led to believe) quite a number all selling different items? Finally what is the best stretch of road to walk along? We were planning to walk from 82nd st subway to 74th st. Oh - and what about little India? Any carts there?
Many thanks for any help recieved.