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The truth about pork rinds ... scratchings, chicharron, etc

Love Tito Al's Salt, Vinegar AND Garlic flavored pork rinds! They're crazy delicious. I tend to eat them straight since they have so much flavor. If I have regular pork rinds or other flavors I dip in a mix of vinegar, garlic, dash of sugar + chilies

Mar 24, 2012
foodjaunts in General Topics

Pineapple-Braised Pork Sandwiches

I think the slow cooker could be an option as long as you did step 2 & 3, cut the liquid by half and then cooked in a slow cooker. I'm going to give this a shot!

Jan 28, 2012
foodjaunts in Recipes

Cincinnati, OH - Chicken Intestines?

Anyone know of a local source or really anywhere that I might be able to buy chicken intestines?

I've searched Findlay market and even Jungle Jim's (and yes got tons of strange looks) but can't find anyone who sells chicken intestines - kinda weird considering you can get pig intestines at Kroger.

Any help would be appreciated!

Jan 28, 2012
foodjaunts in Great Lakes

Roasted Fish with Thai Pesto

Loved it although I went the banana leaf route rather than foil. It just seemed a bit more authentic

Jan 06, 2012
foodjaunts in Recipes

How much is your Thanksgiving Dinner?

I've budgeted $140 with $30 of that going to a 4lb HoneyBaked ham my family wants.

That's for 10 adults and 3 kids so a total of 13. I'm also assuming that everybody will get at least one lunch out of the leftovers.

I am buying a 12lb Amish turkey at $1.79/lb from our local farmer's market although I know my local grocery is advertising a special of $.79/lb for the normal Butterball's.

As far as what I'm planning:
Turkey w/Vegetable Gravy
Honey Baked Ham
Mashed Potatoes
Honey Roasted Root Vegetables (parsnips, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, carrots, pearl onions)
Green Beans and Shiitakes
Creamed Spinach Gratin
Sausage and Apple Dressing
Slow Cooker Asian Dressing (let's see how that one turns out since I'm making it up)
Pumpkin Cheesecake
And maybe a deep dish apple pie (we'll see where I'm at on the budget).

To make all this though I definitely haunt my local farmers market and I'm part of a CSA too so we'll see what comes in the box that can be used toward Thanksgiving.

Nov 18, 2011
foodjaunts in General Topics

When Did Thanksgiving Turn Into a Potluck?

I agree on the food but as far as the drink? Pfft - please, please, please bring bottles of wine, liquor and beer since I'm already springing for the cost of the food! Plus that way everybody has something they like to drink on hand.

Nov 18, 2011
foodjaunts in Features

Halo-Halo Ice Pops

Oh my gosh! I'm fighting the urge to run out and buy popsicle molds right now so I can make this (I'm at work). But I will make this soon!

Jul 28, 2011
foodjaunts in Recipes