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Dinner Near Civic Center BART? [San Francisco]

I was thinking more of a sit-down dinner than a quick snack, I'll start looking into these ideas though =)

Dinner Near Civic Center BART? [San Francisco]


I've been reading forum posts for ideas, but I thought I would just ask if anyone has ideas. I'm not too familiar with SF but I'll be taking an exam on Van Ness and then making my way back to Civic Center BART. Any good places for dinner near the station? My parents will be meeting me somewhere, so I'd prefer to find something closer to the station and is accessible without them walking up steep hills. It would be especially helpful if meals were under $20/person. Thanks!!

Metro accessible, affordable and large group friendly?

Thanks for the feedback, I'll look into those!

Metro accessible, affordable and large group friendly?

Hello all!

First time poster here. I am looking for a place to take a group of about 15 people for lunch on a Friday in mid-August. This is a group of students, so we're all on a budget! We had talked about going somewhere near the Gallery Place metro and wanted to do Rosa Mexicano. Their large group rate is $30-35 per person, which isn't horrible but perhaps too much for some students.

Does anyone know of some good restaurants near Gallery Place or another nearby metro station that might be more in our price-range, like $20/person and can accommodate a large group?

Thank you!
-Students of Howard's Genetics Department