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And a little help for the rest

Thanks for the info on the lobster rolls now lets talk non seafood must have boston. I love bbq so if you have a fav let me know. But if you know of anything else I gotta try please let me know

Mar 22, 2012
Chefjdk in Greater Boston Area

Best lobster roll thats not 30 bucks

Coming to boston on buissness and I would love a great seafood fix!! Please help an out of town guy get steered into the right direction. I lovelobster rolls and raw bars so fell free to offer your opinions. Thanks

Mar 21, 2012
Chefjdk in Greater Boston Area

New Job Requirement for Chefs: Hotness

This is soooo stupid

Feb 16, 2012
Chefjdk in Features

Homemade sausage recipes

I already have it along with all of my other books, but sometimes grandma had a secret recipe ya know

Jan 23, 2012
Chefjdk in Home Cooking

Homemade sausage recipes

I know that alot of people have recipes for sausage handed down from family members or from people they know. I would love to try out any variations you are willing to share and I would be very greatful for alll of your ideas and imput!!

Jan 23, 2012
Chefjdk in Home Cooking

Simple things you can't get right

overmixing is the problem, when it looks like it wont come together and you have massive chunks of butter roll it out, cut it, and bake. The large knobs of butter give you the layers and flaky product. and cold liquid and cold butter, they will be perfect.
also check your recipe, it may be bunk

Dec 11, 2011
Chefjdk in Home Cooking

Favorite sandwich form a restaurant

So as a chef I am always looking to people for ideas and insiration. I am always asked what my favorte thing to make is, so I wanna know what are peoples favorites to eat. It may just end up on my menu if it intrigues me!
Thanks Jason

Dec 10, 2011
Chefjdk in General Topics

Onion Soup Les Halles

I here people saying they are using non stick, thin cook ware. Please go buy a thick steel pot at your local restaraunt supply store{ most have retail areas too}, you will not be disappointed. Also the uses will be endless, you will be using it for all sorts of suff. That problem you have burning your red sauce as you cook it down is less likely to happen. Coming from a chef this will cut down on scortching sauces, and let you build some nice fond on the bottom of your pan so when you deglaze with your liquid you are getting flavor and not char. Also if you add liquid to hot thin pans you run the risk of warping and danger!
Be safe making your soup and it all stars with the pan!
P.S. Save a little of the wine to enjoy with your crock of soup

Aug 30, 2011
Chefjdk in Recipes