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Come on "Four States" Area: KS, MO, AR, OK corners.

Thanks, guys. I'm actually closest to Joplin, but we've had Charlies and Red Onion and liked them. So good to hear I'm not alone!

Springfield MO tips?

There's a little Italian place downtown called "Nonna's." They have the best marinara sauce I've ever tasted and great bread. And I'm a pretty Nazi baker. They have sliced bread for appetizer with chopped garlic and olive oil.

I also liked Cielito Lindo for good not-too-Americanized Mexican food.

The Pizza House had great thin crispy pizza.

Sorry, I lived there two years after I married, but moved away, so I hope this is all still around. I still get up there occasionally, so I would love to hear any suggestions.

There is a Korean restaurant on West Sunshine street that was very good. I had no idea what I was ordering, as the menu had no translations, so I just pointed. It was fun.

Come on "Four States" Area: KS, MO, AR, OK corners.

I live in Southwest Missouri and sell clothing at Renaissance Faires. This spring we will be in Wichita, KS, Norman OK, Muskogee OK, and Joplin MO. I'm looking for a good meal that isn't generically chain.

We like ethnic, or whatever, so if anyone out there has any suggestions, I would appreciate it greatly. It would also be great to know I'm the only one out here in the middle of nowhere.

Easy Pain au Chocolat

Hey, some of my favorite recipes are described by how you put them together. If it's good, share it.

Sep 13, 2007
wellbread in Recipes

What's happening in the Joplin/Springfield Areas?

I was so excited to find this site until I realized that there are not many recommendations for good eats in my area. I think in our area, one is mostly out of luck unless they want barbeque or buffet. So here are a few of my favorites:

Magic Noodle (Joplin): Lovely Thai food, curries and noodles.

Mucho Mexico(Joplin Area): Okay, its a buffet. But their tacos are to die for--crispy homefried shells, shredded roast meat....the rest of the buffet is pretty good too. NOT Taco Bell-style Mexican food.

Kinaree(Joplin): Very good Thai, I've just eaten there once.

Maria's (Springfield): This is a downtown place, just south of the square. They have the best marinara sauce I've ever tasted, and serve very good baguette with olive oil and minced garlic as a starter to every meal.

La Carreta(Between Springdale and Fayetteville, AR): I also call this "My Taco Wagon" or "Burritos the Size of Your Head." If you're not frightened by buying Mexican food from a little travel trailer in an industrial park, these are the best burritos I"ve ever had. They also have tripe, tongue, chicken, pork...and a selection of other delicacies. Probably my favorite place to eat.

As you can see, my taste runs ethnic. What I wouldn't give for more choices, but this is the Midwest and people are not very adventurous and are very cheap. Anyone else in the area, let me know your favorites--We've been just sort of hitting these over and over.