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Vancouver Pizza

Hey all! I'm in the process of creating a pizza zine that focuses on pizza regionally, ie each issue is about, say, pizza-related things in NYC or Boston. The issue I'm currently working on is Vancouver. Admittedly, I've never been there nor do I have much knowledge of the area, at all. I have a correspondent based in BC who is helping me out, but basically I'm wondering if someone more versed in Vancouver pizza can point me in the right direction for places to look into, specific people to contact, Vancouver-specific pizza facts, etc. I'm looking for a real insider's approach, like what are overrated tourist spots vs great hole-in-the-wall joints, etc. Pretty much the zine is a compilation of recipes, reviews, stories, interviews, art, and more. Thanks for any help!


Spicing up the sandwich?

So I'm seeing this new guy and it's his birthday this week, I want to make him a nice semi-fancy dinner to celebrate. His favorite kind of food is a sandwich, or anything sandwich style (he counts burritos and calzones as "sandwichy"). Like I said, I want it to be kind of on the fancier side, so I'm wondering if any of you have interesting suggestions of a more unusual or upscale sandwich recipe. I'm totally new to this, just started eating sandwiches last year! Any suggestions welcome. Thanks! :)

Jul 20, 2011
moonbrain in Home Cooking