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What are the most UNDER-rated restaurants in Westchester?

Lol thank you!

Jul 14, 2013
mrgaga in New York State (exc. NYC)

In search of proper ice-cream sundaes in Westchester

This is purely my ignorance talking, but what is the importance of a glass dish? I have never paid attention to the dish and now I feel like I have been missing out!!

Jul 14, 2013
mrgaga in New York State (exc. NYC)

What are the most UNDER-rated restaurants in Westchester?

Fiamma trattoria in mamaroneck ... I don't think anybody knows about this place and it is incredible

Jul 14, 2013
mrgaga in New York State (exc. NYC)

What are the most overrated restaurants in Westchester?

Morgan's fish house in rye, and modern barn.

Both seem to focus too much on looking cool and not enough on substance. Every time I have gone to either I have regretted the decision!

Jul 14, 2013
mrgaga in New York State (exc. NYC)

DeCicco's in Harrison

I think its a great addition to the area. Awesome beer selection and a pretty great gluten free section. Id say it's not as good as whole foods but saves you the trip to white plains if you needed a few things. They had a nice salad bar and hot food take out ( pay by the pound) section as well.

Oct 15, 2012
mrgaga in New York State (exc. NYC)

Tarry Lodge - Noisy?

Tarry lodge us definitely towards the louder end of the westchester spectrum. It seems that people are divided on whether loud is a good thing. My take is that as a commuter I am looking for Friday night drinks/dinner to be a bit more relaxing then "exciting". I dont go to tarry lodge to be seen, I go there for a nice glass of wine and good food. Most of the "din" in such restaurants can be attributed to a few rude tables who see a night out at tarry lodge as the social epicenter of their week.

Jul 17, 2011
mrgaga in New York State (exc. NYC)

Lippera's at Chatham House

Went up to Jiminy Peak with my girlfriend on Saturday and came across this GEM of a restaurant! Not sure if any hounds live up in that area but this is around 45 minutes East of Albany and is phenomenal!!

We shared the calamari for an appetizer, it was perfectly done, crunchy but not rubbery. I had the braised short rib, simply perfect and double the portion size I am accustomed to in Westchester or NYC. The best part was the stuffing, which was really a breadpudding and mushroom casserole! She got the salmon special (stuffed with crabmeat and hollandaise sauce). The butternut squash soup was delicious as well.

For desert we got the chocolate chip cookie sundae, which is 3 huge chocolate chip cookies with several scoops of ice cream and covered in whipped cream.
Service was great, and very understanding of our disheveled appearance after a day of skiing. We offered to sit in the tavern as we were in jeans and ski jackets but they wouldn't hear of it!

We are quite excited to have found this place!! In the end it was only $80 for both of us (I got a margarita and she got a diet coke). I enjoyed it about 4 times more than an evening at Ruby's or Plates and it was 1/2 the price :) (Sorry, had to do it)

Mar 01, 2009
mrgaga in General Tristate Archive

visiting from NY for a long weekend, need 4 nights of amazing eats!

I am visiting a good friend in NO for a 4 day weekend, can you all please provide a few of the can't miss experiences? I really want to try something new that I could never find in NY, thanks!!!

Jan 21, 2009
mrgaga in New Orleans

Tried the newly reopened Sunset Grille

I just tried it as well, totally happened upon it by accident...

It is at the Maplemoor golf course, and still need a lot of renovation since it has the look/feel of a golf course bar and not a nice cozy restaurant...

Love that happy hour though! :)

Dec 23, 2008
mrgaga in General Tristate Archive

What's the difference between a "Chowhound" and a "Foodie" ??

My definition:
Chowhound = somebody who lives to eat.

Foodie = Somebody who enjoys food, but derives a sense of superiority over others based on their culinary experiences.

These are simply my definitions so please don't take offense. But it is quite difficult for me to listen to a foodie explain what makes them a foodie with a straight face. Even more unfortunate is the foodie who takes wine too seriously and ends up just sounding foolish.

If you enjoy the cheesecake factory you are chowhound. (Certainly you may appreciate that better options exist) If you feel that you are too cool to eat at any chain restaraunt, you are a foodie.

Nov 14, 2008
mrgaga in Not About Food

Mamaroneck the New China Town?

Mamaroneck is nuts, I love Toyo and worry that all these new entrants will put downward pressure on Toyo's profitability :(

Oct 15, 2008
mrgaga in General Tristate Archive

NYC Halal Carts, how do you make the white and red sauces?

This may sound really dumb, but what do you guys think are in these sauces? The white sauce tastes like mayo but seems more liquid, and the red is almost a ketchup with hot sauce mixed in?

Thanks in advance!!

Sep 12, 2008
mrgaga in Home Cooking

So sick of overpriced Westchester!

I would like to have a (mini) rant, please bear with me...

My girlfriend and I go out to dinner 1 or 2x a week, we are in our mid-20's and are very busy and just never have time to cook, we both live in Harrison.

I took her to X20 on saturday night for her birthday, and we were both amazed by the quality of the food and level of service. It was the best meal I have had in my life! What really annoyed me though, was the fact that it wasn't that much more expensive than other restaruants we frequent!

How ridiculous is it that entrees at Espana (in Larchmont), Fish (in portchester), the high street roadhouse (in Rye), Morgan's Fish house, Ruby's etc. etc. are all in the 25-30 price range and that is the same as x20? Heck, some of our favorites in the city (such as craft or hearth) are also in a similar price range..

Our total bill was $150 at x20 (she had a few glasses of wine) with 2 apps and 2 sides and I think that it is a great deal! What I think is a horrible deal is paying $120 at some of the other westchester restaraunts and walking away with an "above average" experience.. I got a bill for $120 at the high street roadhouse 2 weeks ago and I just couldn't believe it! I typically pay a similar amount at FISH and walk out still hungry!

Cliff Notes:
Don't waste your time at most Westchester eateries, if you want to pay good $$ for food go to the city or go to X20...

Sep 08, 2008
mrgaga in New York State (exc. NYC)

Has anyone tried Rue des Crepes in Harrison?

HungryForMore, I totally agree... I was there last night with my girlfriend (I live across the street) and just had the sundae crepe for dinner haha... I really hope this place makes it (I am worried because a lot of the time it seems empty)

Jul 17, 2008
mrgaga in General Tristate Archive

Has anyone tried Rue des Crepes in Harrison?

ive been there a few times as I live across the street... I really like it! I like the chicken crepe w/ mozz and peppers, and the sundae crepe is an awesome desert...

downtown harrison needs more places like this!

by the way the french fries are also awesome

Jun 13, 2008
mrgaga in General Tristate Archive

Thai in White Plains, Pleeeeeeeeeeease?

Little Thai Kitchen in Greenwich!

Jun 10, 2008
mrgaga in General Tristate Archive

Cold Stone Creamery - closed in Scarsdale & Rye

ColdStone is a franchise operation so I don't think its anything wrong w/ the entire chain, I believe it was the same proprietor for all those stores. He had a cold stone license plate on his audi.

I know this because I got an iced coffee every day atthe same time at the scarsdale dunkin donuts and I always used to see him come in when that franchise was being built.

May 16, 2008
mrgaga in General Tristate Archive

Best steak dinner in Westchester?

In Westchester I would check out the Tollgate Steahouse in Harrison, Frankie and Jonnie's in Rye, or BLT Steak in WP.

May 08, 2008
mrgaga in General Tristate Archive

High Street Road House

We checked it out, very similar to how it was prior (at least the jambalaya was the same). There are now "sides" you can add to your meal which looked quite tasty but weren't included w/ the jambalaya. Overall I am glad with the results as the road house was one of my favorites!! The service definitely had issued but I would attribute that to the start up confusion...

May 02, 2008
mrgaga in General Tristate Archive

Jersey City Eats?

The Soups are good there, I convinced the guy to split the order of chicken and rice into 2 so my friend and I get soup and chicken/rice for 7 bucks each, not bad...

The soups are somewhat heavy, but quite tasty. My favorite is the carribean chicken soup..

Didn't know there were so many hounds in exchange place we should meet up for lunch!

Mar 24, 2008
mrgaga in New Jersey

Best Slices of Pizza - Westchester

Best White - Nicky's in WP
Best Slice - Sal's Mamaroneck

Mar 24, 2008
mrgaga in General Tristate Archive

Jersey City Eats?

I remembered the name of the deli it is Milano's... great chicken/meatball parm sandwiches for 6 bucks..

Mar 20, 2008
mrgaga in New Jersey

Jersey City Eats?

I work in Plaza 2 in harborside, nice to see some other hounds here...

I get a salad from markers express every day for lunch, it is good but overpriced at 9 bucks.... I don't have time to really explore anything too far but there is a great italian deli down the street with a ridiculous line every day... for 6 bucks the meatball parm is awesome! can't remember the name of the place for the life of me...

we moved from midtown, god how I miss the halal carts :(

Mar 12, 2008
mrgaga in New Jersey

tipping sushi chefs

I have been throwing a 10 in the jar in addition to my normal tip at my favorite sushi place and it has paid wonderful dividends. I always get complimentary sushi and special rolls that aren't on the menu.

I have always wanted to buy them a drink but felt weird doing it... Anybody else do that?

Mar 04, 2008
mrgaga in Not About Food

Worst restaurants in Westchester

PorterHouse has horrible service. Appetizers come after the entrees, annoying and rude wait staff...

A friend once ordered guacamole, dipped his chip in it, had a bite, and then had it taken away by another waitress indicating it wasn't for our table!

Mar 04, 2008
mrgaga in New York State (exc. NYC)

Espana Tapas in Larchmont

(I'm the boyfriend :) )

We went last night, the place was really crowded at 7:30 on a Saturday night which is always a good sign.

We loved the bread! We ordered ceviche and potatoes for an appetizer. The potatoes are exactly the same as we had at patrias when we visited, but were great! (A red spicy sauce and a white sauce are drizzled above the potatoes).

The Ceviche was great, my girlfriend and I couldn't decide if it was better than our favorite at Sunset Grille, but it is definitely worth trying. (Somewhat pricey at $14 dollars though).

For an entree I got the Paella de Carne, which was a very generous portion. We were warned it would take 1/2 an hour to prepare which was just fine because the red Sangria was INCREDIBLE! It had a very strong melon flavor and is one of the best sangrias I have ever had. It was very sweet, but not overwhelming and the last glass out of the pitcher was as enjoyable as the first. If somebody asked me today where the best sangria in westchester is, I would say that Espana is number 1 and Mighty Joe Young is number 2 (mostly because of the fruit being aged in liqour for a week).

No clue would like to post her own thoughts since she thinks I am not doing a good job....

Mar 02, 2008
mrgaga in General Tristate Archive

Thai in Westchester - Rate Your Best

I tried Little Thai Kitchen in Greenwich based on a recommendation on chowhound (that I can't seem to find now!)

It was awesome!! I had the crispy fish was was HUGE and had the best flavors of any curry dish I have ever had. I tried the spicy shrimp salad which was perfect for an appetizer as well.

I hate to say this but I think it is much better than Bangkok thai in Mamaroneck. Definitely gets my vote for best in the area :) Keep in mind it is BYOB (which I personally see as an advantage because I can bring in my big cans of Sapporo which I get from a japanese market :) )

Jan 07, 2008
mrgaga in New York State (exc. NYC)

Best cocktails in Westchester

Wow Sunset Grille has 1/2 price margaritas during happy hour?!? I didn't know that and I live 2 blocks away! Too bad I get out of work so late during the week :(

Jan 07, 2008
mrgaga in General Tristate Archive

The State of the Taco in White Plains

I am completely hooked on the fish tacos at Sunset Grille... I think they are superb!

Dec 12, 2007
mrgaga in General Tristate Archive

reservations and charging

What a horrible business decision. They are effectively trading the incremental cost of preparing 8 meals for the lost future revenue from everybody in the dinner party and their friends! I can't comprehend how this restaraunt can be so short sighted...

Dec 03, 2007
mrgaga in Not About Food