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Montreal West-of-Lachine-ish steak place?

How about Saveur du Lac on the Lakeshore in Dorval really good steaks

445, ch Bord-du-Lac Lakeshore, Dorval, QC H9S 2A7


Griolle for tete de moines cheese

Hi I am looking for a Girolle for tete de moines cheese, anyone have any idea where I can buy one of these?

Anything worth eating in Lasalle, Lachine or Dorval?

There is a fairly new place on Bourke in Dorval and there is Bellisimo on the Lakeshore in Dorval and a new restaurant opened on Lakeshore and Martin in Dorval called Saveurs du lac 445 Bord du lac 514 538 4525 I have tried all 3 and like them all

Non Solo Pane

It is very good you will enjoy your meal there

Crawfish in Montreal???

I was just looking at the Price chopper flyer from Plattsburgh New York , they have crawfish on sale 3Ibs for 8 dollars . Not sure if you can bring them over the border or not

Orange sherbet dipped in chocolate ice cream bar - where to find in Mtl?

I remember them from when I was a kid too. I saw them last year at Costco but just the once, if you find out where we can buy them please post it on here .

Tabasco Slection in Montreal

I have found a few of the Tabasco sauces at IGA grocery stores you might want to try there

Casse Croute Creole - Roxboro

Thanks ios94 will let you know what I think when I try it out

Casse Croute Creole - Roxboro

Has anyone tried the new Mexican place ? I am thinking of going in a few weeks