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Paris: Best Foodie Neighborhood?

Would choose between Place d'Aligre and rue Montorgueil. Foodies street, walkable streets and access to metro

We do not like rue Cler a little bit snob!

Dec 05, 2012
madamebatignolles in France

Best Croque-Madame near Montorgueil

I have friends that are staying near Montorgueil and they crave for a good good Croque-Madame any advice?

Nov 04, 2012
madamebatignolles in France

Quebec City: Does Upper town or Lower town have more restaurant options?

Just choose a romantic hotel like Auberge Place d'Armes in upper town and walk, Quebec is so romantic lots of restaurants.
L'Echaudé in lower town
Le Pain Beni in upper town
Le Continental in upper town in place of le Chateau Frontenac so many options!

Quebec City Birthday Dinner Recommendations for Ontario Foodies

French like in France : le Continental on St-Louis street
French <Québecois> old style : les Anciens Canadiens on St-Louis street or la Nouvelle France on rue du Trésor
French <Québecois> new cuisine : le Pain Beni, on Ste-Anne street, le Toast on Saut-au-Matelot
Ashton is a good place for pourtine but can't really comment since not a fan of poutine.

Quebec City-Moderately priced places for solo traveller

For prix fixe lunch one of the best is Le Pain Beni on Ste-Anne, can also try le Buffet de l'Antiquaire on St-Paul street

What is the "Whole Foods" of Quebec City?

La Carotte Joyeuse on St-John street sells only bio!

All-Inclusive Resorts?? Are there any good options?

Last year went to Playa Azul in Cozumel a very nice all inclusive little hotel, 50 rooms not luxurious but food was great and served on the beach if you wanted . All à la carte except for breakfast. I never go to all inclusive but for a week decided to give a try and we where very happy! Would go back!

In Quebec City for our anniversary, looking for some resturant recommendations!

Echaudé, Weinerdog is right not very romantic but really good food but I disagree Pain Beni in not 100% tourists I ate there many times and at noon civil servants from City Hall are in majority. At night around us many Quebecers and for us we had a great service....
Another suggestion would be the Panache the most beautiful restaurant in town but so $$$$, would also consider the Lapin Sauté their terrace is so romantic.
Ask David the concierge he was so much of great help for us

In Quebec City for our anniversary, looking for some resturant recommendations!

Ask David the concierge, he recommend me 2 restaurants at my last stay:
Le Pain Béni very romantic we enjoyed it so much and the terrace is one of the nicest with a fantastic view and so good food!
The other recommendation was le Feu Sacré not as romantic but the steaks where yummy!

In Quebec City for our anniversary, looking for some resturant recommendations!

Walking distance of our hotel.... where will you be staying?

Quebec City restaurants

Ask the concierge at the Chateau they have so great recommendations!
Just in front of the Chateau : Le Pain Béni
A few steps away : Le Patriarche
In Lower Town but with higher prices: Toast and Echaudé

Weekend in Quebec City - Where to eat?

What kind of food, what type of restaurant, where are you staying?

QC fondue recommendation

Many years ago there was a famous fondue restaurant le Chalet Suisse on Ste-Anne street. This restaurant was owned by a Swiss and when he retired and went back to his native country he left his recipe to his neighbor le Pain Beni, I tried it in my last stay in Quebec, was really good.

Looking for any restaurant recs in Ste Anne/Gosier area of the island of Guadeloupe

99% of the restaurants will take credit cards, no problem. Many of the restaurants menu are in french and english.
Enjoy you stay, by the way did you try St-Marteen... my favorite! Best food !

Quebec city : Anyone tried "Bistro les trois garçons" yet?

Chez Victor spinoff.... dry burger, good fries, nice atmosphere don't make a detour

Hesitating : Stainless steel grill vs cast iron?

Thanks, great link difficult to make the right choice!

Apr 21, 2012
madamebatignolles in Cookware

Hesitating : Stainless steel grill vs cast iron?

Need your advice for a gas bbq . I have the choice between stainless steel grill or cast iron? Please comments so I can do the right choice

Apr 21, 2012
madamebatignolles in Cookware

Going to Quebec City for the weekend

Thanks for your report, very very interesting. Similar taste L'Echaudé and le Billig, love the food at Initiale but atmosphere so on the cool side.... really we go there for food only! Went again to Pain Beni my husband deer was outstanding and took 2 entrées foie gras and sweetbreads : out of this world! This time stayed at Auberge Place d'Armes instead of Auberge St-Antoine we where so pleased!

Going to Quebec City for the weekend

Hi OliverB,
Did you go to Quebec a little while ago? Can you comment on restaurants?

Going to Quebec City for the weekend

Savini as a bar, disco, hangout! Brunch at Café du Monde or Cosmos and dinner at Pain Beni.
Poutine : Ashton, Croissant: Paillard, Crêpes: Le Billig
Ask the concierge at your hotel for address!

Appropriate Dress in Paris

A black sweather is not underdress and since traveling is for fun(mostly) follow your feelings!

Apr 01, 2012
madamebatignolles in France

Appropriate Dress in Paris

I would add : vaut mieux briller par son élégance que par sa négligence!

Apr 01, 2012
madamebatignolles in France

Cabane a Sucre in Quebec City region - or an hour's drive surrounding!

On Ile d'Orleans, there is some nice sugar shack just ask the concierge at the Frontenac, it was fabulous but don't remember the name.

Paris, Easter Monday, late night food in the 11th

Rond point de la Bastille or near you will surely find a open bistro . Don't miss le Marché d'Aligre it is one of my preferred market.

Mar 15, 2012
madamebatignolles in France

Going to Quebec city tonight, must-go places to eat?

Le buffet de l'Antiquaire, Paillard, Le Pain Beni, L'Entrecôte St-Jean, are some interesting restaurants from small to medium budget

Foodie in St. Martin - please help

Thanks, went tonight was great!

Foodie in St. Martin - please help

Which one is lolo #6 if you are facing the ocean?

St Martin (and a touch of Anquilla) food report

Which one is lolo no 6 if you are looking at the sea?

Need additional dinner option for Quebec City end of March

600$ included taxes, service wine pairing 2 champagne cocktail and one glass of port for cheese. Don't remember the price of wine at Patriarche but maybe 75-80$
and only one cocktail
Went to Bistro B, of former chef of Panache good very good food, terrible service, not romantic a pretty high bill.
Continental is also a favorite of mine ... to go back in my childhood.

Need additional dinner option for Quebec City end of March

Just to add in our last trip Pain beni was even withf Laurie and Raphael.... totally different but totally good each other.