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need great rest. for 2 foodies at heart with 2 kids under 6

Thanks Everyone, I have been having a blast researching menus!

Mar 23, 2012
foiegrasgirl in Manhattan

need great rest. for 2 foodies at heart with 2 kids under 6

We are staying in Times Square for 3 days in May. I dont mind going out of TimesSquare for dinner. My daugther is celebrating her 6th birthday, I found places for breakfast and lunch, I am planning on Serendipity and Ellens Stardust Diner for lunch. I am looking for dinner options for Friday and Saturday night. I really dont have a hard budget, would like to keep each night under $250.00! My husband and I would like the option of cocktails at dinner. My main goal is find a place that will fill both needs, I would love to dine a Craft, La Silhoutte, the Modern Bar Room... but there really isnt anything for the kids... they do like pasta, seafood, steak...

Mar 22, 2012
foiegrasgirl in Manhattan

need great rest. for 2 foodies at heart with 2 kids under 6

We are taking my 6 & 4 year old girls to NYC for a long weekend, I would love to take them to some great places that are not chains! I could use some suggestions so my husband and my elf get a great meal and the kids are happy too!
We love everything and so do the kids, any suggestions?

Mar 22, 2012
foiegrasgirl in Manhattan

Traveling to Nassau 10/7/09 ~ 5th wedding ann. and looking for a great night out!

We are staying at the Breezes resort for 5 nights a very well needed break fro the reality of two kids under 3! It is our first time to the Bahamas, I was wondering about a great place out, not looking to drop $300- on dinner but want something really nice and fun! Any thoughts on the Columbus Tavern?
Also something local, not a watered down tourist attraction for great local cuisine!

Looking for the best way to make Ice Tea... [moved from Pennsylvania board]

I can never seem to get ice tea right? I dont know how much water for the number of tea bags and the right amount of sugar?? Anyone have a good recipe?

Sep 13, 2007
foiegrasgirl in Home Cooking

Friday night dinner in the burbs?

If you like BYOB's there are these are a few GREAT ones to try in Chester County.. all have websites..
Sovana Bistro in Kennett Square , This is my favorite, awesome decor...the food just melts in your mouth. They use alot of local ingredients and menu chages with the seasons.
Catherine's in Unionville - Great traditional Chester County setting, Lamb is really good!
Majolic in Phoexville - Food is amazing...Make a reservation.
The Orchard in Kennett Square - Contempary desing, good food!
High Street Cafe in West Chester - Fun New Orleans style, and you can talk a walk in West chester after dinner.
Fioravanti in Downingtown, very small, limited menu , but very good.
The Creme de la Creme is Gilmores in West Chester, expensive but oh so wotht it!

Sep 07, 2007
foiegrasgirl in Pennsylvania

Good bakeries in the burbs?

If you dont mind a drive " The Bakers of Buffington" in Downingtown PA are great! The have a grat buttercream icing and the are so reasonable! Check out their website , great photos!

Sep 07, 2007
foiegrasgirl in Philadelphia

Kiwi Soda

The color looks great! Think we could add some

Sep 07, 2007
foiegrasgirl in Recipes

Stop, Thief!

It is a rule when we go out to dinner, Everyone orders something different and everyone gets a bit of everything! No we do not go stabbing around at everyone- like civilized people we use a bread plate! We all like to taste everything and it makes for more fun!!!

Sep 07, 2007
foiegrasgirl in Features