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Neo Bistro, Mount Kisco

I personally had a very bad experience. The place was packed, but we were seated right away. The appetizers took over an hour to come out, and one was wrong. Not all of the main courses came out at all, and the missing items were still on the bill. The food that did come out was good, although the bibimbob was flat.

Soju in Westchester

I am looking for recommendations for locations in Westchester to purchase Soju for a party. If anyone has favorite brands please let me know as well as I have not had this before.

Thank you.

Suggestions for Tarrytown/surrounding area restaurants

I will second Chiboust, although getting a reservation is not always easy.

Blaze night in Van Cortland Manor | Where to eat?

I have to say, Umami used to be very good, but for the past year I have found the quality of the food itself has declined greatly. The tuna taco's were a favorite of mine, but now they have sinew running through them that I cannot bite through. For rare seared tuna that is a MAJOR no no. It seems to cut costs they have been buying lower quality food. Hopefully they will address this problem, but so far they have not.

Finding Great Steaks in Westchester

Where is Toll Gate located?

Justin Thyme (Croton)

I just ate there last night and I have to say the food was very good. They have a creamy avocado soup with crab, watermelon, and tortilla strips, and it was surprisingly good. The marinated steak sandwich was good as well, and they managed to serve the meat rare.
I would recommend this place to others so far, but haven't tried anything else on the menu yet.

Moving from Yonkers to Briarcliff

Ocean House in Croton and Goldfish in Ossining have done well with me for seafood; Ossining Pizza is arguably the best pizza in the area but does not deliver; Zaytinya in Croton is a good store for cheese and produce as is Turco's in Yorktown.

Unfortunately I have not found ANY good Chinese food in the immediate area.

Moving from Yonkers to Briarcliff

I have been going to Squire's and Briar's for the last 20 years, and I would recommend them for good pub food.

Thai in Westchester - Rate Your Best

I second that, Garlic & Pepper is quite nice, though the lack of patrons worries me for its future.
I would remove Reka's from your list, I have not enjoyed their food.

Looking for BBQ in northern Westchester

I personally do not care for Memphis Mae's at all. The only good thing I have had there is the hog wings (smoked hog shanks). I grew up with a home in N.C. and would not compare this food to real bbq. Everything fried was extremely greasy on both nights I tried their food (spaced several months apart to give them a chance to improve), and when I complained about this I was told the chef did not care. The pulled pork is nothing to write home about, the ribs are only okay, and the brisket was tough. All this for over $20 a plate ....
No thanks